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Banana Cream

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Fresh bananas paird perfectly with whipped cream, just like a banana cream pue without the crust.

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76 reviews for Banana Cream

  1. Corey C.

    I found out about YGE from Tia capes and as a guy who goes through tons on ejuice I find myself ordering online often due to cheaper prices. Let me say of all the other companies ive done business with (and there’s a lot) you guys are the best!

    120ml Strawberry Custard = Love

    30ml Banana cream = Great

    30ml Vanilla Latte = Delicious

    30ml Yogurt = Good

    30ml Cherry Lemonade = Wonderful

    120ml Summerbreeze = Okay. a little more minty than I was expecting

    Now I’m waiting on my custards sample pack to get here. Im so anxious to try sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. Thanks for this great juice and excellent prices and oh the great customer service! A+

  2. Bubba V.

    Like taking a big bite of nanner pudd’n. Delicious. Would make a great all dayer or a decadent dessert vape. Only got better with a week of steeping.

  3. Joey R.

    Now i know that it’s all subjective. But this is seriously the best Banana cream ejuice i ever had. You got ejuice has definitely a new costumer ! This Ejuice is the first that really has a real banana cream flavor. Seriously if you like Banana Cream ejuice then definitely give this a try. You wont get disapointed.

    Thank you You got ejuice for delivering a verry good product.

  4. Jon

    The banana cream is wonderful. I have tried several banana flavors from various places and this is the best. I would recconmend any juice from here.

  5. Jesse

    exactly like banana cream pie

  6. John

    One of my YGEJ faves. Give this one about a week of steep time so the banana can mellow out and the sweet creamy notes come forward. Promise it’s worth the wait.

  7. Johnny M.

    Hands down great flavor it’s taste just like banana cream pie to me. It’s a all day vape.

  8. Lizzie

    This one tastes like an artificial or heavily sweetened banana taffy. It’s like candy. If you’re into that, it’s great. However, if you want an authentic banana flavor, look elsewhere.

  9. Crystal

    Honestly I was hesitant but it was super yummy and I didn’t waste a drop!

  10. Holly

    Definitely one of my favorite flavors!!!! Tastes just like bananas and cream.Love it!!

  11. Mason

    This one tastes amazing.. Exactly like what it says… 10/10

  12. Ahmad

    one of the best Ejuce

  13. Kizzma

    This is one of my favorite flavors and an absolute must have in my rotation!

  14. Bubba

    Here in the deep south we love our nanner pudd’n. This is as close to the real thing that I’ve found yet. Great desert vape but not so sweet that you couldn’t make an all dayer.

  15. Tara G.

    I expected a sweet flavor but it just was a strong banana flavor. It was also so thick that after vapung for a while i needed to replace my coil this flavor stuck long after i had switched flavors. It wasn’t great but it was okay. I’m never disappointed when i get products from you got juice. I bought .y vape from them only goes to 80 but i use half of that and battery life is amazing

  16. Kotio11

    Yes. I am enjoying it. I like strawberry custard too. Its my all day vape for months now. And the banana juice is not bad at all . its smooth and tasty. The most of the flavor I feel when exhaling. And also Yougotejuice.com is the top site for ejuice for me ! Have a good day and keep Vaping !

  17. Kyle

    Tastes just like a banana popsickle

  18. Shae

    This is a very good creamy banana flavor love it

  19. Bobby

    I’ve tried a lot of banana flavors, but this one is spot on. It tastes great in a tank as well as in a dripper.

  20. Aaron

    Man this is an awesome vape. It’s like Nanner Pudding. Great all day vape.

  21. Milton E.

    great taste high vapor and min throat hit

  22. Kelly

    Great banana cream taste.. one of the top I’ve tried with this flavor profile, great out of the mail but with many of the juices gets even better after a bit, mine really shined after just about a week, fresh banana taste not a candied banana & the cream just really makes this juice stand out.. overall winner compared to any other brand, 5 years of vaping & ive tried many. I’ve vaped this in an Avocado, TFV4 mini, Bellus, Griffin & the Aspire Cleito all gave superior taste.

  23. Arthur

    My biggest issue with most banana vapes is the flavor is very underwhelming. Not this one. It is bang on and spot on. It is a well balanced vape of cream and bananas and I enjoy it very much. Will purchase again. And again.

  24. Jesse T.

    As with all their juice its just as described. Nice banana with a creamy exhale. Every flavor ive tried has been great.

  25. Lizzie

    I love banana and was disappointed in this favor. Very mellow nothing really came through on the banana

  26. Martin

    Awesome the best banana cream ever, from dusk till dawn………and night!

  27. Jake

    This is cream first and then banana, in a good way. It’s no too much. The banana is less a candy flavor and more a legit banana flavor.
    Honestly my favorite juice so far

  28. Modest C.

    Hands down the best banana Liquid on the market! Super great customer service! Excellent communication! Extremely fast shipping!! 100% win with this company!!!

  29. Jason F.

    Jimmy and the team are amazing. I dont know who I talked to there when I couldn’t use a code at check out but man they took care of it fast. I dont buy juice anyplace else.

  30. Deirdre G.

    The bottle is leaking fairly badly, so I’m losing a pretty good amount of juice every time I try to use it. Otherwise, I love how easy it is to pour, because I have MS and I find the smaller bottles hard to squeeze at times. The contents are golden though! Great flavor!

  31. Deirdre G.

    As always, great quality juice, and this size is nice. I love ordering from this company and not having to go to a store to get my favorite juice!

  32. Myles G.


  33. Lisa W.

    This flavor is excellent for anyone who is a fan of bananas! It’s a combination of fresh bananas and whipped cream, and it’s DELICIOUS! It has just the right amounts of banana and whipped cream. As usual by YGEJ, they’re blended perfectly. It’s a very smooth hit with a tiny bit of a tart-like taste on both the inhale and the exhale. It’s not too sweet either. It’s perfect! 100% true to its name – bananas and cream. I highly recommend this one!

  34. Paige W.

    Tastes amazing

  35. Lisa W.

    This flavor is excellent for anyone who is a fan of bananas! It’s a combination of fresh bananas and whipped cream, and it’s DELICIOUS! It has just the right amounts of banana and whipped cream. As usual by YGEJ, they’re blended perfectly. It’s a very smooth hit with a tiny bit of a tart-like taste on both the inhale and the exhale. It’s not too sweet either. It’s perfect! 100% true to its name – bananas and cream. I highly recommend this one!

  36. Jennifer C.

    This is my adv. This is the first flavor that I tried from these great mixologists. I panic a little when I’m halfway into my last bottle because what took a predictable amount of time to reach me, is now taking anywhere from 3 to 5 days extra because of slow delivery – not YGEJ’s fault.
    This is a ‘ripe’ (not mushy ripe) banana flavor. If you are looking for a candy flavor, this would not be the one. Vapor production is excellent and has a dense mouth feel. However, if you drink or eat something with a pronounced flavor, or aftertaste, you have to cleanse your palate before picking this back up, or you won’t get much out of it.

  37. Rochard

    Oh wow, taste phenomenal. Banana creme taste just like maw’s pie, and lucky charms taste justcas it says, including the milk!! Another two flavors nailed. Keep it rocking You Got E-juice!!! Booooom

  38. Lu

    Amazing!!! My first order from this company it arrived 3 days after order and it’s one of the best flavors I’ve ever tasted from any company!!! Definitely will be ordering again!!! Great pricing too especially for the quality product I received! Just got it today and I absolutely will order again and recommend it!!! Can’t wait to try other flavors!!!

  39. Terrible O.

    Just got STRAWBERRY CUSTARD and BANANA CREAM in the mail. Straight out of the box they are amazing. It’s good to see a company come along that offers juice this good at a reasonable price. I can vape all day long with out having to take out a 2ed mortgage on my house to pay for 30ml that cost 20$ Lol. Never buying juice from a brick and mortar again!!!! Loyal customer from now on. Thanks!!!

  40. Robby A.

    Just ordered my 2nd bottle of BC.
    The banana flavor is good and It tastes like, but is not as strong as a runts banana flavor. This has replaced a juice I’ve vaped for 1yr. Price has a lot to do with it but the flavor will keep me coming back.

  41. Nicole

    This is by far the best banana e liquid I have ever tried. It is so good, smooth and creamy, I can’t put it down, and I don’t even care for banana flavors, but this is soo good. I just recently started ordering from ygej and so happy I decided to give them a try. Need to order a 120 ml. Pretty sure I just found my new fave adv!

  42. Jonathan G.

    Actually, I’m sure they vape and this juice is the reason from their BANANA SONG! it’s not like the other under/overpowering flavors, this is a luscious tasting banana cream pie with every profile perfectly balanced for the “close your eyes your eating PIE!” experience. This juice is amazing!

  43. L W.

    fire. mix it with sugar cookie. tastes exactly like banana cream pie

  44. Sean

    It taste great not over a powering banana flavor and creamy . All the desert and bakery flavors are awesome from YGEJ

  45. Diana F.

    By far the best tasting banana vape ever!!

  46. Snooze

    I really hated this flavor. I couldnt give this one away. It tastes chemically artificial and sickly. Avoid

  47. Pj

    Tastes just like banana-flavored laffy taffy. Great flavor. I usually don’t go for nanner flavors but this one has me hooked. Will definitely be ordering more.

  48. Lexi

    I tried this mostly because of price and good reviews (Friends and interwebs) it says to let steep 5-7 days but I filled my baby beast up with it right away.. banana taffy flavor is on point with other reviews. If it becomes sweeter within the next 5-7 days I will still be immensely happy. Price and flavor/vapor production on point. Will order again. I also ordered chocolate covered strawberries I’m excited to try this as well. I will for sure be a repeat customer.

  49. Tea

    Straight out the bottle it was good
    This I will purchase again and again

  50. Kelly

    It’s my favorite banana Ejuice I’ve tried!!! And believe me I’ve tried quite a bunch. Lol

  51. Owen C.

    I’ve had about 12 different Ejuices from YGEJ and this one is one of my top juice. Price I great for 60ml. Quick shipping.

  52. Robbu

    Good banana flavor.

  53. Rebekah

    Tastes like banana taffy! Yum!

  54. Shane

    The best banana flavored juice ever vape it all day

  55. Abhi

    Wonderful flavor lasts long

  56. Sabastian

    Love this one, great flavor. Vape it every night

  57. Donna G.

    This is the perfect banana vape to me. It reminds me of home made banana pudding, light, fluffy & just sweet enough to satisfy. If you are looking for banana to add to your vaping pleasure.. you’ve found it.. Granny wouldn’t lie to ya! 🙂

  58. Zachary F.

    This was my first flavor I ordered here and definitely an all time favorite!!

  59. Kjell

    This is the best e-juice I’ve ever used……..fantastic!

  60. Maria

    Absolutely amazing. It’s the only banana flavor I’d vape !

  61. Loren

    Really tastes like banana cream pie. Smooth natural banana flavor with a creamy exhale. Could definitely be an ADV.

  62. Jonathan G.

    I personally enjoyed this blend of banana and cream. The Banana is sweetly noticeable but not too overpowering. The cream gives it a pleasant base as well. They compliment each other nicely.

    However one issue, my wife said the 2nd hand vape smell was “very unpleasant”. It smelled great to me, but just a heads up to others.

  63. Mike H.

    My fav’s are BC and VC. Their both all day vape’s. I get bored of one and switch back and forth. I’ve been a loyal customer fr like 4 years now.

  64. Don

    Thought i would give this try, will be re ordering!

  65. Courtney

    By far my favorite :heart:️

  66. Jaggiefan

    Rich and creamy all day vape

  67. Brian T.

    Great banana flavor with a hint of creaminess to it…

  68. Tawny

    It is one of the best banana flavors I have tried. It is a true banana cream.

  69. Luis

    I love all yge juices. The perfect amount of sweetness not not mess up your coils but satisfying still. Banana cream is exactly that. All day vape.

  70. Todd

    I love it !! I’m a banana fan!! Would recommend this juice and company!

  71. Ashley

    Very good flavor if your looking for a smooth and mellow banana vapes def recommend

  72. Brody

    I personally did not enjoy this juice. It is EXTREMELY sweet, and I am a huge fan of sweeter e-juice. Giving it 3 stars because I really enjoyed not having to spend 30 dollars to find out if this would be the juice for me.

  73. Jason J.

    When I’m not using the strawberry cheesecake, I have this in my backup tank! I mix this 50/50 with the egg tart custard and it is superb!! Excellent flavor on its own also! Highly recommended!! Excellent customer service and lightning fast shipping!!

  74. Jeff F.

    One of my 2 all day capes, the other is Strawberry Cheesecake from YGEJ.

  75. Kelly H.

    I highly highly recommend!!! This and strawberry custard are my all day vapes, that I vape every day all day!!!!! I also highly highly recommend YGEJ!!!!! Best vape juice company ever, that carries the best vape juice ever!!!!!

  76. DeeDee

    I love this one! Great banana flavor smooth all the way around

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