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Caramel Custard

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Velvety vanilla and dulce de leche custard.

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60mL, 120mL

111 reviews for Caramel Custard

  1. James

    An excellent after dinner vape!

  2. Owen B.

    Le goût est très bon, il y a aussi un arrière goût de caramel très sympa une fois vapé. Je recommande vivement.

  3. Rafael M.

    Nice and creamy … This flavor Rocks … Good Job YGEJ. Recomendado … :muscle::muscle::muscle:

  4. Leigh A.

    Love this juice! Can’t quit vaping! I have not bought any other flavors since trying this one!

  5. Tony

    This is by far one of my favorite flavors. I buy this one not simply because it tastes great but because my wife really does enjoy the smell of it as well. I have tried many different flavors but the caramel custard never lets me down and my wife always comments on how great it smells.

  6. Jack M.

    This juice is by far the best Carmel Custard I have ever tried hands down delicious, you gotta try it, but get the largest bottle, the 240 ml cuz your gonna want it !

  7. Brushy

    For the custard lovers out there, I have to say this is definitely a must try. The flavor I got from this juice has a strong taste of a vanilla custard to it. On the exhale I get the faintest hit of caramel flavoring. For me this was a little bit of a let down as I was expecting a stronger caramel profile. If YGEJ could maybe fix this up, I’d give this ejuice a 5 star.

    By no means however is this a bad vape. I always highly recommend YGEJ for their dessert flavors. If you’re wanting to try a creamy custard flavor with a slight hint of caramel, I’d say this is the juice for you. 🙂

  8. Melody Q.

    great flavor, if it was a touch sweeter i’d give it 5 stars, still would recommend..yum

  9. Jameson

    Idk what to say about this juice….. I wanted to let it steep a bit but the bottle didn’t even make it 3 days…. I couldn’t quit vaping it…. It tasted my I was vaping my favorite caremel dessert topping….

  10. Miranda

    This juice has great flavor to it and is really good!

  11. Sarina

    Strong custard flavor. Subtle caramel. Overall pretty good!

  12. Brian

    Caramel custard in my new favorite juice! How can I vape anything else now that I’ve found perfection?

  13. Nicolas

    After a while the taste of the ejuice have change and is less cinnamony and started to taste relatively good from my point of view.
    So what i would think is that the ejuice need steeping for the flavor to taste better 🙂

  14. Jack

    This is probably one of the best juices I have had ever I’ve been vaping for almost 3 years now and this stuff is the best great job you guys

  15. Courtney

    So sweet & smooth. Perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth but also smooth enough to vape all day. One of my favorites (:

  16. Bobby

    This is a good caramel. It tastes more of a hard candy caramel than a soft chewy one. It seems to taste better in a dripper IMHO.

  17. Trish

    Very yummy with coffee too. I hoard the stuff.

  18. Kevin M.

    Carmel custard is exactly what it is. Very smooth and rich but still an all day vape. I swear the flavor changes with every pull. I never seem to get sick of it. Sweet but not overly so. Perfect in every way possible. Not too bad on the coils and cotton either.

  19. Glenda

    This is so very good nice and creamy

  20. Alan

    I got this in a 30ml bottle just to try it and now I wish I had got it in the biggest bottle available it was so good!

  21. Matt R.

    Very sweet, but not overwhelming caramel custard flavor. Excellent!

  22. Coty

    This is my favorite

  23. Linda

    This is my favorite juice. It is smooth, flavorful and hard to put down.

  24. Verónica

    Beyond my expectations. :heart_eyes:

  25. Coty S.

    I fell in love with this juice almost ready to order more like my 5th time ordering it

  26. Scotty

    This is my second bottle of this stuff…I’m wondering…it might just be my favorite so far (hard to tell because some of the others are really good, too!)…very much worth a try!

  27. Wesley L.

    The best caramel custard I ever vaped

  28. Marci

    Fantastic price and Fantastic Flavor!

  29. Josh J.

    It honestly was not my favorite but it is what it says. I just thought I’d like more.

  30. Anthony

    This is absolutely my favorite juice to vape all day long. It never stays in the house for more than 3 days because my wife and I practiclly drink the stuff! If there is the ultimate juice out there….. It’s this one!!! A MUST VAPE!!:dash::dash::dash::100::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

  31. Jill

    Onto my 2nd 240ml
    A perfect rich caramel
    Will always order this
    Thanks to watching TiaVapes

  32. Sam

    Definitely love this caramel flavor!!

  33. Frank B.

    I have purchased different juice from many different sites on-line and also at the local vape shop. I have to say that the juice from You Got E-Juice is the best I’ve tried yet. I have ordered several times and this juice is by far the best. I have also tried the Vanilla Custard and it’s also great just like the Caramel Custard. The You Got E-Juice team is great to do business with and has great prices as well as fast and free shipping for $20.00 or more. Overall great site and I will be ordering many times in the future. Frank B.

  34. Steph

    Amazing ejuice.

  35. Kim

    This juice is excellent. Perfect blend of custard and caramel. Very clean. Must try!

  36. Laurel

    This is absolutely the best flavor ever

  37. Banjoman

    This is the FIRST Caramel ejuice I’ve tried that tastes like Caramel, REAL CARAMEL ! I love this stuff and I always have 2 120 ml bottles on hand and right I have three . If you love Caramel and you need that fix This will DEFINITELY NOT DISAPPOINT ! EXCELLENT !

  38. Antonio K.

    This caramel custard is AMAZING and so very SWEET!!! Definitely one of my faves.

  39. Lionel A.

    Ce jus est délicieux. Il s’agit clairement de mon préféré.

  40. Antonio K.

    This is my FAVORITE!!! Great caramel test. If you like your ejuice to taste like sweet savory baked goods, add this one to your list.

  41. Justin

    This is my absolute favorite. If I could only vape 1 flavor for the rest of my life I choose THIS ONE

  42. Myles G.

    not good.

  43. Dick H.

    Dit is echt n aanrader, lekker zacht en smaakvol.

  44. Scotty P.


  45. Eric B.

    one of my favorites

  46. Rashell S.

    Best juice I have ever bought.

  47. Brian S.

    I have yet to find juice as good as “YGEJ”. I have tried others yet always come back.

  48. James P.

    Love the richness this flavor brings to the table….nice change up flavor….very taste…

  49. Roy S.

    One of my favorites vapes all day vape really good custard great job

  50. Dennis M.

    Amazing juice

  51. Travis W.

    This is another favorite of mine

  52. Deborah U.

    I really appreciate you resending my order! I just received it yesterday. Out of everything I ordered from other places (not e- juice) that has been too long delayed, you are the only company that helped me! I am eternally greatful! My original order from you never came yet. So, thank you again!

  53. Brian S.

    The best juice I have tried, and without a doubt the best price.
    When I quit smoking I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford the liquid, then I found “yougotejuice”. Caramel custard is my favorite flavor juice. If not for you I would still be smoking.

  54. Phillip K.

    I’ve had many carmel custards some were too strong or not a good blend of the two flavors. This one is a home run for sure its got that good custard throat hit and great carmel sweetness after

  55. Lisa W.

    When I found YGEJ, I vaped their Strawberry Custard exclusively for at least 3 years. I finally decided to take the dive during a Black Friday sale and give some of their other flavors a try.

    THIS FLAVOR IS UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! So far, of their custard flavors, I’ve tried the strawberry, blueberry, and now the caramel. They are all SO GOOD it’s unreal!

    If you like sweet flavors, try any of their custards! This has an extremely sweet and DELICIOUS caramel taste with just the right amount of custard to balance it out. Believe it or not, I’m not usually a huge fan of caramel-flavored anything. This vape juice just changed my mind and is easily one of my absolute favorite juices of all-time! If I could give this 1,000 stars, I would.


  56. Jack M.

    This has got to be the best flavor yet from you guys ! ADV all the way, just bought more of it, cannot get enough. I’ve tried pretty much all your flavors and this by far is way above the rest.. The Strawberry custard is my second favorite, it was my first, but then this came along and stole the show ! Thanks and keep up the great work and awesome prices.

  57. Brie

    This flavor is so creamy and decadent, this flavor took my taste buds on a crazy ride! Great vape right out of the bottle!

  58. Brandy

    so delicious, actually tastes just like my favorite juice of all time, Marilyn by Pinup Vapors. very satisfied! and the price is right! will definitely be back for the 240 ml

  59. Steve C.

    This has a nice custard flavor along with a light caramel flavor. Not too strong. Good out of the box on arrival but gets better when steeped for 3-4 days. It would be even better if it had just a little bit more caramel.

  60. Crystal

    I accidentally got the 0 mg of this. And it ended up being A-OK! Definitely has that deep caramel flavor with just a touch of cream custard.

    This ended up being one of my go-to’s for adding to other juices that needed either extra sweetness or caramel flavor.

    But on its own was a bit tooo sweet for me.

    My standard setup: Fuchai 213 with Smok Big Baby Beast – Q2 coil or RTA (double clapton coils

  61. Scott

    I bought vanilla custard and caramel custard, I’ll review the vanilla as well. I was skeptical of a low priced E Juice because I used VCT by Ripe Vapes exclusively even though it’s an expensive “premium juice”. It’s the only juice that I enjoyed out of countless different juices I had tried. I’m glad I found this website. To start, DEFINITELY take You Got E-juice’s advice and steep your bottles for a week or more. It’s made fresh for you, and unlike the bottles in the store which have been steeping for weeks or months, the juice is raw. I used it the day I got it (extremely fast shipping btw) and thought I had wasted my money. It was harsh, barely smelled like caramel, and had a heavy alcohol-esque smell. But I let it breathe and steep for a week (two different processes if you didn’t know) and filled a fresh tank with it today. It’s a completely different juice. Rich caramel flavor, excellent smell, and smooth as…well, melted caramel. The taste is great, and I only expect it to get better as it steeps more in my closet. Get yourself some, steep and breathe it accordingly, and you won’t regret it. I will be buying more as my funds allow it.

  62. Iain

    Great juice !! Caramel custard is awesome. I’ve vaped a lot of juice and can honestly say, that even the juice I’ve got from these guys that’s not on my top flavour list has still been exceptional. Great job guys !!

  63. Jackie

    Carmel custard is simply delicious, I’m very picky about this type juice. I love it as an all day vape for me, I just bought another bottle!!!!

  64. Adam

    My favorite flavor tight now. I’ve ordered this twice so far.

  65. Tony P.

    Great ejuice killer flavor killer clouds Great shipping great service live long vape on thx

  66. Kris

    This right here is one of my all time favorite all day vape. I always make sure I got some in my inventory. It’s very smooth, and it’s delicious. Reasonable price. Fast shipping.

  67. Kris

    Great price, fast shipping taste is great not to strong perfect for my all day vape.

  68. Alvin

    This is the best custard i have tasted i stated with a little 30ml sample bottle and now i cant put down the 120 the flavor is on point so smooth and very flavorful theres no throut hit at all its more than a all day vape its a non stop vape for me its hard to put it down great job you guys keep up the good work and keep the amazing juices coming

  69. Carlyn

    Very flavorful, great price for 120ml and quick shipping. Highly recommend

  70. Pedrojota

    This is my favourite juice, no doubt. The taste and smell is really fantastic. It’s a shame that in Spain, can’t be found in 240 ml.

  71. Jim

    Carmel Custard is my favourite juice, I started buying 240ml’s because the smaller bottles dont last. If you like sweet vapes Carmel Custard is highly recommended. Its as close to an all day vape as I come. I buy the 6mg because its mostly used in a Morph tank with the rba head with a 26g .4-.6 ohm ss coil. For the longest time You got ejuice has been my main go to for juice. Fast shipping, good flavours, and great prices.

  72. Gail D.

    I’ve been vaping this Caramel Custard in 0mg for awhile and it is FANTASTIC! I was a little worried that the flavor would be different, but it’s not. Still the same sweet creamy custard flavor, and still one of my favorites! It’s also a great mixer. I love to mix it with Frosted Donut or Vanilla Latte. Very yummy!

  73. ~ ~.

    WOW! Lately, this Caramel Custard has been my All Day Delight, Lol!! I’m still Loving my Strawberry Cheesecake, but I wanted to try this & Omg! I’m addicted! I do not agree with Vanilla overpowering the Caramel at all, my opinion. It’s the PERFECT Caramel Taste by far… I honestly don’t think it’s possible to get a Better Tasting Caramel Custard E-Liquid… Oh, also, try mixing the Vanilla Custard with the Caramel Custard, Mmmm, you have yourself a darn Good Tasting LATTE:relaxed: Mmmm Mmmm, Yummy!
    Definitly try it & I’m telling you that you’ll be Completely Satisfied with the Caramel Custard

  74. Max

    Good tasting juice , I highly recommend .

  75. Brian S.

    My favorite juice period! When I found Caramel custard I knew that was it, I wasn’t buying any other juice.
    Caramel custard, vanilla custard, and sugar cookie are in every tank I own. Yougotejuice is the only juice for me.
    When I quit smoking, I started to second guess myself because I was spending more money on juice than I was spending on cigarettes. I watched “Tia vapes” review on YouTube and decided to give them a try. Had I not tried YGEJ, I am sure I would have went back to smoking.
    Thank you YGEJ!

  76. Jaggiefan

    This is my favorite by far… rich and creamy just the way I lime it.. I lime sugar cookie as well but to me this one beats it hands down..

  77. Kmemsky

    Excellent flavor, fast shipping. I’ve paid twice the price for similar quality. Will order again.

  78. James

    One of my favorites, easily able to vape thru the entire bottle without the need to change up flavors. Highly recommended!

  79. Jamie

    I have bought this juice several times and I must say it is the best I have ever had. Smooth, Creamy and downright Delicious.

  80. Freeman

    The caramel flavor is really rich, I love it. My second favorite after Lemon Cheesecake.

  81. Coty S.

    I love this product

  82. Anthony

    This is hands down the best juice I have ever Vaped!!! It taste so good that when I get my 120ml bottle in the mail, I vape twice as much! Trust me….. Get this flavor!!! (Caramel custard)

  83. Shane

    Was ok very sweet juice vape it if u got a sweet tooth if not be careful lol extremely sweet vape juice

  84. Scott

    By itself this is really good but try 1/3 caramel custard, 1/3 vanilla custard and1/3 glazed donut… Smooth and sweet and tasty. you can even throw in a few drops of banana cream to change it up… delicious

  85. Dango

    I’ve been vaping YGEJ for over a year now and this has always been my go to… Strongly recommend!

  86. Iselle P.

    Its very sweet but i have a sweet tooth all the time so i loved it. Also i got the 120ml im a heavy smoker so two weeks was good a long time usually i finish my bottles in 4 days i love the taste and the recieving it in the mail was faster than most online websites cant wait to order more!!

  87. Tara G.

    I really liked this flavor i got strawberry cheesecake and this caramel custard. I can’t stop vaping caramel custard to even vape an all time favorite of mine strawberry cheesecake. I let it sit for about 5 days so I’m not sure how it is straight out the bottle. But it had a smooth sweet taste and ypu van taste caramel almost. Lol just writing this is making me want to vape it. Its a must try flavor for any custard flavored vapers.

  88. Carol

    This has been my all day vape for about a year now . I may try new flavors but I always come back to the caramel custard

  89. Carolina L.

    The recently bought this flavor to give it a try. I like it, although it’s not my favorite. I only like it when I mix it with the banana flavor. If I smoke it by itself the flavor is very strong. If you like the strong flavor of caramel then you must give it a try!

  90. The V.

    Awesome flavor, great price, it’s a vanilla carmel vapegasm!

  91. Denise

    Nice all day vape. Very flavorful

  92. Sherry P.

    Not the best. Ok. From all the flavors so far stawberry custard is my favorite

  93. Jaggiefan

    This I one of my favorite sweet and creamy rich in flavor..

  94. Richard

    One of my favorite flavors from YGEJ so far. No weird chemical taste at all and the flavor is perfect. It’s like having dessert without the calories. Super smooth vapor with nice puffy clouds. Best part is I got a 120ml for around 20 bucks. Thats literally 1/4 of the price I was paying at my local vape shop.
    Awesome job guys you now have a customer for life.
    Top quality juice at an AMAZING price. How can you go wrong.

  95. Janette

    One of my favorite caramel ejuice. Highly recommended.

  96. George

    I got this on sale to check what it tastes like and i regret it. I don’t know about other people but i hated that flavor!

  97. Charles

    Have ordered several flavors,this one is a keeper.good job

  98. Brian S.

    I go back and forth between vanilla custard, sugar cookie and caramel custard. I gotta say, I really like the caramel custard. If you add a touch of vanilla custard, say 10% or so, it is delicious!

  99. Joe M.

    I have been tabacoo free for over three years and Caramel Custard has been the reason why. The only flavor I have and want.

  100. Richard

    This stuff is hard to put down.
    A++ It’s pretty sweet but caramel is supposed to be sweet. I always go back to Caramel Custard

  101. Wawa

    This custard is simple for ADV, good and tasty..

  102. Joette

    Caramel Custard has been my very favorite for a year! I love the sweet smooth taste.

  103. Rob

    It’s my all day vape. If you love caramel this is the one for you.

  104. Chris M.

    This is by far my favorite juice. If you love caramels or other sweeter flavors, this is the juice for you!

  105. Katie

    This is my new all day vape! This has a great Carmel flavor it’s not to sweet, it’s just right. You got ejuice got this one right(so far all I have tried has been great). I love their prices and save even more when they have there deals going on. THANK YOU to everyone at YGEJ !

  106. Rhiannon

    love this juice! its very flavorful.

  107. Steph

    I really love this ejuice, taste like a caramel candy. Creamy. Order this again soon

  108. Rashell S.

    Just wanted to say that I have been using this site for almost three years. I have never had a problem with my order not being on time and exactly want I want. The flavors are great and will continue to shop with yougotejuice

  109. Craig B.

    Of you’re a custard fan this is a must try!

  110. Kathleen

    Love this site always fast service

  111. Donna T.

    Love this flavor, and the great customer service at You Got E-Juice!

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