WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Selling comes naturally to some and is very difficult for others. Here is a fact, everyone can sell. Yup, that’s right, everyone can sell, they just need some pointers and we have them!

Building Relationships – When a customer enters your shop, they should be greeted immediately, even if you are busy with someone else. Think of it as a guest coming into your home. No excuses, they should be acknowledged. Remember that your customers are either there to gather information or to buy. Build a rapport with them, earn their trust. Customers that you offer trust will pay you back with loyalty. Your employees will be viewed as trusted authorities for vaping insight. A friend never sells anything to a friend, they only offer valuable suggestions.

Create Customer Value – Your customers may come into your shop with a budget of $50.  However, if they only spend $15 more, they would have a far superior product.  TELL THEM!  Build value behind the product, by describing where the product meets their specific needs. Everyone loves a deal, even if they should spend a little more to get it.  Customers are not scared to spend too much, they dislike when they spend too little and don’t get the best BANG for their buck! If a customer is informed that increasing their budget a little will get them a far superior product, they will most likely do it.

Challenge Perspectives – If your customer remains confined to a strict budget, don’t be afraid to challenge their perspective a little. Ask more questions about their reasons for the cheaper product. Give them the facts about the superior product.  Go over their usage and emphasize the value on higher end products meeting their needs. It’s all about finding a great match. Make sure they are educated.

Transparency – Never lie to your customers. A good sales person knows when to push and when to pull. If the cheaper item is the best fit, sell it to them. Remember you are looking to make a good match. It’s not always about being a sales person, sometimes it’s learning how to be a good consultant. If money is the only thing stopping someone from buying a superior product, then challenge their apprehension, if the purchase is within their ballpark. Never choose to sell consumers what they don’t need. Be transparent and be clear, give them the facts and be honest, this is how you build trust. Finding products that meet your customer’s needs, is how you minimize retention and you build loyalty for repeat business. Don’t be timid about boosting customer confidence when they make a good choice. Consumers are savvy enough to know when they are being lied to or oversold.

Add-ons, Upsell or Cross-sell – This is the most important part of the sale. All jokes aside, this is a race to the register! A high percentage of customers that make it to checkout have no intentions of adding more items to their cart. It’s over. But, if you can keep your customers shopping in a “friendly” and “engaging” conversation, you can continue adding items to their receipt. For instance, a customer buys two batteries, ask them if they have a battery case for those new batteries and explain the dangers of loose batteries. Pretty simple. You are selling them an accessory, but also the bundle of a complete solution. Educate, interact and engage them, it’s that easy!

Professionalism – Make sure your customers feel your sincerity. Their experience should be like welcoming someone into your home. Don’t give away the farm, but always practice courtesy, say thank you or good for seeing you again. These things may sound cliché but small gestures go a long way. Consistently making small personal contact, can go towards increasing your sales. People are not always sold on the product but more so sold on service. There’s nothing wrong with wooing your customers if you are honest and forthright.

Customer Psychology – In sales, “reading” a customer is key. Not everyone is in a great mood and you can simply tell by their body language. Not every customer will appreciate your top (earner), a seller. That’s okay! If a customer is not “feeling” the current salesman, your employee should speak to another associate and ask them to take over the sale. It may be a simple fact that they “just didn’t mesh”. If the customer leaves happy, confident and more informed you did your job and most likely they’ll return.

Eliminate Desperation – No one likes a pushy salesperson, never have and never will. Don’t ever approach your customer with dollar signs in your eyes, it immediately puts them on the defense. Remember, you never sell to a friend, consult them and offer lucrative suggestions. Laugh with your customers, tell them a funny story or find a common interest with them. Does it take time? Absolutely! Building a relationship takes time and energy and will pay-off with trust in the end.

This is only intended to help your sales team and not the gospel on sales. It’s true that ANYONE can sell. The trick is to act as though you are not trying to sell but, instead, you are making suggestions to a friend. It should be natural and sincere. Enjoy the art of sales!

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WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including acetaldehyde and/or formaldehyde, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.