WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Hard Watermelon (formerly Watermelon Rocks)

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A sweetly candied watermelon that will remind you of your favorite childhood candy known as “Jawbreakers”.

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47 reviews for Hard Watermelon (formerly Watermelon Rocks)

  1. Amanda

    I love these juices!! They are amazing! I ordered last months staff pick and the custard sample pk and there all great. Watermelon rocks and raspberry candy and summer breeze are my favs!!! But there all pretty tasty!! I will def be ordering more! Thanks TiaVapes

  2. Mark

    Wasn’t sure about this flavor but decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! It’s flavor profile is a watermelon jawbreaker, but I think it’s more of a watermelon Jolly Rancher or even watermelon flavored gum. All their flavors I’ve tried are good. Some weren’t my personal taste, but still good. Their Sugar Cookie, Watermelon Rocks and Strawberry Custard are my All Day Vapes. Reasonable prices, great flavors, and super fast shipping make them 5 star in my book. Now, if they’d only do a Jelly Doughnut flavor, Neopolitain Ice Cream flavor, and Blueberry custard, I’d never have to shop anywhere else.

  3. T L.

    Add more mint and make a watermelon rock in mint

  4. Adrian

    This juice really does rock. It’s more like a candy flavored watermelon than an actual melon watermelon flavor. It doesn’t have that overpowering “fake” flavor that most do though. It’s my daily vape now. I’ve tried a lot of other brands of watermelon and this one is the best so far. The prices are great too. And the shipping is super fast.

  5. Lyn

    Sugar cookie was delicious, I absolutely loved it! Fruity cereal is my ADV. Watermelon rocks is really flavorful and taste a mix between a jolly rancher and watermelon bubble gum. Peaches is so amazing, inhale and exhale are smooth. I just love this juice. For the price it’s so worth it. I was amazed how my package came from Cali in 2 days for free!!!! The bottles arrived packaged so well. I was highly impressed. I will return soon to try out a few other flavors such as lucky cereal, raspberry candy, and strawberry custard. Thank you again. I bought some juice online and it took over a week to get to my house because they printed a tracking number but failed to drop it at post office. You will be the only company getting my business. 🙂

  6. Rippy

    I started a month ago vaping. I started at a large name local large name store and tried their store brand and a few top shelf brands. Then tried a small local store that was better pricewise and flavors just as good as others. THEN I stumbled onto here. I started with 4 flavors watermelon rocks, peaches, banana cream, and cherry lemonade.

    The first I have tried is the watermelon rocks and this stuff is absolutely great!! I have shared with friends who are placing orders this week and we have not even tried the others!

    I have more friends to share with so be prepared for more shipments to Shelby, NC!!!

  7. Linnia

    I’ve tried a few flavors and as of right now now…this one is my #1 FAV! Very tasty!

  8. Sandra M.

    The flavor is awesome
    One of my go to vapes
    Highly recommend this one
    Great all day vape

  9. Crystal

    It was good but wasn’t so great that I would buy again. I did use up all of the 120ml but it was too much for me.

  10. Miguel

    For some reason it tastes like I’m smelling watermelon scented shampoo. Idk remember taste is subjective.

  11. Gigi

    A nice blend of sweet and sour, a mouthwatering hit of crunchy watermelon poprocks, so sour your jaws ache from smelling it! A mild sweetness to smooth things out. True candy flavour, definitely recommend.

  12. Angie

    Great summertime vape. I love it

  13. Marilyn

    Wondering if you have any suggestions on a sweeter watermelon

  14. Shae

    Amazing summertime vape. Great candied watermelon vape

  15. Lyn

    I have tried several different flavors and I have to say that even though all flavors are very good…Watermelon Rocks is my all time favorite! I will continue to purchase this wonderful flavor!

  16. Becky

    Hands down my second favorite juice from you got ejuice! Amazing flavor and cloud production will buy again

  17. Derick S.

    The flavor is just not there it’s good smooth juice just wish it was a little sweeter with more watermelon!

  18. Ana P.

    the best thank-you all so much.

  19. Christy H.

    Excellent flavor

  20. Lisa W.

    This is a phenomenally good flavor! I don’t particularly taste dominant watermelon, but I do taste some. However, I do taste what is mentioned in the description – jawbreakers! It’s a REALLY good candy-flavored juice. Very sweet but not overbearing with a smooth inhale and exhale. 5 stars for sure!

  21. jan

    everything as usual was wonderful. nothing to improve. cory is such an asset to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Roy S.

    Not my favorite but not bad if u like watermelon vape

  23. Josie D.

    Love this watermelon rocks just miss 240 ml bottles love this company

  24. Randall M.

    The juice to me seems like it could use a little more watermelon flavor but its decent. Wife loves it!

  25. Rik H.

    As much as I hate to rate this lower, I was excited to try this, but watermelon is a hard flavor to capture without it tasting chemically.

    I think this needs more watermelon flavoring, it just lacks that burst of watermelon.

    It’s still a good vape a little cooler and I vape this when I need a break from the mints or cookie type juice.

    Still a good vape

  26. Victor

    My favorite yougotjuice. It has a crisp taste of watermelon candy but without the over powering sugar. It’s a good all day vape for me. Would like to try more flavors similar to this one.

  27. Lisa

    So far I’ve tried Banana Cream, Raspberry Candy, Strawberry Cheesecake & Custard, Tropical Delight & Watermelon Rocks… They are all YUMMY but Watermelon Rocks & Strawberry Custard are my fav!!! I’m looking forward to trying the Sugar Cookie, Peaches and/or Peach Yogurt!!! You definitely can’t beat the price for the mls..I was paying $25 for 15 ml that would only last me a couple days!!! In so happy I found YGEJ!!! Would love to see them come out with some more flavors but for now I’m more than happy with what I’ve purchased!!!

  28. David

    I gave 4 stars because i was disapointed with the watermelon.I put a new coil in my TFv4 and filled it up all i got was lots of nicotine flavor and barely any flavor.Once the juice starts to get lower i get some taste but not much.Every refil is lots of nicotine flavor till the very last bit I got 3 nic.My son got Fruity cereal ans it was amazing! And kinda pissed off that i now have a 120 ml bottle of juice that is not good.The price is great and the fruity cereal really changed my mind next time ill grab that one or a sample pack before i get a 120 ml bottle shipping was also very fast and pretty satisfied with the service.Wish there was some kind of exchange deal though to trade mine in for something else but well guess i tried and struck out on the watermelon.

  29. Crystal

    I was impatient. I had to try it right away. UGH. That was a mistake.

    So, instead I did as recommended by YGEJ and let it steep for a week. (Uncapped in a dark place… lid it up and shake it once a day or so.)

    And man oh man what a difference it made! Watermelon candy explosion in my mouth! I’ve tried other watermelon flavors and this one is the best so far! Reminds me of Watermelon Airheads and Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

    For those that have been complaining – did you steep it? YGEJ Recommends steeping for 5-7 days. I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait and tried both of my 120ml bottles right away. The steeping REALLY makes a difference.


    My one complaint is that the tip for the 120ml bottle is just too big to refill my tank from directly. Luckily I had some unicorn bottles that I had planned on using anyways, But, giving people the option of adding on a labeled unicorn 30ml bottle for a buck or two wouldn’t be a bad idea. Especially if people are coming over from the land of droppers, they might not have uni’s layin’ around.

    Keep on vapin’ on!

  30. Andrea

    I just got 12 different flavors of eliquid from YGEJ and this first one i went for watermelon rocks and OMG its so good, the best watermelon vape i have ever had i will be definitely be buying more of this flavor. The price on the eliquid is so awesome, good price, wonderful eliquid, definitely worth spending money on because its so good.

  31. Rebekah

    I thoroughly enjoy this flavor. It tastes like a nice, sweet, ripe Watermelon. IF you like watermelon, you will love this!

  32. Hameed A.

    I like this flavor but not the best

  33. Pj

    I’ve loved pretty much every flavor I’ve gotten from yougotejuice and am a huge watermelon fan, but this one just didn’t tickle my itch. The watermelon flavor was very muted for lack of a better term. It’s not a bad flavor at all mind you, it just wasn’t as “melony” as I was hoping.

  34. Josh

    Was my favorite for a long time. It does have a bit of a harsh throat hit but it tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers! I will say I did not let it steep because at the time of ordering I wasn’t aware I needed to do so, that may make a difference in the throat hit.

  35. Krahll

    This juice is by far one of my favorites always was looking for a good watermelon and i found it with this its the bombdiggity thanks again

  36. Andrew N.

    Taste just like watermelon pop rocks good solid vapor a little harsh to the throat at 3 mg.

  37. Dango

    Got some of this off a friend when I was low on juice. Not a flavour I.D usually buy, but I loved it! Not too much “candy”, and just enough watermelon. Gonna order some more right now! 😉

  38. Lyn

    Watermelon Rocks is my ultimate FAV flavor….so far. Tastes like a Jolly Rancher. I love it!

  39. Cody G.

    One of the best flavors they make! Always find myself coming back to it!!

  40. Blake

    I’m not much of a candy ejuice flavor fan so that certainly may have something to do with it. Was not a real strong watermelon flavor for me and not really sweet. It is also abit harsh at 6mg and takes getting used to.

  41. Hutch

    Very decent flavor but has a overwhelming flavor for my profile….

  42. Daniel

    If you like candy flavors, slightly sour candy then this is good. For me the throat hit is a little too sharp for my liking but it isn’t uncomfortable. it just didn’t provide my preferred warm smooth throat hit. Still a good flavor

  43. Jason M.

    Recently purchased this flavor and found it to be very bland. After steeping it for some time the flavor at times is bland and you can’t taste anything. I replaced the juice to see if it might have been the coils but the other flavor was great. Its sad since I really liked ordering from this company but with this type of inconsistent flavor I might have to pass from ordering more

  44. Jennifer

    I let this juice site and allow the juice gods to make it juicier. I mix 3mg and 0mg, or not. I also kid this with other fruit flavors from YGEJ. It has been in my top 5 for a while. I keep it loaded and ready!

  45. Cynthia

    This is one of my favorites! Just enough watermelon , sometimes mix it with other flavors.

  46. Saleh

    Throat hit is very high on this juice, i tried two bottle 3mg and they are the same, not for all day vape, if any want it for free please text me

  47. Janice

    great flavor. just the right amount of sweetness. this & raspberry candy are my favorites. i usually mix them together 1/2 & 1/2 in the tank & that is even better. too bad they don’t also make that flavor. great customer service when needed.

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