WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

If you are running a Vape Shop you probably are making use of some sort of online presence. The problem for most shops is the inability to use digital marketing ad platforms in the traditional sense for growing business. The question isn’t whether your website is doing well, it’s looking for areas where you can continue to grow. You can have an online store that is doing extremely well and still ends up missing your target. You can have a good web presence and still not be functioning to your optimal ability.  Here are five things that any vape shop can do to increase their presence to draw foot traffic from your online store.

1. Local maps SEO – As a vape shop getting the attention of the community is important. With 80% of consumers searching online before they purchase, you want to be visible in their local search listings and queries. Claiming your listing on local maps online helps to list your business in front of eager vape connoisseurs. Google allows locally listed companies to be displayed in a different way. This is more catching to the eye when choosing who to click.  It’s great to have your website, but people still need to know it exists. Think of the search engine as a super highway, the listings show up as exit signs for people to see where your website is located. Go to Google and search for your cities local map listings and make sure that you have claimed your business and published it as an active listing.

2. Search Engine Localization– Having Local optimization is vastly different than your general SEO. Making sure to identify keywords that pertain to your specific area funnels in the customers that you want. Among hundreds of stores that are being locally listed for your city, you want your website tailored for the best results based on vapers searches. Make sure your keywords for location based pages include, cities, zip codes and local landmarks to give you a local advantage. The search engines look for relevant data behind every search. It’s all about finding the best match, with the best data. This is what the search engines use to develop results for any given vapers queries.

3. Video Marketing –  Cutting-edge content and the wave of the future. Having additional content is always great for any e-commerce site. Not just any old content but visual content. E-Commerce sites are usually flooded with great products but are often lacking in content. E-commerce sites tend to rank lower with SEO power since their content changes very little. Some things that become very helpful, is creating great visual content. A video is one of the most shared pieces of content online. Video grabs attention and brings prospects to your site. There are also so many different pieces of marketing you can put inside a video. Tag all your videos with local keywords within your website when you choose to post them. This way they are more likely to rank in searches that have vapers queries. Well, optimized video mixed with written content tends to rank better than articles alone.

4. Reputation Management– Help your business by helping your reputation. Make sure that you are active with open accounts on review sites. On example being such sites as Yelp.com and other local review websites. This helps with credibility to your location. Google has algorithms that can read the reputation ranking of your shop and attach it to your website. They use this to validate the credibility of a shop by providing the most relevance and best experiences to its users. So, accruing a high positive rank with customer reviews helps to determine the relevant status for your website in local searches. Just make sure you offer the best service because bad reviews can hurt any business over time.

5. Social Media– Yes, we all heard it before, you need to have a Facebook or are you on Instagram? You know many of these sites. Facebook alone being around 2 Billion users, but does that mean you are utilizing your social media to the best of your ability? Having many different platforms is nowhere as effective to have a few that are extremely active. What’s important with social media, especially Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, have all your information filled in. For purposes of ranking, you want to fill out all the details in the settings pages, you would be surprised how many businesses overlook this. Location and traffic go hand in hand. Google Plus is a social media site often ignored. Google the #1 search engine, where 80% of people look for products, you would think people would want to be ranked on their platform. Make sure you are listed as a “Business” with a location on Google Plus Business. Google highly judges your presence of your Google Plus account. This is their way of encouraging more businesses to use it. Once you have filled out all your local information, take the time to engage and give insight with your customers about your location. Encourage them to come to the shop and use video to show cool things you may be doing. This enables them to share and create interest.

There are several more ways that can increase the digital marketing surrounding vape businesses. These are only a few ideas that you may or may not be practicing. For more information on how to help your business, stay tuned for future emails with insight. 

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