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Blueberry Waffle

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The perfect Belgian waffle topped with fresh blueberries

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66 reviews for Blueberry Waffle

  1. Jmckinzie

    Just received blueberry waffle put it in Tfv8 at 160 watts
    Wow amazing flavor it hits you with a rush of blueberry on the inhale then the waffle flavor comes out on the exhale great job on the new flavor

  2. Karen

    Just tried my new blueberry waffle today! It’s like fresh blueberries exploding in my mouth and it is perfect! I don’t have a single bad thing to say about the juices I have tried from You Got Ejuice. It’s worth your time and $$$.

  3. Jeremy

    The taste wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It has a more blueberry taste than anything, but with that being said. The blueberry taste is great. It isn’t a candied flavor like the strawberry custard. It has a natural blueberry taste. I wish that I could taste more of the waffle and buttery flavors that others are talking about. If and when the other flavors hit. This will probably be my favorite from this company.

    I might have to let it steep more for the other flavors to come out. So far so good and I would recommend it to anyone.

  4. Molly

    Freaking YUMMY! It tastes exactly like the blueberry Belgium waffles I like to cook some times. Except now I can savor the flavor without gaining 10 pounds lol. Only downside is that when I vape it, people in the house get excited when they smell it and think I’m cooking waffles.

  5. Chris

    The flavor is addictive. It give me an experience of eating waffles topped with whipped cream and blueberries (without the sugar/calories). This is definitely my new ADV without pause. You guys hit it out the park, spot on.:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::purple_heart:

  6. Candice

    it was like literally eating a blueberry waffle! the blueberry flavor is rly good not too sweet or fake tasting a buttery maple syrup flavor with sweet dough like notes im really picky when it comes to blueberry flavors but this was soo good! I will definitely be buying it again! I vaped it all day everyday until it was gone and now im writing this because I enjoyed it so much.

  7. Wildfire1

    Ordered the blueberry waffle and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Taste just like a warm fluffy blueberry waffle. I LOVE IT!! I regularly order several flavors and this new one is a home run!!! Your juices are so flavorful and I am just so impressed!! Thank You!

  8. Brandon B.

    I’d let this one steep for a few days because the flavor really came alive after a week. You can taste the blueberry and the waffle and the ratio really depends on which wattage I vape it at. At higher wattage I get more of the blueberry, and lower wattage I get the sweet, waffle and syrup over the blueberry. It’s a well balanced flavor too, it’s not sickly sweet like some of the maple syrup dominant flavors but just right. I just ordered another 120ml bottle and I doubt that one will last long either 🙂

  9. James

    Amazing toasted blueberry waffle flavor!

  10. Chris

    Got a blueberry taste on the inhale and a syrup pancake taste/ pipe tobacco on the exhale spot on. It’s an awesome all day vape!!! No steep time other than the the three days it was in the mail on the way. Thanks, YGEJ perfect vape!!!:grin::grin:

  11. Buck

    When I first opened this I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. Wasn’t getting much blueberry and the waffle was just ok. Then I let it steep for a week and I liked it much more. More blueberry started coming through. Now I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and I’m liking it more and more. Would certainly recommend it and if you get it and don’t like it, let it “cook” for a week or so and give it another try. If you still don’t like it…send it to me!

  12. Jolu

    This juice tastes exactly like an Eggo Blueberry Waffle. It is insane how accurate the taste is with this one. I brought this to a nearby Vape Store and the owner was shocked by the quality, vape production, and taste accuracy. This one is a keeper.

  13. Terri M.

    Buttery blueberry waffle goodness! I just might have a new favorite. :relaxed:

  14. Leigh A.

    Loved it!! Thought I would try something different, glad I did!

  15. John S.


  16. Stephen R.

    This juice pairs so well with my morning cup of coffee cripsy warm delicious waffles on the inhale with a phenomenal plethora of blueberry explosion on the exhale .I definitely recommend this juice as an adv.

  17. Miguel

    Really good blueberry

  18. Austin

    I bought blueberry waffles at my local vape shop 2 weeks ago and BAM! I love love love this flavor. Just went back for a new flavor to try. Peach yogurt. Review pending YGEJ for life

  19. Jesse

    very well balanced flavor in this one, i wasnt a huge fan of the other 2 blueberry flavors

  20. Anne T.

    Love the flavor. My friend had me try it , and wow….

  21. Traci

    Blueberry is my least favorite vape, but I love this

  22. Jonathan

    Has such great flavor. Def my fab ejuice!

  23. Robert

    a friend told me about this site and how much money i can safe compared to a vape shop. and the flavor selection is amazing and he wasn’t lying . the flavors are really good lots of taste . the is my new vape shop!

  24. Matt R.

    This flavor was awful when I first tried it. After about a week and a half, I couldn’t put it down. They nailed the waffle flavor!

  25. Beverly G.

    Sweet flavor can taste blueberry and syrup

  26. Matthew K.

    The Blueberry cheesecake is much better. this tastes like a base. nothing special. i just love blueberry

  27. Matt D.

    Best prices. Best product. Keep up the great work.

  28. Matt D.

    Great prices and great product. Keep up the great work.

  29. Matthew W.

    I’ve been getting blueberry waffle for some time now. I love it straight or mixed with my favorite raspberry donut from Red Star

  30. Jeremy B.


  31. E.J. G.

    I expected the Blueberry to be more powerful but it’s decent. I would only buy again if on sale.

  32. Lisa W.

    Tastes and smells just like a blueberry waffle! I taste blueberry, waffle, and even a hint of syrup on both the inhale and exhale. The only thing that I’d suggest is a bit more of the blueberry flavoring. I definitely taste it, but it’s very mild. This one would be great to vape in the morning right along with breakfast. Great flavor!

  33. Brandon B.

    OMG you got ejuice is my go to juice I tried a sample pack and have been hooked since I ordered blueberry waffle the day it came out and have had it in one of my mods ever since just keep refilling and your strawberry cheesecake is the best ever soo tasty can’t wait to try the rest of your flavor customer for life you got ejuice is where it’s at and shipping is on point thank you guys!!

  34. Joshua

    The new blueberry waffle is fantastic, and had come out swinging as a major player in my monthly rotation. It has a mellow and smooth, yet full bodied inhale of fresh blueberries with a crispy baked undertone. The exhale leaves you with a warm hint of vanilla and blueberry with a clean and crispy Belgian finish. Despite being incredibly flavorful there is almost no lingering mouth feeling of sugary stickiness, or obstinate aftertaste. 9/10.

  35. Tricia

    I really liked this juice. Wasn’t too artificial tasting. It tastes better after it steeps a few days and I will order it again. Great price and fast shipping too

  36. Brandon B.

    This stuff is really good. The blueberry is hard to pin down, its definitely in there though. It’s not a sickly sweet candy-like blueberry but just right, and fits nicely with the waffle and syrup flavors. I vaped it right away as soon as I got it, and honestly didn’t care for it right away….. BUT I let it sit for a week then tried it again and by then it had morphed into one of my favorite juices so far. It definitely does benefit from a little steeping. YGEJ also didn’t skimp out on the flavoring. I usually get 6mg and dilute it down to about 3-4mg for chain vaping with minor flavor loss if you’re dripping into an rda.

  37. Noah

    MY favorite so far by yall! Amazing! Not like yalls other blueberry! Its like a Blueberry Syrup with a slight hint of butter and a little dough! Its amazing how i can tast all 3 flavors in this juice! The other blueberrys are good but this is a homerun by far!

  38. Awesome :.

    Cloud production- 4/5
    flavor- 4/5
    price- 5/5 like always!
    definatley leaves you feeling like you justate some waffles with blueberry syrup

  39. Mike

    I just received this. First impression was literally “Wow”. Delicious and savory! Real blueberry taste on the inhale and beautiful syrup and waffle on the exhale. Perfect for breakfast or with a coffee. Well done!

  40. Kym

    This ejuice is exactly what it says – a delicious warm fresh Blueberry Waffle. It is amazingly flavorful without being overwhelming sweet. I vaped this right out of the box, and thought it was just good. After letting it steep for about a week, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had become so delicious and flavorful that I have a tank that is dedicated solely to Blueberry Waffle, as I must have it in my flavor rotation at all times!

  41. Katie

    Warm blueberry waffle! So absolutely delicious! Doesn’t taste artificial.

  42. Aron

    Perfect combo of blueberry and honey! My new ADV!

  43. Jaggie

    Good juice strong blueberry flavor… I had to add maple flavoring more waffle flavoring butter flavor I g and now YUMMMMMMM… w o Ulf buy again and reads the flavorings. We need a good French toast flavor

  44. Christine F.

    This juice is awesome & will be definitely ordering a bigger bottle!! If you like bluberries, you will LOVE this juice.

  45. Matt T.

    It’s a very good juice in terms of flavor it’s spot on, too dark for me though as well as it destroyed cotton very easily because it’s dark and slot of sweeteners. I thought I would like it but it just isn’t the juice for me. If you have tried others like this it is a very good and spot on flavor, two stars personally because of cotton and just wasn’t for me

  46. Andrea

    Blueberry waffle blew my mind, its so good. If you like blueberry this vape is for you. Its not to sweet its perfect. I love it, blueberry on inhale and waffle and i taste some honey on exhale. This one is my favorite ADV. You have to try it!!!

  47. Tara W.

    Amazing blueberry taste on the inhale & the taste of syrup when you exhale.

  48. Chris

    Steeped two weeks after receiving, gonna let it sit for a month. No blueberry no syrup, smells just like a blueberry waffle but I’m not getting the flavors at all. Ran on my usually setup for BB Cheesecake and it’s just flat and harsh. Sorry YGEJ this one just wasn’t ready or for me.

  49. Jaggie

    I love this juice . I get a mix of blueberry and butter that blend great not much of a waffle flavor put that’s okay ..

  50. Melissa

    I love this juice! I mix it with my other favorite juice, caramel candy. But it is good on its own.

  51. Chris

    This is now one of my favorite flavors! All the flavors we’re blended perfectly. I let my juice steep for a week and it was good to go! Keep up the great job!

  52. Christina

    I’m not even much of a dessert vaper, but when I tell you this is probably the best, well-rounded breakfast flavors out there, it’s no joke! No heavy, overwhelming syrup flavor. Just the perfect subtle yet delicious notes of waffle with a hint of syrup, and the most incredible real blueberry flavor I’ve ever tasted. Incredibly well-rounded juice! Don’t bother with those heavy, artificial tasting breakfast vapes in the crazy packaging. They’re honestly crap compared to this. I always switch between this and the banana nut bread. They’re both absolute perfection!!

  53. Greg C.

    Just like a buttery fluffy waffle laced with fresh blueberries and drizzled with syrup .. This flavor is most definitely on point. Just got my order and have been unable to put it down .. reminds me of the blueberry custard but with a buttery waffle twist to it. ADV material for sure !! Don’t think the bottle will last very long .. 🙂 5 stars

  54. Aaron

    Awesome quality juice at a great price

  55. Josh

    It gives me a nostalgia of breakfasts my grandma used to make. It tastes like blueberries and syrup on a waffle. Delicious!

  56. Matt R.

    Tastes so good. Definitely benefits from a 2 week steep though.

  57. Sean

    My favorite flavor! Great blueberry inhale with a nice crisp waffle exhale. This is the best yougotejuice has with a close second of the sugar cookie. Definitely give this one a try!

  58. Josh J.

    Although i think it could use a little more waffle taste thats probably because i couldnt help but vape it with little steeping. The smell of the blueberries was too much to resist. If i would have let it steep a little bit longer im sure the taste would have been perfect.

  59. Joie

    Great blueberry flavor. I didn’t taste the waffle, but the accuracy of the blueberry was enough to make it so I didn’t miss the waffle. Will definitely purchase again!

  60. John M.

    What an Awesome juice This juice does not lack flavor fresh blueberries with a waffle finish will buy again

  61. Mike

    This liquid is incredibly tasty, especially considering the price. I strictly use 22mm flavor rda’s (Haku Cruiser / Armor 2.0). The waffle flavor is a strong base for the blueberries to sit on top of and both are prominent from inhale to exchange exhale. I’d recommend letting the liquid steep for a few days. I’m impatient so day by day the flavor gets better and better. Highly recommend Blueberry Waffle!

  62. Zach

    This is my all time favorite juice. Better than all the high dollar stuff out there. I wish I would have found this years ago.

  63. Mingo

    I don’t typically vape fruity flavors but since this was priced so well and the quality of You Got Juice is always so great I decided to try it. I LOVE IT!!! I will definitely be buying more of Blueberry Waffles. So good!

  64. Steve

    Might be fantastic to you but it’s alright to me. Kind of wish I went with another flavor. I feel there’s not enough Blueberry and too much waffle.

  65. Deanna

    Its the perfect combination of blueberries and waffles it’s just an all around good juice

  66. Jim E.

    Another awesome product by YGEJ!!!

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