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Cherry Lemonade

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A refreshing cherry with a citrus lemonade blast.

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60mL, 120mL

52 reviews for Cherry Lemonade

  1. Chris

    I just received my 120ml of cherry lemonade and I was impressed right away. The flavor is great and you can’t beat the price. I plan on ordering more soon. This is one of the best juices I have tried and again, you can’t go wrong at this price. The quality is amazing. Thanks again for putting a quality product at an amazing price.

  2. Corey C.

    I found out about YGE from Tia capes and as a guy who goes through tons on ejuice I find myself ordering online often due to cheaper prices. Let me say of all the other companies ive done business with (and there’s a lot) you guys are the best!

    120ml Strawberry Custard = Love

    30ml Banana cream = Great

    30ml Vanilla Latte = Delicious

    30ml Yogurt = Good

    30ml Cherry Lemonade = Wonderful

    120ml Summerbreeze = Okay. a little more minty than I was expecting

    Now I’m waiting on my custards sample pack to get here. Im so anxious to try sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. Thanks for this great juice and excellent prices and oh the great customer service! A+

  3. Josh

    This flavor is one of the best flavors I EVER had. Right off the bat, no steep required a very sour lemonade followed by cherry. Reminds me of a slushy from sonics. The taste is unparalleled, my only complaint is the juice is a little too strong. I tried to vape Strawberry cheesecake right after, but the sour lemonade just overpowers it. I had to change tanks to continue enjoying my other flavors

  4. Brian L.

    I ordered a 5 pack sampler and got them in today, raspberry candy, sugar cookie, vanilla latte, cherry lemonade and lucky cereal. Cherry Lemonade is by far my favorite of what I picked with raspberry candy coming in second. With zero steep time the cherry lemonade tastes amazing, it tastes just like a glass of cherry lemonade. Raspberry candy also had good flavor with no steep time as well. I will definitely be buying a big bottle of cherry lemonade.

    I took a chance in the other ones as I typically go for fruity flavors. They are good but not something I would generally buy. Maybe with a little steep time the flavor will change/increase. The smell great and spot on to what they say the flavor is.

  5. James

    Glad I took a chance on this one. After just one vape I was sold!

  6. Billy

    Got this along with lemon cheesecake, frosted donut and strawberry custard. Gonna let them sit for a few more weeks, but so far this is outstanding. An easy all day vape. Not too sweet, just a hint of tart, creamy… Beautiful! The Lemon cheesecake is phenomenal. Favorite juice by far.

  7. Billy

    I dont get too much flavor out of the juice other than a hint of lemon and a harsh throat hit (vaping on 3mg nicotine). I dont taste the cherry at all but was worth trying. keep in mind other have different taste buds. Would not buy again

  8. Butler V.

    This is seriously the best ejuice I’ve had. And not to mention the low price it comes with. Would definitely recommend everyone tri it.

  9. Devin B.

    It tastes pretty good but a little harsh…..i will give it another try i. A week or so and see if it mellows out….everything else i have received fro. This company rocks.

  10. Brushy

    I’ve never come across a sour ejuice so far, but then I encountered YGEJ’s cherry lemonade. This for me hit so many different tones of great! At first I was a little taken back as I was expecting a sweet lemonade flavor as I was used to with other companies. Oh boy, how wrong was I.

    Upon my initial disbelief, I gave this another few vapes and the flavor grew on me. You’ll be given a sour cherry flavor on the exhale, and a perfect cherry-infused lemonade flavor on the exhale. If this is your jam, definitely give it a go!

  11. Rob W.

    I love this juice. It is my go to and I vape it all day.

  12. Gigi

    Probably one of my favourite juices from the line, a delicate cherry flavour with refreshingly sweet lemonade. Light, smooth and suitable for ADV.

  13. Megan

    This is one of my favorites. Love the flavor, perfect amount of sweet and sour. I just wish the liquids came in a 12mg

  14. Thurman

    Yum yum yummy yum that’s all I have to say!!

  15. Vincent C.

    This is my number 3 Vape flavor. I have been vaping this for over a year! I order 120ml bottle it does not get old. You won’t be disappointed in any flavor here and the normal prices are great but the sales are crazy! You can’t be the prices!
    The service is 5 stars too!

  16. Zac

    This stuffs delicious and it vapes nice and clean on the coils. With this juice I can go longer without rewicking or changing coils.

  17. Jacob

    It might just be my mod but it tastes like the bottom of the bucket of the coolaid with all the sugar that hasn’t dissolved yet. Incredibly good.

  18. Becky

    It’s a good flavor, more lemonade than cherry though but it’s still a good flavor all in all

  19. Jacob

    An emphatic Lemon taste–Not even a hint of cherry (vaping on a ceramic coil)– It’s a little too sweet for me, but not overwhelmingly so. I tried it, it wasn’t bad, but I won’t buy it again. I like YGEJ’s custards much more.

  20. Joe

    Isn’t bad just tastes like a fruit tingle lolly

    Has that tang to it
    Tasty if you’re into that thing

  21. Dooms

    This is one of my classic favorites from here. I always order on every purchase

  22. Carla N.

    Fast shipper!! Amazing product

  23. Donna P.


  24. Lisa W.

    This flavor is spot on! It tastes just like cherry lemonade in all aspects with the perfect amount of balance between the two flavors. The cherry isn’t too overwhelming – there’s just the right amount of it and it doesn’t taste artificial. The lemonade tastes JUST like an actual glass of it, but it isn’t too overwhelming. They truly are perfectly blended together. I taste the cherry (a slight sweet taste) on the inhale, and the lemonade with a mix of cherry on the exhale. The exhale really gives you the tangy lemonade taste, but you can also taste just enough of the cherry so that it isn’t too tangy. If I were at a restaurant and ordered a cherry lemonade, this is exactly what I would want it to taste like. Phenomenal flavor and absolutely true to its description!

  25. Alyson S.

    Excellent customer service and very helpful, however this juice is definitely a mix of cherry n lemonade, just not a profile I seem to be find of.. thx!!

  26. Patrick C.

    My wife and I both vape. So liquid was getting kinda pricey. We are huge lovers of taste, and were so skeptical of YGEJ. So we ordered 2 bottles (Cherry Lemonade and Strawberry Cheesecake) and we were blown away. This Juice is absolutely amazing, blows awesome clouds, and got all the way to NC from Cali in 3 days! I mean, I’m lost for words. It’s just amazing. YGEJ has won our hearts and we will be ordering more every month. I highly recommend this juice! Thank you so much YGEJ!!!

  27. Erin

    I got my cherry lemonade juice this week and I’m in love!!! It’s amazing! And not only is it high quality it’s tasty and produces great clouds! Can’t wait to try more!!!! Great job y’all!!!

  28. Erin

    Love the juice and the quality is amazing!! Cherry lemonade is my favorite! And the shipping is amazing for free!!

  29. Debbie

    I am so over the moon for this line. I am addicted to the cherry lemonade. That is my all day vape. Watermelon Rocks is awesome as well. I ordered the Apple Jack and the Fruity Cereal not a fan, that is my own personal palliate. I am super stoked that there is now the tobacco and menthol. I will remain a customer for a long time.

  30. Will

    Great juice at an even better price! Rasberry candy is really good and the cherry lemonade is a winner too. Woohoo free shipping!!

  31. Jd

    ok tried cherry lemonade and banana custard and both are really good the strawberry custard not so much but will try others good cheap juice

  32. Kara

    I have tried almost all of the flavors you carry and I must say this is the best ejuice I have ever vaped on! I cannot wait to see what other flavors you guys will bring out in the future!!

    My all day vapes:
    Strawberry cheesecake/custard
    Sugar cookie
    And now I’ve added two more..
    Cherry lemonade & Cinnamon roll!

    I recommend this ejuice over ANY other line I have tried!

  33. Zack

    Really great juice, got here fast, and good price. Nicotine seems to be on the harsher side on this flavor but still a great juice.

  34. Amber

    this juice is exactly what cherry lemonade is supposed to taste like!!! YGEJ rocks!!!

  35. Gee G.

    This taste so amazing, you can taste each flavor in this juice, every time I do a ordered Cherry Lemonade is always on my list

  36. Slonsta M.

    Cherry Lemonade is an Awesome juice. Honestly I can Vape this juice all day long. It tastes Amazing

  37. Paul

    Perfect flavor… Just enough lemonade to cherry ratios. Great all day vape.

  38. Nick S.

    This juice is a perfect blend of exactly what it says cherry with lemonade. The lemonade is super smooth and no harsh throat hits its simply adv to me.

  39. Greg C.

    Definitely a summertime flavor here. It smells very strong and when I opened the vapemail the scent of lemons and or lemonade hit my nostrils right away out of the gate. It Vapes smoothly and is very flavorful.. lemonade right out of the gate with the subtle sweet cherry lingering in the background. It produces dense clouds and is perfectly sweet, not cloying but a perfect balance of summertime flavor that reminded me that the best things in life are simple and fresh and took me back to sitting on my grandparents verandah quenching my thirst on the hottest of days of the year. Bang on refreshing flavor that I can vape all day long without being sickened by overpowering sweetness. 4.5 stars from me.

  40. Rocco

    Isn’t this funny ?
    You get 2 people, trying the same juice, and by their review you would never think they actually talk about the same e-liquid. My advice in short: if you like either one of the flavours, cherry or lemon, just put a bottle in your cart and give it a go. What have you got to loose ? A few bucks ? I’m sure everyone vaping for a little while has wasted a whole lot more money on so called premium juices. A sample bottle of this stuff won’t blow anyone’s bank.
    Yes it has a little of a kick to the throat in my opinion. I think it is the combination of those two flavours that create the punch. Just purchase a lower nicotine level as you usually would and you should be good to go. I actually call this a “plus”. Less nicotine equals higher benefits to your health. Otherwise I think it is the perfect juice for the summer. And I might have to mention, I’m not a huge fan of lemon juices at all. If you think the juice is to harsh, you could easily add some lemon cheesecake which will give it a slightly more creamy, smooth taste. Overall however, in my humble opinion, I think this stuff is amazing and everyone who says otherwise, hasn’t really had a cherry/lemon juice from other companies. This one is definitely one of the better ones, if not the best cherry-lemon out there. And if you throw in the price into the equation, you’ve got yourself a winner in my book. Vape on !

  41. Josh

    Not too sweet, not too tart, perfect mix of both! Tastes like you are literally vaping lemon and cherries.

  42. Jamie

    When I first got it I was expecting a stronger Cherry flavor in this juice, Sweet, Tart Delicious Lemonade Flavor but the Cherry was very light in the background.

  43. Robby

    Tastes like fresh lemonade with a blast of cherry

  44. Maria

    I got tired of this after a while, I felt the taste of cherry died off and it just tasted like lemon after a while

  45. Randy

    I got this flavor as part of a sample package and it was far and away my favorite. Lots of lemon with a bit of cherry aftertaste. I’d prefer more cherry but a winner nonetheless.

  46. Sherry

    Agian loved this juice in 30ml but like all the rest to me mutes the bigger the bottle.

  47. Rd

    I love this juice…vapes really well and the flavor is good as soon as i open it…

  48. George

    Bought this one on sale to give it a go, juice smells nice, but once inhaled its sour, I’m a lung hitter so it wasn’t easy to cope with, its my personal and honest opinion, but again you may like it if you’re into sour stuff…

  49. Justin H.

    You guys,gals and nonbinary pals at yougotejuice keep blowing my mind with the best flavors.

  50. Yoshi

    NO FLAVOR! Steep for 4 days not one bit of flavor change, so no flavor. Great to vape an not pick up a cig… Throat hit good…nic level perfect…

  51. Steve

    Definitely enjoy this flavor. Was a good choice. I got this and Blueberry Waffle and I enjoy this one way better.

  52. Christine K.

    I gave this a try and Im on the fence I get lemonade but tastes more like a fruit coolaid so Im letting it steep like i did with the caramel popcorn will update soon

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