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Blueberry Custard (SUB OHM)

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Sweet and creamy custard topped with delectable blueberries.

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60mL, 120mL

53 reviews for Blueberry Custard (SUB OHM)

  1. Robert

    Great flavor! Strong blueberry even better after a week of steeping. Could use a little more custard/cream flavor

  2. James

    I love the strawberry custard so I was sure the blueberry would be amazing as well, and it is!

  3. Pam F.

    I love this flavor. Not too sweet or too strong. I have been trying other flavors but so far blueberry is my favorite.

  4. J.S

    Absolutely Delicious.

  5. Oscar

    One of the best flavors i have tried

  6. Jeff F.

    Great taste, great price.

  7. Robert

    YGEJ has done it again! I’m not that into fruit flavors but I have to say this is good. I have tried many of these flavors and they haven’t disappointed. Blueberry has just the right amount of blueberry flavor and custard.

  8. Josh

    Loving the delicious blueberry flavor!

  9. Suzie

    Once again yougotejuice came through. My favorites are Blueberry Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake. Nothing compares to your quality and service that I’ve found with you! Thank you for your excellence every time!!

  10. Joyce

    This blue berry custard from ygej is 1 of my favorite all day vapes. It’s truly delicious!:dash::dash::sparkling_heart:

  11. Glenn U.

    I’m a sucker for blueberry anything and this is by far my favorite juice…..like ever! If you’re a fan of blueberry, you will LOVE this. And that price though! :heart_eyes: keep it up Yougotejuice.com!

  12. Bobby

    Bought this for a friend who loves blueberry flavors. She loves it and gave it ten stars. She only uses tanks, so I have no idea how it is dripped.

  13. Sauce B.

    After watching Tia vapes on u tube I went to this site and seen this on sale with free shipping. Since I like blueberry and vanilla I gave it a try and super glad I did. I had been buying from vapemoar and now I am a loyal ygej customer. Mine was good right out of the package no steep required. Works well in my freemax starre pure tank. You immediately taste NATURAL blueberry flavor then followed by the custard. The mix is just right imo and the flavors are authentic and pure. No artificial taste at all with decent vape production for a 70/30. They did good.

  14. Doug

    This juice is absolutely stunning I cannot wait for another shipment

  15. Harold

    This juice is very good and the price is also

  16. Robert

    After letting it steep for 2 weeks the blueberry flavor came alive. I’m glad I ordered the 120ml bottle as this is so good.

  17. Joseph W.

    I love it .burstin with flavor i got 12 mg nic n love it cant wait to order more.i would like to see tobacco flavor with out the sweetness as well .

  18. Lie

    This blueberry custard is my favorite juice, the flavor is amazing. If you never tried it, u really need to.

  19. Daniel D.

    Still my all time favorite. It gets here in about a week which is fine since i dont go through the juice fast so its great tasting and i would definitely recommend it

  20. Phillip T.

    great flavor

  21. Aaron R.

    I’ve been vaping for 5 plus years and this is one juice I could vape on all day everyday, by for my favorite one ever although a slight change of adding a little more flavor would be amazing. I’ve been a loyal customer for about 2 years overall price and juice is the best I’ve ever found

  22. Joshua R.

    Spot on flavor!

  23. Karen G.

    Love it

  24. Jeremy B.

    Always best juice I ever purchase been buying from you got E juice for Almost 4 years and the Juice is always High quality and the custards are my all tome favorite prefer custard over the cheesecake !

  25. Lisa W.

    When I first found YGEJ, I ONLY vaped Strawberry Custard for about 3 years (all day, every day). It’s that good. Now that I’ve decided to try other flavors, I’m SO glad that I did (although their Strawberry Custard is still absolutely amazing). Once again (as always), YGEJ hit the nail on the head with this flavor! I taste both the custard and the blueberry equally, getting more of the custard taste on the inhale with a strong blueberry taste on the exhale (yet they still mix on both the inhale and exhale). This flavor has the PERFECT amounts of each flavor. This recipe is perfect exactly as it is! In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this flavor. Easily 100 stars! One of my new favorites FOR SURE.

  26. Robert N.

    Was perfect awesome

  27. Debbie B.

    I couldn’t really taste the blueberry that much. Needs more blueberry flavor.

  28. Turtle W.

    :hearts::hearts::hearts: If there is one word to describe this flavor it would be “Outstanding”.
    Straight out of the package it was loaded with a yummy blueberry and creme flavoring. With a little steeping I’m sure it would surpass 5 stars and then some.
    One of my favorite flavors from this amazing company, along side the Strawberry Custard. Both are great and well thought out. No tweaking is needed on this one I can say that much. Much love to the brain behind the flavor. :hearts::hearts::hearts:

  29. Brian B.

    My favourite e juice all time. I never get tried of it. If you like blueberry I guarantee you’ll love this e juice.

  30. Jonathan G.

    Yup, you heard it right, it’s the most delightfully set profile of blueberries and custard, think of more FRESH FROM SCRATCH dessert more than store bought. Such a better than expected taste that will keep you coming back!

  31. Linda A.

    I don’t normally like blueberry flavoring in anything. This is so good and smooth. It tastes more like real blueberries with cream. I have about 10 favorite vape flavors. This is up in the top few.

  32. Don L.

    Really, this company is like the, “Bath and Body Works” of the e-juice world. You can close your eyes and buy whatever flavor your mouse hovers over and you will be happy with it!

  33. Jason R.

    Love this stuff. If you like blueberry you will not be disappointed. Great price also

  34. Greg C.

    Smoothest liquid I’ve ever vaped, natural blueberry flavor, mildly sweet, with a creamy custard exhale. Fantastic stuff. I feel a 240ml coming on 😉

  35. Suzie F.

    My experience with yougot ejuice has been the best by far. They have the best prices I could find and by far, the best quality and flavors. So far every order has been accurate and prompt in delivery. My favorite flavors are the Blueberry Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake. They will not disappoint. Thank you for a fine product and service.

  36. Steven L.

    This one is a winner all day. I have been at this for 2 years now and almost went back to smoking cuz I could only find 2 flavors that I real could vape on. Caribbean cream and I love donuts and now this one and the donuts is good to.

  37. Shannon

    Love every flavor I’ve tried from these guys so far & their shipping times are on point my orders always show up days before they’re supposed to unlike other places that take forever you got ejuice is now my #1 place to order from thanks guys

  38. Yoav

    I live in Toronto Canada and since my first order from You Got E-juice I never buy anywhere else, this blueberry custard is unbelievable but you will need to steep it before vaping it…just incredible flavor and amazing vapor production!
    Order and try…you will love it!

  39. Dave

    Got this in their sampler pack and it was my favorite of the bunch. So much so that I have begun using it as my daily vape. All other flavors pale in comparison. It’s got a nice delicate blueberry front with a definite and pleasant custard finish and the blueberry note carries throughout. Great flavor straight out of the bottle and even better once it steeps.

  40. Bill B.

    This is one of the one of the flavors I got in my first order from YGEJ, almost 2 years ago. To this day, it is still one of my favorites. Just yesterday, a friend of mine who doesn’t vape, commented on how good it smelled. I have found that mixing it 50/50 with YGEJ’s Vanilla Custard (another good juice) smooths out the flavor and enhances the blueberry flavor.

  41. Steve C.

    This blueberry custard has a good blueberry that is full and smooth. Made with the vanilla custard, they both give a nice compliment. Allow to steep for about 3 days and it will be better then just out of the box.

  42. Miguel

    Still on the search for my ADV but this might be close to it.

  43. Tanya

    This one so close to the real thing, when my niece smelled it, she instantly said “Blueberry Waffles!” I’m not really a fan of bakery flavors though. It was a nice change from my ADV and something I’ve buy again for an occasional treat.

  44. Aaron

    I always have this in my beast, my other mods have different juices I bounce back and forth with but this is always in my main mod.

  45. Maria

    The difference between this one and the other blueberry to be is the taste of cream or syrup. This has more of a pancake taste then a cream

  46. Suzie

    I’d recently ordered a few bottles of juice but unfortunately one of them leaked during shipment. I’d contacted Cory in customer service and included a picture showing it. Before I was even able to respond to her email she had already shipped out a new bottle. I’ve not found a better juice at better price and their customer service is excellent. IMO customer service is what makes a company as long as they have a quality product and this they do!! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  47. Melody Q.

    creamy spot on flavor, if it was a touch sweeter i really wouldnt put it down

  48. Bob

    I was expecting the normal blueberry flavors and YGEJ did it again. Soft and sutle custard that just flows with the inhale and once that taste is gone the blueberry comes in and stirs it all back. The best blueberry custard I have tasted !!! Definitely an all day vape! Thanks again YGEJ !!!

  49. Matt

    Absolutely delicious fresh blueberry and creamy custard notes. For this price, it’s a no-brained!

  50. Adam S.

    The juice is spot on I love the blueberry very strong on inhale and custard on the exhales I will definitely buy this again and again and again…….

  51. Tawny

    I love YGEJ strawberry custard so I tried the blueberry hoping I would like it just as much, but I don’t. The blueberry flavor from YGEJ tastes too much like a fake blueberry candy to me.

  52. Hannah B.

    This juice is absolutely spot-on and I keep coming back for more! It’s beautifully smooth, creamy, and not overly sweet like a lot of dessert juices tend to be. I’m not usually a huge fan of blueberry, but this stuff has me hooked. Definitely in my top three!

  53. Liz

    What can I say about this e-juice? It’s creamy and sweet and I absolutely love it. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes thier berries n cream line of juices.

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