WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fruity Rocks (formerly Fruity Cereal)

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Our version of fruity, flake cereal without the milk.

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52 reviews for Fruity Rocks (formerly Fruity Cereal)

  1. Patty

    I have been buying premium fruity pebbles and I ordered the cereal sample pack OMG this one blows the other one away… So glad I watched Tia’s review for you guys. Keep up the great work.

  2. Brooke

    So I have tried strawberry custard, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla latte, lucky cereal, fruity cereal, and cinnamon roll. I have to say they are all pretty amazing! But I think I need to steep the cinnamon roll and lucky cereal to get the full flavor out of those 2! amazing liquids! Vanilla latte will definitely be my morning vape! And fruity cereal tastes just like fruity pebbles! I have nothing bad to say about these liquids! Awesome awesome!

  3. Lyn

    Sugar cookie was delicious, I absolutely loved it! Fruity cereal is my ADV. Watermelon rocks is really flavorful and taste a mix between a jolly rancher and watermelon bubble gum. Peaches is so amazing, inhale and exhale are smooth. I just love this juice. For the price it’s so worth it. I was amazed how my package came from Cali in 2 days for free!!!! The bottles arrived packaged so well. I was highly impressed. I will return soon to try out a few other flavors such as lucky cereal, raspberry candy, and strawberry custard. Thank you again. I bought some juice online and it took over a week to get to my house because they printed a tracking number but failed to drop it at post office. You will be the only company getting my business. 🙂

  4. Steven

    Literally, the WORST juice I’ve ever tasted!
    Seriously, do not chance it. It’s so dry and nasty!

  5. Mike

    Taste NOTHING like “fruity cereal”. Absolutely disgusting!

  6. David

    This tastes just like the cereal to me. Fruity inhale, cereal taste exhale. The smell is a little flowery, the the smell of the cereal is there. I also didn’t steep it, threw it in my tank right outta the mail, and tasted delicious.

  7. Jescel

    Only issue I have is the slow shipping other than that there juice is great

  8. Thomas S.

    You have to steep this one, or you will be dissapointed.

  9. Perrietta T.

    Great stuff my all day vape

  10. Yunus S.

    I like cereal no matter if it’s lunch or dinner time. That one tast exactly like eating the cereal out of the box. Lol

  11. Blake

    Cannot taste the cereal.
    It just tastes like tart flavoring.
    Horrible after taste, vaped 6 ml out of a 120 ml bottle, I am giving up on vaping the rest of the bottle.
    I would recommend trying the smallest size before pulling the trigger on a large bottle of this flavor.

  12. Cindy

    This flavor is awesome. Taste just like fruity pebbles dry, without milk. Best fruity pebble flavor I have tried. Can’t beat it for the price. Received it in 3 days nice, fast delivery.

  13. Bobby B.

    I let this juice steep for a little over thirty days and just tried it. This is definitely not like the fruity cereal I remember. The taste I get from it is licorice.

  14. Tim R.

    Taste just as is names says. My second favorite flavor to vape.

  15. Lisa W.

    Fruity Cereal is an awesome flavor! It tastes like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles (but without the milk). For those or you who love fruity flavors but dislike the creamy/milky taste, I’d highly recommend this one, especially if you love Fruity Pebbles as much as I do. It provides a very smooth but rich-tasting flavor on the inhale and a powerful, fruity flavor with a tiny bit of a tart taste on the exhale. I wouldn’t consider this one a “tropical” flavor like most fruit-based flavors. Instead, it’s very true to its name and tastes exactly like the cereal. Yet another incredible flavor from YGEJ!

  16. Shane

    Got the 120ml fruity cereal and has to be one of the best fruit cereal I’ve ever had. Juice is extremely cheap and will not have to go to another overpriced vape store again. The free shipping got here within 2 business days, very fast shipping knowing the store is located in California. Very satisfied, will shop again soon.

  17. Mike

    This is hands down great juice for such a low price I just wanted to ask opinions if anyone else thought the fruity Cereal tastes like pez to them haha I still love it just asking

  18. Gary

    Ordered apple jack fruity cereal strawberry custard I love all the flavours apple jack being my best shipping was extremely fast 8days to the u.k. Give yourselves a pat on the back I shall be ordering more.

  19. James

    Cloud producing 70/30 mix that tastes amazing. I bought the fruity cereal and it’s freaking awesome! I bought another Cherry Lemonade for myself and I shipped a bottle of it to my father as well.

    It says to steep for 5-7 but I tried mine immediately upon arrival ( Super fast shipping 3 days later) and it tastes great!

    I have recommended this website to many others I know and I will be purchasing a lot more in the bigger bottles in the future.

    Awesome company!

  20. Ned

    So after a week steeping the fruity cereal (which i said tasted like soap) is really good it was just my taste buds. I have ordered a couple times since then and im blown away at the 2 day shipping and the quality. Great product and super fast shipping.

  21. Artem

    i ordered frutty loops and sugar cookie. Best for me is loops. Great and smooth. Cookie is good too. Great customer service ana great juice.

  22. Molly

    So far I have tried banana cream, sugar cookie, and fruity pebbles flavor. All tasted awesome right out of the bottle for me, never steeped them. I liked mixing the fruity cereal with the sugar cookie, it ends up tasting like a lemon sugar cookie..sooo tasty! Only thing I could say that isn’t awesome, is for some reason once the banana cream flavor gets down to only about 10-15% left in the bottle it gets harsh. Not sure why, but yeah it makes me cough once it gets almost empty. Other than that, I gotta say I love this brand juice and I’m very happy the company is around to provide us with quality juice at such an amazing price. I use a 0.5ohm Kanger Subtank Mini and needless to say it goes through juice like crazy. I can’t afford that absurd $20/half ounce boutique junk out there. YGEJ ships fast, too. Can’t wait to try raspberry candy for the first time! Thanks 🙂

  23. Geoff G.

    Best. Fruity Pebbles & milk. Ever. At this price point, you can’t find a better juice. Another company that makes the same flavor ( I won’t mention their name but it rhymes with Shmeleos) can’t hold YGEJ’s jock. This is the closest to actually vaping the milk left in the bowl. Getcha some! You won’t be disappointed!

  24. Isaac

    so far I’ve tried; sugar cookie, apple jacks, lucky cereal, vanilla latte, strawberry cheesecake, and fruity cereal. i have nothing negative to say about the juices, they’re freaking awesome, customer service is great too! the only reason i didn’t give a 5 star review is that it took almost a month for the juices to get to me… other than everything was perfect!

  25. Reed

    Love your juice! This is my third order and plenty more to come. I’ve had strawberry cheesecake, sugar cookie and fruity pebbles flavored. All were very good quality juice. I’ve just ordered summer breeze and watermelon rocks.

  26. Stephen T.

    I have never been disappointed with any of the flavors I have gotten from this company. Fruity Cereal (my ADV), Lucky Cereal, Apple Jack, Raspberry Candy, Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Latte, Strawberry Cheesecake, and now Yogurt (the new version), Banana Cream, and Cinnamon Roll. I could vape on every single one of these all day long. The new Yogurt may become my ADV! I vape the cereals and the yogurt at 3mg on my Velocity and all of the others go in my OBS Crius or Griffin. I highly recommend these juices and how could you go wrong at such great prices and fast shipping?! Keep it up guys!!

  27. Brooke

    Fruity cereal is soooo AMAZING! I can’t get enough of it!!! Yummy!

  28. Ashlee S.

    Just got a 120ml bottle of fruity cereal and damn guys you did work. This stuff is flawless just as good as the premium juice at are local vape shop and 100% cheaper. Thank you guys I assure you, you have a customer for life! I will be coming back to check out the other flavors on the menu. The package got here exactly when you said it would California to Pennsylvania in 3 days. Amazing timing! Thank you guys so much! I will be doing an A+ review on YouTube! Smoking is dead vaping is the future! I’ll be putting the video up on YouTube directly as whitebreadd The Vape Clown
    Thanks again.

  29. Kristen

    This juice is so good! It tastes exactly like I’m having a bowl of fruity pebbles. I can and do vape this flavor all day, it’s delicious!

  30. Erin P.

    I am so very picky about my juice, really could only have mint juices. Then for some reason I contacted customer service to change my order from candy cane to this. I am so glad I did. This juice is so smooth, perfectly sweet, not artificial at all. I can’t wait to order more of their flavors. I’m done with vapewild, juishy, and dirt cheap ejuice. That stuff is garbage compared to this. Thank you for making such a delicious juice, I’m ready to order more soon!

  31. Jonathan G.

    This is my all time favorite juice EVER! I have the most stubborn hard to buy for taste buds ever. I’ve bought juice, tasted it once, gave it away. Made a lot of others very happy haha. But….
    WOW, I’ve gone though so much and when i get low, it doesn’t even make me want to try other flavors, I STRICTLY BUY THIS JUICE along with others, but it’s always the bottle that warms my pocket daily!

  32. Aaron

    Better than the brand of liquid (whom I won’t mention by name) that EVERYONE has tried replicating but has failed. No overpowering lemon flavor and it is not overly sweet (nor are most of YGEJ’s flavors, for that matter).

    This liquid is savory, has a fantastic throat hit, and produces fantastic clouds. I will be buying a 240 of this very soon and recommend that anyone remotely thinking of it does the same.

  33. Tara W.

    Great fruity cereal taste. One of my all time favorites. :relaxed:

  34. Jan

    Lemon custard, fruity cereal, blueberry waffle, sugar cookie are the ones i have tried so far! All r excellent of course can’t beat the price and service is exceptional! Love, love, love UGEJ!

  35. Michael A.

    I’ve tried strawberry Custard, watermelonRocks, Suumerbreeze, and Fruity Cereal. I would recogmmend all of these juices because i replenish them before i run out, and yes they are awesome and a all day vape. Go get some, their delicious.

  36. Tammie

    Can’t say enough good things about this Company. Excellent flavors, Fruity Cereal is one of my all time favorites. Pricing and specials are amazing and customer service is above board!

  37. Guy S.

    I have been buying from You Got Ejuice for over 2 years. This is my favorite juice. I vape other flavors but always have 1 tank dedicated to Fruity Cereal. Great company, Great prices, Great flavors and Great customer service!!! Win, WIn, WIn, WIn!!!

  38. Thomas

    Remember Saturday mornings run downstairs turn on the cartoons and get your self some Fruity Cereal.

  39. John P.

    Great flavor.. Tried a lot of different ejuice companies.. My favorite flavor..

  40. Howard

    Great company great value,keep up the good work! You got a customer for life, thanks

  41. Yunus

    Great price, awesome support, quick shipping and the taste is amazing. I would drink it if i could. Lmao

  42. Kevin

    Got a little bit of fruity cereal. But so dry it was hard for me to vape.

  43. Seth

    Great juice, great flavor, perfect size. Has the fruity pebble taste with a great exhale taste.

  44. A

    Tastes just like Fruity Pebbles! It can be a little too lemony, but overall it’s still delicious.

  45. Robby

    My all day vape. This stuff is top notch

  46. Blake

    very difficult to vape
    also, they removed all the bad reviews of this flavor,
    but there was a lot.
    I’m sad to see this company hide the real customer reviews, rather than reformulate the flavor.

    other than that, YGEJ is the best cheap juice on the planet.

  47. Jacob

    I order a juice I’m not familiar with every now and then and figured I would give your company a try. Very pleasantly surprised. This juice is smooth and flavorful. Will definitely be trying other flavors as well.

  48. Tawny

    I love this cereal in real life so I couldn’t resist trying this juice. It isn’t one of my go to juices, but I have bought it multiple times because it is a tasty cereal vape indeed.

  49. Alec

    Good flavor when i first got it but tasted MUCH better after steeping for a while. You wont be dissapointed if you properly steep

  50. Liz

    Normally, I love you got e-juice for their prices and their flavors. But this one misses the Mark. It’s overly sweet and the flavor on it is too intense. Maybe if it was fruity cereal and cream… I couldn’t even vape it. It wound up sitting in my cupboard until it turned.
    I will not be purchasing it again.

  51. Rachel

    Ok, so my bf recently bought Anarchist Black and let me taste it and holy shit, it was so delicious! Tasted exactly like Froot Loops! I’ve been vaping for 2 years now, and as a 38 year old woman, I’ve avoided most cereal and candy flavors because those are little-kiddish, right? So anyway, the Anarchist Black was so god damn good, I went to my favorite ejuice vendor’s site http://www.yougotejuice.com to see if they had a Froot Loops flavor, and they freakin did! I ordered a 60 ml in case I didn’t like it, but it was so good, right out of the bottle with no steeping even! It tastes just like the damn cereal, I can’t believe it! So, I vaped my bf’s Anarchist Black after having Fruity Cereal, and AB was way too sweet! Fruity Cereal is the best, and I now have a 120 ml on order. PS I am lactose intolerant and haven’t had a bowl of cereal in over a decade, so it’s amazing that I can enjoy the flavor without the mess lol <3

  52. Leo

    I am a fan of fruity juices and one’s that have a strong flavor – I have trouble finding juices I like because they usually lack flavor to me. That is, until I found YGEJ and fruity cereal. PERFECT fruity taste (like fruity pebbles to be exact), strong but deep and sweet, not overpowering… Full flavor and sweetness yet it DOESN’T gunk up the coils and is completely affordable. Easy all day vape for me.

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