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Blueberry Cheesecake

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Fluffy cheesecake topped with freshly picked blueberries.

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60mL, 120mL

46 reviews for Blueberry Cheesecake

  1. Danny G.

    The boys at YGEJhave done it again. Another cheesecake flavor perfectly executed. The cheesecake base blends perfectly with the rich, sweet flavor of the blueberry for a smooth, warm flavor that excites the senses. Highly recommend.

  2. Justin

    This juice is fantastic! I’m not even the biggest fan of blueberries but this juice won me over from my first vape.

  3. Rocco

    I’m not sure if can leave a comparison without getting in trouble, but if you ever had the pleasure of trying Taruto from Yami Vapor, but weren’t happy with the price, or thought it could have some more flavour, look no further. This stuff is not only much better in my humble opinion, but it is also much cheaper. One thing is for sure, the cooks at YGEJ deserve a major Christmas bonus for this one. Although I ordered the biggest bottle available, I don’t think it’s gonna last very long. I just hope this juice will be a permanent addition to the line. Fact is, if you are a fan of vanilla creme custard dessert kinda flavour, don’t hesitate for a second. It is by far the best I’ve ever had, and we are talking 6 years of vaping with juices from all over the world. Best Christmas Present ever.

  4. Clarence T.

    Love this juice its my all day vape looking forward to the lemon cheesecake that Im planning on ordering this upcoming week.

  5. Kevin

    I love this flavor. I’m more of a dessert flavor guy than fruit flavor. But this is a great mix of fruit and cheesecake. Definitely not overwhelmingly sweet but certainly sweet enough. I switch flavors frequently but find myself hanging with this one for longer than most

  6. Gabriel

    I love it I don’t really feel like I taste the cheesecake but the blueberries definitely there and that’s why I got it so yeah

  7. Greg C.

    Nice buttery blueberry flavor BUT I’m getting zero cheesecake in it .. NOW I don’t know if that will change, I’m gonna throw it into the steeping drawer for a couple weeks. Will revisit this one down the road.. not saying the juice is bad at all, but am seeming to miss a component of the flavor here … otherwise yeah it still tastes and vapes great

  8. Andrew

    This thing is addicting got to have it all day thanks guys

  9. Craig

    this has been the best flavor I have tried from this company

  10. Crystal

    Not a blueberry fan, but this juice is awesome!! Will b ordering more…love the cheesecake flavor too but the blueberry rocked me.

  11. Amber H.

    It wasn’t terrible but not the best. I expected it to taste like blueberry cheesecake but it had a chemical taste.

  12. Karl

    Recently I’ve been into desert flavors and we’ll it’s hard to find certain juices in store this one is one that I like

  13. Jeffrey B.

    Very tasty

  14. Ruth B.

    Blueberry Cheesecake is one of my favorite juices. It’s incredibly well-balanced – you can clearly taste both the blueberries and the cheesecake. It’s also a beautifully smooth, creamy, and consistent vape, never harsh and never lacking in flavor. It’s a must-have for me!

  15. Joshua R.

    Lovely to the pallet!

  16. Jeffrey W.

    Fantastic flavor! Will definitely buy again!!!

  17. Matthew L.

    Great flavor great prove not good on the coils.

  18. Terri O.

    My favorite

  19. Robert T.

    I like fruity flavors, but get burned out on them rather quickly. I’m more of a custard/cakey/cookie kinda guy when it comes to my vape. with you got ejuice my two fave juices is vanilla custard and sugar cookie, however when it comes to blueberry cheesecake It blew me away considering how quickly I get tired of fruity based juice where it doesn’t beat out vanilla custard (as my adv) in my book it is equally tied with sugar cookie as my secondary adv when I’m taking a break from vanilla custard. It’s a solid juice delicious from inhale to exhale, as always with you got E-Juice the flavor profile they list is spot on . The blueberry is just right not overpowering, the graham cracker crust is really well done as with any other of their cookie/cake like juices and at the core the creamy cheese cake flavor is spot on as in their strawberry cheesecake juice. These guys know what they’re doing. I had to take a couple of year hiatus from ordering my juices online for a couple of years due to life and how hectic things were but recently came back during the black friday sale and boy I am im glad i did.

  20. Adam N.

    I do change up some but I really love this flavor!

  21. E.J. G.

    It wasn’t what I expected. I can’t really describe it but something was a little off for my taste buds. Won’t buy again.

  22. Lisa W.

    Really good flavor! I’m a big fan of just about every fruit that exists – blueberries being one of my favorites. In my opinion, it needs a little bit more of the blueberry flavor, but otherwise, it’s great! It has a smooth, creamy taste which really does remind me of eating a piece of blueberry cheesecake. If there was just a little bit more of a blueberry kick to it, it would be perfect. To be fair, I’m a fan of sweeter juices with lots of flavor. The description is 100% true to its word (as always with YGEJ). The slight lack of sweetness that I described is simply based on my personal preference. I think I’m going to add a bit of the Blueberry Coconut Candy to this to give it that extra kick. If you’re a fan of blueberry cheesecake, you can’t go wrong with this flavor! 5 stars for sure.

  23. Paige W.

    good flavor

  24. Debra

    This juice is so yummy !!! Taste fresh blueberries and cheesecake at the end. Sweet but not over sweet. Perfect blend and very smooth at 3mg nic. No throat burn. Awesome juice and great price!!! Will be ordering more

  25. Amber

    This juice is so so very good!! It is sweet fresh blueberries with smooth creamy cheesecake. All the dessert flavor and no dessert calories

  26. Max

    taste great , good vapor

  27. Jomar

    A vape for all day i will havet again

  28. William

    This is by far my favorite juice!! It’s so delicious, words cant even explain it’s deliciousness!!!

  29. Chris

    I go through a 240ml every 2/3weeks. It’s my ADV at work and it’s just right! I’m in my 4th bottle and it’s been consistent with each one

  30. Mike

    Love this juice.. All 3 cheesecakes are great. Great price and fast shipping. Just a great company. Thanks guys…

  31. Bonnie D.

    Love the flavor! Even better after steeping for a week. Creamy and smooth no harshness. We’ll be ordering more flavors for sure!

  32. Abhi

    Berry dominates…leaves your mouth full of flavor.

  33. Stephh

    Light, creamy and just enough blueberry. I am very picky with flavors, but this flavor is my all time favorite to vape. Not too sweet, but it feels like you get your dessert without the calories.

  34. Grant W.

    This was my 2nd bottle of Blueberry Cheesecake and won’t be my last. Blueberry Cheesecake is one of my favorite vape flavors, but a good one is hard to find. I found it with YGEJ. Very nicely done! The blueberry is perfect with just the right amount of cheesecake. I swear I can even taste a little graham cracker crust. A definite ADV. Please don’t stop selling this flavor.

    Although this is my favorite, I haven’t had a flavor that I didn’t like from YGEJ yet. Also very hard to find. Keep it up YGEJ and I’ll keep coming back for more.

  35. Burden

    If you get it in 0 nicotine then you’ll burn through it fast. It’s a great liquid taste just like it says. But the 240ml was a lot. But I just got tired of vaping the same flavor. I’d order 60ml if I was you.

  36. George

    This liquid is very nice for throat and lung hits. Steep the juice time to time because i noticed that flavor can go away easy. giving it 3 stars because its not my preferable juice to vape, but blueberry lovers will enjoy it.

  37. Greg C.

    Well .. on the 11th I was less than impressed. NOW 13 days later after having this in the steeping drawer it has improved 100%. I get full flavored blueberry cheesecake. So if you’re like me and was less than impressed throw it into a dark drawer for at least 10 days .. it’s like I’m vaping a different flavor now …5 out of 5 stars

  38. Tawny

    This is not my go to for a blueberry cheesecake. It’s not horrible, but to me the blueberry overwhelms the cheesecake.

  39. Ahmed

    This recipe is perfect, if you like strong and tasty flavor don’t wait.

  40. Karen G.

    Love this flavor would recommend it to anyone !!

  41. Rob

    Excellent all day every day vape. Highly recommend

  42. Todd

    Thanks for the juice. Was really impressed with the flavor and the vapor :wink::v: will be getting more

  43. Darren

    This taste is amazing…cheesecake and blueberry flavor is delicious and a great all day vape. I would recommend this to everyone and will be buying again and again.

  44. Juju

    My favorite on this site. Just very disappointed they haven’t had it available in 3 mg for a few months now. What’s up YGEJ?

  45. Shawn M.

    Been trying to find a juice that tastes like blueberries, and here it is. You can really taste the blueberries and cheesecake. Vaped right from the mail box. You know how a good juice goes fast. I had to order a bigger bottle so I would not run out and could let it steep for a bit. Thank you YGEJ great juices, all of them.

  46. Ruslan

    I like this product as much as most of the products that this company makes . Attaboy

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