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Frosted Donut

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Glazed, warm sugar with a hint of dough just like an old-fashioned glazed donut.

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60mL, 120mL

92 reviews for Frosted Donut

  1. D

    I heard about yougotejuice and told my girlfriend WE HAVE TO TRY THIS! I really wanted the donut and glad we did! It is the best juice I’ve tried yet. Will be getting all juice here now. Thanks yougotejuice! Great product feel proud!

  2. Brianna

    I don’t know if I just got a bad batch with the frosted donut because the dough flavor of the donut was perfume tasting. I could not vape it but with that said the caramel custard was outstanding as well as the vanilla latte and the sugar cookie was unbeliably delicious!! So with that all said I will be ordering more flavors and very exited to try the whole line!! You just can’t beat their prices!!!

  3. Pj

    Tried a 60ml of Lucky Cereal on a whim and love it. Ordered a 60ml of Frosted Donut afterwards which I just tried today and will now be ordering a 120ml of both and a 60ml of the fruity cereal to try in my next order when these are gone.

    Vaping both juices in an isubG rba deck, .6 3mm 26g coils @ 20w. Great flavor and vapor! Can’t beat the price either + free shipping. These 60ml are cheaper than the 30ml at my local shop, and better IMO.

  4. C L.

    I ordered this juice after seeing it on Instagram and was skeptical at first but i read some good reviews. Well I ordered my first 120ml and it came earlier than expected. Once I tried it the first thing that came to mind was eat your heart out Krispy Kreme. This is on point so keep up the good work.

  5. Sean M.

    You Got E Juice has been killing it with these flavors. For the price especially, this one is great. Pretty spot on glazed donut flavor that tasted better after about a week of steeping.

  6. James

    Love this flavor by itself but it mixes great with the custard flavors as well.

  7. Tonya

    One of the best flavors I’ve tried since I started to vape.
    I will be ordering it again.

  8. Brittany L.

    I met the owner of YouGotEJuice at the Atlanta Showcase. I tried the 8 different flavors they brought after hearing rave reviews of their juice on various Facebook groups. I made the mistake of not dripping with my own device, instead trying the juice on their devices. I like a hot vape and SS coils with Fiber Freaks wick. He asked that I give the juice another chance so I brought home Frosted Donut 3mg.

    The difference in flavor using the setup I’m accustomed to vs. a cooler 50w run of the mill device and tank is night and day. This is a nice, warm flavor without being overly rich. I love super rich flavors but they don’t work as an ADV. This is a medium flavor but still has a nice, dense texture to it. Most donut flavors I’ve tried are packed with sweetener lately but this flavor gives a natural pastry sweetness on the inhale with a genuine light, airy donut on the exhale. There is absolutely no chemical or perfume aftertaste, only a delicious and accurate hot from the bakery donut flavor. It tastes like Dunkin’ Donuts smells.

    Thanks again for asking me to give your juice a second chance. You’ve gained a customer and I’ve gained a new source for affordable e-juice without tasting like most budget e-juices (packed with artificial sweetener, with a nasty aftertaste.)

  9. Jescel

    Whent blind for this juice and no regrets love it.

  10. Jamie

    Received this today… I have tried multiple frosted donut flavors to find one similar to that big bottle by Loaded..none have measured up until now. This juice right out of the post office box is awesome. Doughy inhale with not to sweet icing exhale. Higher the wattage the sweeter notes are more pronounced but not overwhelming like most juices. After breathing I believe this one will be my go to frosted donut flavors. Highly recommend you get one. If only to try with your morning coffee.

  11. Rafael M.

    Yeah … another awesome flavor from YGEJ … it taste lreal frosted donut. O ordered for the first time this month and im sure it will be one of my favorites flavors … Recomendado !!

  12. Johnny M.

    Frosted Donut great flavor u get that glazed donut taste and a all day vape.

  13. Tor A.

    Tastes just like a doughy and creamy frosted donut. Sweet, but not at all to sweet. I love this juice! And it’s an adv for me.

  14. Mike L.

    Delicious! Blends well with fruit flavors too! Definitely better after steeping though, so be sure you do that. One of the two flavors we order all the time!

  15. Brandon

    This is one of the best glazed donut flavors on the market. It’s actually perfectly balanced juice just sweet enough to be an all day vape. Can’t wait to try many more flavors.

  16. Miranda

    This juice has great flavor to it and is really good!

  17. Jeannette

    I am in love with this flavor. I keep it in one of my mods. Sweet but not sickening sweet. Taste like true glazed donut.

  18. Michelle

    Tried it when I first got it not very tasty. After letting it steep wow it was so delicious. Not a sweet frosted donut but a lightly glazed donut flavor

  19. Angelica

    So far any juice I have gotten, it is unbelievable!!!!! This is the best juice ever. I have been vaping for about 2 years and this juice is the best out of all the brands I have vaped. There is no need to steep these juices. Till you get them they are ready to go. Totally Awesome!!!!!! And the price won’t put a hole in your pocket!!!! I just bought the 60 mil. but next time I’m going big. You know what they say go big or go home. You should just go with the big bottles cause you won’t be disappointed! You will just want more and for the price it is even cheaper to go big, it is not that much more than the small bottles and it is well worth it!!!!!! ANY FLAVOR!!!! I will be ordering from this company from here on out. I tried this from a vape shop, but you do pay a little more from them cause they have to make their profit. It was well worth trying!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  20. Knibbsy

    I received Frosted Donut as part of a competition win, it has a smooth donut flavour with a layer of sweet frosting and a hint of something that I can’t put my finger on…. It’s my favorite at the moment I can’t get enough of it

  21. Angela M.

    Love this juice! On my 5th bottle. It’s addictive!

  22. Gigi

    This is an accurate deep fried donut with gooey, sticky glaze. One of the most realistic flavours, and as always smooth as silk even in 6mg.

  23. Ramon L.

    Love this flavor, shame i only bought the 60ml bottle, highly recommended to the creamy flavors vapers

  24. Harold

    I have been buying juice here for a year or more. Love all of there juice and the price is great

  25. Jesse T.

    Ordered this on a whim but it became an adv. Great bakery, doughy donut with a sweet frosted exhale. Excellent flavor.

  26. Shae

    The best donut flavor I have ver had, OMG

  27. Divababe

    This juice is a freaking mazing that all I have to say lol

  28. Doug A.

    This juice taste exactly like frosted donuts. I ordered this in the past and had to get my hands on more so I ordered 240 mil this time. Great juice and fantastic customer service. Keep up the great job YGT.

  29. Clint

    This instantly became a juice I need more of. After 3 years of juice tasting, I have tasted some amazing flavours, but only a small number of them are regular repeats. This instantly was one of them. When I’m making an order from YGEJ to Canada a couple of my friends say the same thing, “they don’t have a juice I don’t love”. That being said I haven’t ordered them all nor have they tried them all. The frosted donut, banana nut, Lucky cereal and all the custards are bloody AMAZING.
    I make an order 4-5 times a year and never have had a bad experience.

  30. Theresa

    This juice is so good. I feel like I’m eating a doughnut with out all the calories. This one is a little sweeter tasting compared to the Strawberry Cheese Cake and the Sugar Cookie that I have tried. Never the less a great taste would vape all day. Keep up the good work YGEJ!

  31. Martin

    its like my gran ma donuts. num num!

  32. Matthew K.

    Dude.. this is tasty af. I will buy this agian in a heartbeat.

  33. Igor S.

    I vape this all the time and love it. Can’t seem to get burned out.

  34. M C.


  35. Roderick K.

    If you love glazed donuts you will love this.

  36. Debbie L.

    My all day vaping

  37. James K.

    I love this juice it the only juice i consistantly buy every month without fail

  38. Jim E.

    My go to for juice! I keep a few other from YGEJ, all their products have been great

  39. Lisa W.

    Excellent flavor, especially as a vape to go along with breakfast! I taste dough on the inhale and dough with a bit of sweetness/frosting on the exhale. I’m usually a fan of super-sweet flavors, but for this one, since it’s a donut (bakery) flavor, I think it has just the right amount. I literally filled my tank with this when I made my coffee this morning and it was a perfect combo! No artificial taste whatsoever (I haven’t tried a flavor by YGEJ yet that tasted artificial). One of a million reasons why I LOVE this brand!

  40. Zak

    Overall happy with the product. Taste like what its supposed too, a frosted donut. Came all the way from the west coast to the east coast in under 5 days. Price in unbeatable for the quality of this juice. I will be purchasing more juice in the future.

  41. Melissa

    This is so far my favorite from this company! It tastes like a fresh warm gooey dohnut. I can vape this all day long and not even want to eat sweets haha. Highly recommend this for those with a sweet tooth!

  42. Shawna

    I received my e-juice today!
    I love your E-Juice. The Frosted Donut is the best donut e-juice I have had, I tried many, yours was the first, and to me no other donut e-juice compares. This flavor stopped me from putting a stinky stick in my mouth. It is an adv for me. I haven’t smoked once I vaped it from a sample pack I bought on 8/21/16. Please don’t change a thing, there is no throat burn, it’s not too sweet it’s just right. I’m vaping on a Vaporesso Ccell coil, .9 .6 and .5 and the flavor is consistent. I hope I don’t run out of it before I get another bottle, I bought a 120ml this time. Great flavor and vape production. Thank you!!!

  43. Tonya

    This is the only flavor I have like from yougotejuice. Still didn’t get a strong Frosted Donut taste, but it was a mild, sweet flavor. I enjoyed it.

  44. Terry V.

    This is by far the best doughnut juice I’ve ever had!! Can taste that yeasty dough!! Love it!!!

  45. Jenna

    I’ll never buy juice from anywhere else! I recommend everyone to you guys! I always get everything quick and it’s amazing! Thanks!

  46. Crystal

    Tastes like a glazed donut.

    Great all day vape and sooo good mixed with the vanilla latte! (Who doesn’t love coffee and donuts!?!)

    Also mixed well with other flavors that are too sharp.

    I will definitely be buying more as this one is going in my regular rotation.

    My standard setup: Fuchai 213 with Smok Big Baby Beast – Q2 coil or RTA (double clapton coils)

  47. Jason M.

    I have been buying from yougotejuice for bout a year now an this is by far my favorite flavor taste just like a frosted doughnut so gooood flood keep it up.

  48. Stephen

    Just ordered this in 120 MLS because it was so good that I killed the 60 MLS in a week .It’s warm sweety non harsh wicks so well the flavour is phenomenal it taste like a warm fresh glazed Krispy Kreme .

  49. Melin D.

    Absolute favorite!

  50. Cap

    Have tried 150 flavors, including lots of “premiums”. this is my all-time favorite. I run 4 tanks at once and always have one filled with this while alternating the others. Never get tired of it! Sub ohm, usually .5, 3% nic

  51. Jonathan G.

    Homer Simpson stamp of approval… You know this juice is where Homer gets the amazing taste for donuts right? Hand’s down the best Donut juice I have ever had, with deserts being my favorite, I have tried hundreds of different companies, even paid $40 for a 30ml bottle once! If you don’t try this juice and love it the way I do, you’re gonna be kicking yourself when your friend lets you taste it ONLY ONCE!

  52. Kriss

    Yessssss… So good it tastes like a legit donut with frosting I’m in love… thank you for a great product!!!

  53. Rita V.

    spot on GLAZED donut! not frosted but glazed donut like donut shops make…perfect to vape upon receiving no steeping was needed but did still improve with age although i’m almost out of the 60ml which i’ve been combining with banana cream which is like a creamy bana taffy laffy taffy candy flavor also by YJGEJ …check out my other reviews..greenscreen vaping reviews on youtube as Rita Vapes! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCma2N-1bve7WV146O3MCS1g

  54. Jj

    This juice is soooo good. I also love to mix it with the strawberry custard. yum

  55. Mike D.

    Mixes well with fruity flavors when you want some variation. Has definitely won the popular vote with us overall!

  56. Greg @.

    First off, I love to vape and this one caught me off guard .. I ordered only a 60 ml of this with a couple of bigger bottles and regret not getting a big one of these because it turned out to be my favorite out of the bunch.Tastes like a Tim Hortons sour cream glazed donut – not all sweetness as the doughy body of deliciousness shines through and the sweet glaze tops it off as it should. Perfect vape for this freek. ADV material. 5 stars all fuckin day for this one

  57. Andrea

    I changed my cotton and put some frosted donut in my rta OMG this stuff is awesome. I cant choose which flavor i like by YGEJ because they are all so good and yummy. This taste like them donuts you buy at krispy kreme glazed donuts. Man this stuff is extremely good. You definitely have buy this one why not try all there juice i havent had a bad one from them yet!

  58. Candice

    Frosted donut is 1 of my favorite juices!! It’s my go to juice it reminds me of a powdered donut more than a frosted which I prefer. It’s really just a great juice great flavor & clouds.,YGEJ has so many great flavors I can’t go wrong. Great quality juice at a great price

  59. Chris

    Absolutely love the BB Cheesecake so I decided to pick up some other flavors to try. This was one of them. Steeped an additional two weeks from delivery. It’s flat on flavor, not getting much of the flavor profile, we will put this one away and give er’ another month and see what happens…..

  60. Lacey

    Wow I love this juice!!! The flavor is on point frosted donut. I tried it after seeing Tia vapes YouTube video..now I go through 60ml of this every 3-4 days..im ready to try some of the others!

  61. Kyle

    forgot to mention only took 3 days from ordering to get to my house i was seriously impressed

  62. Kyle

    really good juice taste just like a frosted warm doughnut they didn’t label one of my 240 mg the nicotine level so they are sending another 240 ml for free good customer service would highly recommend this juice company to anyone!!!

  63. Jennifer

    I enjoyed it, but I was looking for a Krispy Kreme sweet glazed donut and this is totally a Dunkin Donuts flavor. For those who know, they are 2 very different styles of donut. They’ve got the Dunkin juice spot on tho, so maybe in the future they’ll put out a Krispy glazed donut juice… In a perfect world! 🙂

  64. Stac. C.

    Right out of the package it’s more of a doughy taste. Let it steep for a full week, came back, popped it in my tank, amazing!
    Tastes just like an old fashioned donut. Spot on!
    It doesn’t necessarily taste like a light, fluffy donut but more like a glazed cake donut, in my opinion.
    Normally I can’t handle too many dessert vapes because either I find them too sweet, their terrible on my coils, or they just give me a headache. This juice was none of the above.
    It’s sweet but also has a great cakey undertone. It’s delicious and keeps me wanting more. Was super impressed by this juice! If you want a good dessert vape that’s not harsh on the coils, go for this one. Love it!

  65. Wellington

    Vaping for several years and only want TASTE, not clouds. Smooth and NO throat hits. My favorite from this brand. I was always a fruit person but this changed me. Had their cherry lemonade also with the last order and now it was not good. Only because for some reason, it was always spitting. This is now my ADV and at a damn good price. One other thing… I’m all about customer service and the little ‘Hand Written THANK YOU with the smiley face is a SPECIAL BONUS!!!

  66. Carol A.

    Frosted donut has been my favorite for months now!!! It’s flavor is amazing! I never get tired of it. Definitely recommend!!! :heart_eyes:

  67. Miguel

    Really awesome flavor. It is really on point.

  68. Mitchell

    Frosted Donut is a delicious vape. It is very smooth and not too doughy. Sometimes if I don’t let the juice steep for a couple days, it can be a little harsh. That’s something to keep in mind. I highly recommend this juice.

  69. Thomas

    Frosted Donut is delicious it’s just like a fresh frosted donut. Definitely give it a try.

  70. Coty S.

    Friends and family loved this

  71. Natasha

    I love this flavor! Very smooth and not too sweet! Bonus is when you mix it with anything fruity it is so delicious!

  72. Angela

    Taste just like a famous glazed doughnut

  73. Robby G.

    First time trying a donut vape and I was very impressed. I’m a desert guy and I figured Frosted Donut would be on my palet. It’s sweet and doughy, frosty inhale, doughy exale it’s just great. Not too strong so it’s an ADV for sure and pairs great w/ a coffee in the morning before work!

  74. Tanya

    If you like something sweet, this is the vape for you. Nice flavor but I’m not a big bakery vape type of person. It is very good though.

  75. Heather L.

    I love this flavor on anything I try it on rda, rdta, even a tank. It is not overly sweet just the right amount of sweetness mixed with doughy goodness.

  76. Cody G.

    Love vaping this flavor in the morning! Goes perfect with some coffee!!

  77. Yunus

    Everyone who tried it will definitely agree, it’s the best donut juice i ever had. Will keep ordering this one.

  78. Alexandre

    Frosted donut is my all day vape !

  79. Tara G.

    I really liked this flavor its smooth and puts out a good cloud. I thought it was good until i mixed it with strawberry cheesecake!!! Then it was amazing. Must try them mixed

  80. Thomas

    10 stars this has been my ADV for over two years. Definitely a everyday vape.

  81. John

    Perfect morning vape, or anytime you want a spot on frosted donut flavor. This is a great tasting vape. I was never really into desert vapes until I tried this company. But they changed my mind. You really gotta try this one out.

  82. Kimberly F.

    I just received frosted donut I love it so yummy and omg smells so yummy too cant wait to see more I first watched the reviews on tiavapes had to try so glad I found you got juice and excellent customer service thank you :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration:

  83. Don H.

    Luv a glazed donut, will order again! xoxoxoxo!

  84. Liz

    I never really liked donut Vapes until I tried this one it’s not sweet and it tastes just like an old fashioned donut it’s my ADV for sure!!!! Flavor is SO good especially for the price being so affordable!

  85. Zach

    This and Blueberry waffle are my favorite.

  86. Aimee C.

    duuuude.. this flavor is LEGIT. omg i’m in love. I had seen it a while back while ordering other juices, and was hesitant to get it, bc i was worried about it being too sweet. i don’t care for super sweet flavors. but, oh man, i’m so glad i’ve tried it. i am hooked and am now buying a 120ml bottle, after going through this 30ml bottle in approximately 2.5 days. really great flavor, like most of YGEJ flavors. i’ve been so impressed with this brand, that i have literally quit shopping at all vape shops. this is the only website i go to to order. also, i’m so impressed at the continual output of new flavors! i LOVE trying new flavors! don’t stop YGEJ!! u guys are the best – my absolute fav 🙂 thankssss mannn

  87. Jonny R.

    I really enjoy vaping this eJuice and it really does remind me of a donut – a donut that is fresh out of the oven. The description says, “Frosted,” but I might say, “Glazed.” Either way, it’s a good vape – not too strong, not too weak – an all-day vape for me. The reason I don’t give it a five-star review is because it didn’t blow me away. Yes, it’s nice, but it’s not excellent, which I would say is the experience I’ve had with all the YGEJ eJuices I’ve ordered – granted, I’ve only tried four flavors so far, but with the price and the quality of juice, I’m happy. Thank you YGEJ for making this an affordable and pleasant experience. I’ve never had a bad eJuice from you yet and I plan on order much more.

  88. Tawny

    I taste the sugar glaze. I wish I could taste more dough. The flavor is not bad, it’s not amazing either.

  89. Sam

    3rd time i order this juice n i get it too dark too steeped..this sucks

  90. Gus

    This liquid is absolutely outstanding my favorite by far

  91. Winky

    Reminds me me of Glazed Donut by Loaded but not as sweet and buttery.

  92. Brittany T.

    I love the flavor and everything about this. 0mg is perfect for me

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