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Banana Nut Bread

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Reminiscent of grandma’s banana nut bread! Sweet bananas, and hints of cinnamon mixed with walnuts.

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50 reviews for Banana Nut Bread

  1. Croix F.

    Very nice flavor, tastes just as you would imagine. I do think it’s a little to heavy to vape everyday though.

  2. Barrington

    This is the best one for me. Awesome smell and taste.

  3. Tanya

    Smells and tastes just like the real thing. Just not really my taste. It’s a good juice but not my favorite flavor in general.

  4. Brendan B.

    Honestly the only banana anything I’ve tried that I like!

  5. Chris D.

    This juice is kind of a mixed bag for me. Some hits were outstanding, and some felt like it was juice too much cinnamon.

  6. Brushy

    This juice is simply to die for. It’s sweet, tastes great on both the inhale and exhale, and lastly I can say that my 60ml bottle of it didn’t last long enough!

    As a fan of banana breads (and banana nut breads), I was ecstatic when I had my first few vapes of this. The flavoring is just the right amount of sweet for a banana nut bread, and the flavor profile is completely on point. This juice is highly recommended, and I’ll definitely buy another bottle once I go through some of my other juices.

  7. Josh

    I didn’t really think it tasted much like banana, but it was a nice smooth juice nonetheless.

  8. Susan H.

    I like bananas and love banana nut bread, so this was the flavor that brought me to this store. I was so, so on it at first, but after steeping… oh my! It just got better and better! I find the banana taste is spot on for ripe bananas, not a candy flavor at all. Smooth on the inhale and exhale, banana flavor all the way through, it takes a bit of a backseat on the exhale, allowing the nuttiness and bread flavors to come through. Not an all day vape for me, but in the morning with coffee or the evening as a dessert vape, perfect!

  9. Leigh A.

    Thought I would give this a shot as I love Banannit bread, so glad I did! Love it! Great job YGEJ!

  10. Christina

    I’ve been rotating between this and blueberry waffle for quite some time. This juice is AMAZING!! Spot on banana nut bread and just like their other juices it’s not so sweet that you can’t vape it all day. This company is magic in perfecting the art of e-juice.

  11. Nathaniel T.

    Couple of friends told me about this site since they sell great e juice for a very good price since i lost my job a bit ago just got it today and man i cant recommend it enough anyone that loves desert vapes get it hands down i saw from other reviews that it gets better after steeping and i cant wait definitely gonna buy a 120 ml when i can. You guys rock

  12. Lise

    Great banana nut bread! Definitely an all day vape. Flavor has been great in any tank it’s been put in. It’s great to have a place to get great e juice at a very affordable price! Thanks YGEJ!!

  13. Milton E.

    taste just like it low thoart hit high smoke

  14. Kelsey T.

    Spot on! Taste just like banana nut bread! Will be ordering again!

  15. Jesse T.

    Wonderful cinnamon banana vape. Just enough bakery & not bad on the coils. Will buy again.

  16. Mark

    It’s pretty good a lot more cinnamon then I expected but it is good I vapes the whole bottle. Haha

  17. Matt R.

    This was the first flavor I tried from YGEJ. It was so much better than I even hoped it would be. Definitely needs a week or two of steep time. Addicted.

  18. Tracy K.

    I don’t hate it but the banana is more of an artificial candy banana flavor rather than a fresh real banana I’ve never liked artificial banana in anything but it’s not that I can’t vape it I just don’t reach for it my friend liked it a lot so I might give it to her

  19. Wesley L.

    Best banana nut bread I have vaped. Taste like a fresh banana nut bread out of the oven

  20. Shane

    Good go to all day vape. Awesome flavor and not too sweet. Ill be reordering this again. Quick delivery too.

  21. Alex

    I was looking for a juice to replace Mandingo by Ruthless as it is no longer available thought I would try this product but sadly it doesn’t come close

  22. Matthew K.

    I had this juice before and it was good. this batch had more of a walnut taste. I like it. I have the Banna Cream.. i like that too. this has more depth to it. Taste the banana, nice walnut flavor, and a bit of bread

  23. Jessica

    Taste exactly as it should. Like you’re actually munching on banana nut bread that granny just made. Fantastic flavor!!

  24. Mike D.

    One of the flavors she constantly comes back to over and over.

  25. August R.

    Still have not recieved my order. Been a couple of weeks.

  26. Joshua B.

    Gooooooooood stuff Maynard!

  27. Sandi B.

    This has been my favorite ADV for a couple years now & you all make the best 🙂

  28. Randall M.

    I dont taste too much banana flavor. I taste more bread than anything but it’s still a decent juice

  29. Iris M.

    My favorite. Great flavor

  30. Megan

    Perfect flavor for fall, the scent and taste is great and the longer it sits the better it is.

  31. Pauline

    I absolutely love this vape. Cigarette free for 7 months . When I first quit smoking a relative gifted me a banana nut bread vape from another company that cost a lot more for a lot less than this one. I decided to try the You Got Ejuice brand and this vape is easily every bit as good as that more expensive brand ! This is a very authentic flavor and really has a great bakery flavor to it. I was surprised that this vape was excellent and full flavored from the moment I opened it, without even steeping it. I highly recommend this flavor. On another note when I quit smoking I initially started on a prefilled cartridge device 18 mg nicotine. Within a month I went down to 12mg. When I first found You Got E juice It was a little difficult going down from 12mg to 6mg nicotine which is their limit. However, I can now say I’ve adjusted just fine over a few months to 6mg and don’t want anymore than that ! And because nicotine is still addictive I’m actually very glad that 6mg is as high as You Got E juice goes.

  32. Jackie

    I was a little skeptical of this flavor but decided to give it a try because I really enjoy banana nut bread. I was pleasantly surprised it is very nice especially in the evening (for me). Tastes better when you let it steep for a bit!!

  33. R. M.

    Can’t stay enough. True banana flavor and true to the real treat.

  34. Doug

    ….cinnamon. This is a good juice but the banana flavor is overwhelmed by the cinnamon. Not sure if I just got a batch that was a bit off but it was more of a cinnamon cake rather than a banana nut bread. I could smell the bananas and get a subtle tast…

  35. Mandy

    Good vapor production
    Decent banana flavor
    Probably will be purchasing again in the future.
    Already finished 120ml bottle.

  36. Amber

    I don’t know if it needs to steep but when I tried this it had a lot of cinnamon not banana. Honestly it tastes to me like a cheap liquor…like fireball. I’m going to let it steep and then see if it’s any better.

  37. Wellington

    It’s okay but not great. Smooth with no harshness like almost all of their dessert line. Mild enough to be an ADV. Ordered it only for variety. As for the taste…. that’s another story. Does not taste like real bananas. If you like the taste of banana runts or banana taffy, then you will definitely like it. Also not much on the bread flavor.

  38. Miguel

    I go through 120ml so fast. Maybe I will get the 240ml

  39. Brian

    I’ve been ordering from YGEJ for about a year and a half. I decided to give this one a try.I’m glad I did. I can taste all notes of this juice and none of them are overpowering the other. Superb flavor. Great job YGEJ!

  40. Shane

    Banana nut bread ADV bruh ADV about to buy some right now must try vape juice right here

  41. Vape K.

    So very good gonna have to get more of this one

  42. Zachary F.

    Was skeptical at first but turned out to be a great flavor, just the cinnamon is kinda strong sometimes

  43. John

    If you like BNB you gotta give this a try. I was kind of sceptical because of the cheap price but these juices are top shelf. This one is awesome.

  44. Tawny

    It tastes like Banana Nut Bread. It is decadent and rich.

  45. Alec

    Wonderful flavor and brought back great memories when my nana made her banana nut bread, cant go wrong with this flavor!

  46. H0 P.

    I’ve been sticking to the cool mint and not trying other flavors…. and wow I have been missing some great flavor! I love this and will re-order it! As always prompt delivery!

  47. Ashley

    my favorite so far …good all the way around ..

  48. Jamie

    I have had good bananna nutbread before. This one Is rubbish Its been packed with sweetners. yes it tastes like banannas buy its like your vaping VG with and additive not as a whole. I can actually taste sugar on my tongue every Inhale I took. does not make for a good vape no bread taste at all. I have had reign drops throne which is not readily available anymore they call it grandmas bannana nut bread. but this one is in the lower leagues.

  49. Kat D.

    This is for those with Super sweet tooth. I mix it 50/50 with Tobacco menthol. Sounds weird, but I love it!

  50. Lisa W.

    This flavor is the closest to its description out of all of the ones that I’ve tried so far. I taste bananas and bread with a slight buttery taste on the inhale and a VERY slight undertone of walnuts and cinnamon on the exhale. It leaves my entire house smelling like fresh banana bread. It doesn’t taste like artificial banana, either. This is the real deal! If you love banana bread or banana muffins, there’s no doubt that you’ll love this vape juice.

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