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Cinnamon Roll

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Indulge in a rich freshly baked roll with a hint of cinnamon. A one-of-a-kind experience you can smell and taste.

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36 reviews for Cinnamon Roll

  1. Princess A.

    I purchased Cinnamon Roll, Sugar Cookie, Fruity Cereal and Lucky Cereal. I tested all 4 flavors and was completely shocked at the flavor of these juices. Awesome prices for the juice! Will be a frequent buyer from here on out! Thanks to yougotejuice! I want to try all flavors.

  2. C.J S.

    Fire !
    Enough said.

  3. Justin

    I have tried both the sugar cookie and cinnamon roll which taste absolutely fantastic, I order summer breeze and peaches and they literally shipped in less than an hour on a Friday

  4. Sam

    Cinnamon roll – just waited a day or 2 to steep and was great, not exactly a cinnamon roll though. 9/10
    Strawberry cheesecake – same steeping and was also amazing, and tastes very similar to a cheesecake with a hint of strawberry. 9/10
    Watermelon rocks – I’ve let it steep for a week now so far and so far this was my least favorite which tasted like a really artificial watermelon, but still good enough to vape on. 7/10
    Cherry lemonade – really good right off delivery with a sweet cherry inhale and sour lemon exhale, but I can’t vape this all day (a bit too harsh for me). 8/10
    all shipping always came within 2 days another plus, would order again.

  5. James

    I wouldn’t say it taste just a cinnamon roll but it’s really tasty. One of my faves!

  6. Brandon

    Not just straight up cinnamon hard candy like a lot of cinnamon vapes. It has a good doughy base to it which makes it easy to vape all day. Definitely worth trying in you like cinnamon or just want something different.

    The days of $20 30ml bottles of juice are over, YGEJ is high quality juice for a solid price. Blueberry Waffle is still my fav though!

  7. Ted D.

    When I started vaping a few years ago someone had me try a cinnamon vape which was horrible and scared me for life causing a fear of cinnamon vapes. After reading and watching the reviews for this flavor I decided to give it a try. This juice was everything I hoped for and then some !!!! A fresh,decadent and frosted cinnamon roll with just a dash of cinnamon/sugar on top. This is for sure my new morning vape.

  8. Sauceboss

    I wish all cinnamon rolls tasted like this. I didn’t think this one was going to be that good. No steeping necessary. This taste like a creamy frosting on top of a unbaked dough roll. Very gooey and doughy. Perfect sweetness. You can’t get a bad tasting juice from this company even if you tried to!

  9. Mc

    This juice is good if you like cinnamon, it has a strong flavor great for Christmas time

  10. Traci

    This is my favorite! Great cinnamon taste

  11. Cotystover

    It’s really good I just wish it was a tad bit sweeter

  12. Harold

    Will buy again

  13. Knf

    Bought this because of the reviews I have tried caramel cluster the frosted donut and this one the cinnamon roll I must say I dislike all three flavors to me it has no taste at all even after steeping few days I don’t like them at all I’m vaping on the smok big baby beast tank also smok Britt tank and same thing no flavor it kind of taste awful

  14. Jesse

    taste like a cinnamon roll one of the better tasting ones from here would definitely recommend

  15. Sam

    Really love the cinnamon flavor in this. Not over powering but just perfect!

  16. Mary V.

    Full of cinnamon, rich hints of the icing, with a touch of the “bun” flavor. No kidding, this stuff is crazy good.

  17. Phillip T.


  18. Travis W.

    I habent had it long so I will give it to to steep

  19. Rashell S.

    I have been ordering products for this site for four years now and I don’t think I have had a bad juice. Of course I have my favorites and the cinnamon roll will go in the list. Thank you YGEJ for always taking care of things.

  20. Steve L.

    Really not feeling this flavor, almost has some kind of “perfume-y” taste to it. Absolutely love the Strawberry Cheesecake though.

  21. Cathy S.

    Tastes like it’s name. Great juice

  22. Lisa W.

    As always, YGEJ delivers a perfectly balanced flavor of ejuice. I taste the roll (dough) on the inhale and both the dough and the cinnamon on the exhale. It has the perfect amount of both flavors which makes it taste exactly like its description. Just the right amount of cinnamon to make it sweet (I love the sweet flavors) but not overwhelming. My house literally smells like I just got done baking cinnamon rolls. 5/5 and easily an all-day vape for me!

  23. Timnixon

    Just an update.. I will be ordering the vanilla custard after I get paid.. The Cinnamon Roll was so good I need to try the custard

  24. Christine

    I left a review March 24th about the flavors that I have tried. I had mentioned that I wasn’t getting much flavor from the cinnamon roll and that I was getting a slight perfume taste from the apple jack.

    Well I tried both again today and the cinnamon roll was like night and day. It is so good now and I will definetely be ordering a 120ml on my next order. The apple jack has also definetely improved and is quite enjoyable. I still think it needs a couple more days though.

    So please if you get a flavor that just doesn’t seem right do yourself a favor and put it away in a dark cool place for a week and then go back to it. I’m kinda wishing I wasn’t so quick to give away my sugar cookie now =)

  25. Kara

    I have tried almost all of the flavors you carry and I must say this is the best ejuice I have ever vaped on! I cannot wait to see what other flavors you guys will bring out in the future!!

    My all day vapes:
    Strawberry cheesecake/custard
    Sugar cookie
    And now I’ve added two more..
    Cherry lemonade & Cinnamon roll!

    I recommend this ejuice over ANY other line I have tried!

  26. Ali D.

    Just got the following 60ml flavors today:

    Cinnamon Roll
    Strawberry Custard
    Sugar Cookie
    Banana Cream
    Apple Jack

    So obviously, I haven’t steeped them yet. Just tried each one in my RDA and WOW!! Amazing flavors, amazing cloud….Each and every one of them. I can only imagine how much better these after a week or two of steeping!

    I’m gonna order the 240 mls soon!

  27. Alexandra M.

    I adore this ejuice!!!! The flavor the clouds everything!!!!!

  28. John

    I was expecting a stronger cinnamon flavor similar to the Banana Nut Bread, but I just get a sugary flavor. Vaping using a TFV8 Baby Beast V8- X4 coils. Least favorite flavor so far. If you are looking for a cinnamon fix, go with the BNB!!

  29. Stephen

    I love this juice. Has a real smooth hit.

  30. Natasha

    This flavor is the perfect balance on cinnamon and dough!

  31. Becky

    got this for my husband and he loves it.the flavor is spot on and its good quality AND the price is great too! would buy again

  32. Hutch

    Flavor is great but after a while it becomes a little boring but this is just my profile….

  33. Theresa

    This tasted just like your eating a Cinnamon Roll with that nice white creamy frosting. I was afraid it would be to much of a Cinnamon taste but its not strong at all. I can not say enough about YGEJ. They did it again with another great flavor.

  34. Tawny

    I love cinnamon rolls and was hoping this would taste like one, but to me it tastes more like a fireball candy. The cinnamon is overwhelming and the juice was spicy to me.I didn’t taste any pastry flavor.

  35. Mary

    The flavor is perfect- just like a homemade cinnamon roll. I love that the sweet leaves a hint of cinnamon on my tongue. I’m really blown away at how good this is. Will definitely buy again!

  36. Jon

    New fave juice!!! My “GO TO”!

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