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Crispy Strawberry (formerly Strawberry Rice Crispy Treat)

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The sweet, chewy marshmallow snacks from your childhood, infused with fresh strawberries.

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32 reviews for Crispy Strawberry (formerly Strawberry Rice Crispy Treat)

  1. Jack M.

    Smells good, liquid on your tongue is good, but Vaping it…..tastes like a charred rice crispy stale marshmallow! Maybe needs more steep time I don’t know, but I can’t Vape it right now. I have to ask, did anyone even sample or taste test this eliquid?

  2. Kramer

    I love this flavor liquid! It’s the usual YGEJ strawberry with an amazing bold rice crispy flavor on the exhale! I’ve already purchased 5 bottles of this stuff and I’m about to order #6

  3. Nicholas R.

    STRAWBERRY RICE CRISPY TREAT, where has this been all my life! with the first draw it takes you back to your child hood of getting home from school and unwrapping that little snack and taking that first bite of goodness. most accurate vape i’ve had to any rice crispy flavor around. will for sure order more!

  4. Johnnie R.

    I was expecting a lot out of this one. But I let me down terribly I get strawberry and I don’t know what else after that but is not marshmallow Rice Krispie Treat.

  5. Nanette

    Let it steep for a week or 2 and BAM the flavors PoP! Taste just like a strawberry rice crispy treat, mmm mmm Good

  6. Tara W.

    Tastes exactly like rice crispy treat with a hint of strawberry. Totally love this eliquid!

  7. Darren P.

    This is now my all time flavor from YGEJ! Nice strawberry marshmallow crispy taste!

  8. Bobbie J.

    I thought maybe I would like this juice but LOVE is a better word ! This is by far the best strawberry EJuice that I have ever tried and I have tried alot ! Vaped it straight out of the mailbox . If steeping makes it better then omg I can’t even imagine it being better than it is !! Will DEFINITELY be buying more Strawberry Rice Crispy Treats ! Definitely !!!

  9. Deanna

    I always add one of these to every order. It is so yummy!

  10. Judy K.

    I have been vaping over 10 years and tried some really good juice, but this is my favorite. I have just started using the Falcon King Tank and M1+ Coils with Bamboo and the combination is spectacular! If you like strawberry, try this! You will be glad you did!

  11. Rob

    my favorite YGEJ flavor, can’t get enough of the deliciousness.. by far the best on the menu.. 120 3ml. sold out???

  12. Judy K.

    I tried the strawberry custard, it was really good but the Strawberry Rice Krispy was and is my favorite, stronger flavor!

  13. Deborah U.

    Didn’t especially like the taste. I wish you had just a plain strawberry without any other flavors added to it.

  14. Sandi B.

    I love this flavor, not too sweet & so yummy

  15. Jason R.

    This is fantastic

  16. Lisa W.

    If you love sweet and fruity flavors, you’ll love this one! It really does taste like a strawberry rice crispy treat! I taste sugary marshmallows on the inhale with a perfect kick of strawberry combined with the other flavors on the exhale. Absolutely delicious! I love this juice!

  17. Kevin

    YGEJ’s Strawberry Custard used to be my ADV. Well, not anymore! This ejuice tastes exactly (to a “T!”) like a strawberry rise crispy treat! Tastes great right out of the mail! On the inhale I taste a mouthwatering sweet ripe strawberry and on the exhale I taste a delicious marshmallow cream. I highly recommend trying this one!

  18. Sherry

    Ive steeped this flavor hoping it would get better. In my opinion this taste like sweet powder milk. After steeping 3 weeks it still taste like sweet powder milk. I don’t know might just be my taste buds but won’t be ordering this agian.

  19. Robert E.

    It has a good tast with a nice sweet after tast

  20. Nasser N.

    Received this juice 2 weeks ago, and let me tell you it tasted as sugar syrup, sooo sweet to vape and i was going to throw it,, but a friend told me to let it steep for some time and i did !!

    Damn that juice transformed into a something different i really taste the rice krispies and the strawberry. although its more like a strawberry jam in this juice, highly recommended for strawberry fans.

    i’m going with a 240 mls next time

  21. Joe

    Just LOVE this flavor sweet strawberry’s mixed with the perfect amount of marshmallow and crispy! Keep it up

  22. Derrick A.

    So for those of you who’s looking at this juice wondering if you should buy it or not, the answer is that you should! The flavour is spot on once you let it steep for a week or two (the longer the better). When I first bought the juice I was kind of skeptical on how it would taste straight out the box and it wasn’t so bad. Being a flavour freak I knew that it would be better to at least let it steep for a longer period. So I purchased another bottle and let it steep for at least 3 weeks before I even touched it and boy did it make a difference! The strawberry to marshmellow to creamy ratio is spot on and I would recommend this to everyone out there who’s a big strawberry or desert fan!

  23. Tara W.

    Great strawberry inhale and rice crispy treat exhale. Perfect combination!

  24. Liz

    Im SO happy that my friend Kym introduced me to this flavor!!! I tried ALOT of flavored rice crispy treat ejuices and I was expecting to not to like this one at all, just because I have tried so many and didn’t like and was disappointed. But this one shocked me! Its absolutely perfect, which I should of known coming from YGEJ! !♡:hearts:

  25. Andrew R.

    Strawberry Rice Crispy Treat definitely has the taste of those marshmallow treats that every kid and adults love. It has a strawberry cream taste with a background flavor of rice crispy cereal. I really enjoy it.

  26. Amanfa

    You definitely have to let it steep a little bit the strawberry with taste of rice crispy treats is delicious.

  27. Roman R.

    I never write reviews, but damn it man! I have to say this is the best juice I’ve had yet from YOUGOTEJUICE. Ready to rock straight out the mailbox. Strawberry flavor is prominent with this 1, with a little hint of what I think taste like crunch berries and then a smooth, oh so smooth exhale of something out of a bakery. I love it, I need more. I got a 60ml but now am wishing I would have gotten more, this isn’t gonna last me long. Great Job on this one guys.

  28. William

    I had seen this one bottle of juice sitting in my local vape shop for several weeks but didn’t think it would have that creamy flavor I like. We’ll I finally decided to buy that one bottle they had left and I couldn’t be more happy with it.
    It had been there for well over a month so maybe the steeping makes a big difference in the taste. It is by far my favorite strawberry blend (and I’ve tried MANY).
    If you are a creamy strawberry blend fan, you can’t go wrong with this flavor.

  29. Binx

    When I first got this juice there is a robust rice cake flavor with a small hint of strawberry as the juice steeped with my use the flavors changed in a way that perfectly Blended the rice and strawberry flavor but over steeping this juice gets rid of the rice cake flavor in my opinion. at the end of my 120 ml bottle I missed the rice cake flavor that I had when I first bought it. I really enjoyed this juice and I would buy it again.

  30. Marvin

    This flavor is very good is like a combination unicorn milk with rice crespy, after strawberry custard this is the best I loved is my second cream Flavor

  31. Judy

    As usual, amazed at the customer service! Thank you for keeping me in supply with my favorite juice!!

  32. Tina B.

    I love the strawberry rice krispie treats..sweet and delicious.

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