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Lemon Cheesecake (SUB OHM)

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A zesty lemon experience with a delicious, rich, and creamy cheesecake.

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60mL, 120mL

68 reviews for Lemon Cheesecake (SUB OHM)

  1. Mason

    Really was not expecting to like lemon cheesecake from the samples but wow probably one of my favorites..

  2. Robert

    Lemon cheesecake after a week of steeping had great lemon flavor. Good quality juice at a great price. I will stay ordering from yougotejuice

  3. Shera

    I’ve tried countless ejuice bargain places online because I like a deal and I like great flavor. I’ve been let down but most of them. Some down right awful, others just ok. I have 3 out of probably 15 vendors that I actually would buy from again, & now a 4th because I loved all 3 juices I purchased! This flavor of this vape is totally a cheesecake creamy vape with a tad of lemon, not overbearing which I love cause I’m not a huge lemon fan but I love lemon cream yogurts. So it’s light on the lemon but enough that you know it is in fact lemon! You also get that graham cracker crust but light on that as well. I think all 3 flavors blend perfectly to give you an awesome vape! I even got my brother to order some cause we used to have a lemon custard that we liked from sleeping dragon vapor but it was 50/50 and was too harsh in these newer tanks and also $15 plus shipping for 30 Mls! How exciting that we’ve found a new dupe (actually better imo) for $20.99 free shipping for a 120ml bottle?? Thank YGEJ.

  4. Jen

    Very good lemon dessert vape. The lemon is not overpowering and it is way better than expected!

  5. Lemon C.

    Very very goooooddddddddddddd

  6. Sean M.

    YGEJ is awesome. Ive ordered from them about 6 times and its always taken 2 days to get my order as a get the priority shipping. The Lemon Cheesecake has a rich lemon flavor that’s kind of tart, mixed with a custardy creamy cheesecake flavor. Really excellent stuff. I steeped this for one week. I can’t believe these juices are so cheap!

  7. Sean M.

    Let me start off by saying believe the hype about You Got E juice. There are several “budget” e liquid lines on the market, and few are as good as they are priced well. I’ve been ordering from YGEJ for almost a year now. After watching some reviews for their juices by trusted members of the Vape community, I placed my first order. Lemon Cheesecake is sooo good! I absolutely love about 15 flavors from YGEJ, and Lemon Cheesecake may be my favorite. Primary flavors are graham cracker crust, cheesecake, and a nice lemon that’s not tart or over powering. So its pretty much just as described. Seriously, all these flavors are spot on, and they “pop” even more if you let the bottle steep for at least a week after receiving. I found this for many of their flavors, especially the more complex ones with multiple flavor notes. Anyway, this is a 5 star e juice IMO. Try this or any flavor from YGEJ that fits your tastes. Its amazing juice for a heavily discounted price. My favorite and my go-to e juice company! :v:

  8. Mastertrucker

    i have tried alot of online ejuice co and here is my new home the lemon chesscake is omg but its not the only one ive tried most of thier flovers and the worst one ive had has been good and better than anyone elses ive tried and the shipping and service is great if you are looking for a place to get ur ejuice give you got e-juice a try you will be glad you did

  9. Donna W.

    I love love love lemon cheesecake. Not too “lemoney” with just the right amount of creamyness. It even tastes well at 6mg!

  10. Crystal

    This is my absolute favorite flavor! I always go back to it.

  11. Mason

    Usually not a big fan of dessert flavours because they are always too sweet… but this one is perfect not too sweet.. done right, smells amazing.. I Always buy this in 120m

  12. Tara G.

    This was the second flavor i tried. I do not like lemon sour stuff but love love love cheesecake. This flavor was the perfect blend. You could taste kinda a sweet gram cracker with a little lemon hint. All i can say is Awesome Awesome Awesome. You can’t go wrong trying this flavor. I only buy my juice at yougotjuice. Best price but THE BEST QUALITY HANDS DOWN

  13. Glenn U.

    God this is GOOD! :heart_eyes: not to lemony or cheesecakey. Just right!

  14. Justin

    It’s hard to describe the flavors but it’s amazing. Had got a 60ml bottle had to go for the 240 next.

  15. Gigi

    Gorgeous cream cheese filling with lemon curd and a subtle biscuit crust. Wish the lemon was more pronounced but works all the same.

  16. Andrea

    I tried the lemon cheesecake OMG it was so good, nice flavor, good cloud production glad i found YGEJ . Definitely recommend lemon cheesecake you wont regret getting this one or any of there eliquids

  17. Jinx

    Strawberry custard is my first but I switch between these 2 daily

  18. Karen W.

    Lemon cheesecake is my new adv. It is lemony, but not overwhelmingly. It tastes like lemon pound cake, just like my grandmother and mom make. Delicious!!!

  19. Clint

    My absolute favourite so far, it has lemon, it has biscuit crumb it has cream cheese, neither of these flavours are over the top and just melt together, tastes good in a sub ohm tank (smok big baby and wismec elabo) and rocks my world, fresh dripped in an rda painted straight on the coils. My only gripe is vapers tounge after chugging on this juice and needing to switch out the flavour for a bit. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY, YGEJ!

  20. Shannon

    I’ve gone thru countless bottles of the juice and it is my all time favorite. All of these flavors are good but this is my top pick. Not to sweet and not sugary tasting.

  21. Rudeboa P.

    You get creamyness of the cheesecake on the inhale and you get lemony goodness on the exhale ADV for me, ps I like this one over the strawberry js.

  22. Wink

    I really enjoyed this juice. Like the majority of YGEJ flavors Spot On

  23. Stacie L.

    I taste no lemon at all, and no cheesecake. It has this weird creamy flavor that made me sick to my stomach.. Wasted my money on this one..

  24. Steph

    another addition to my favorite ejuice in this company, rich on the cheesecake, but a little on the lemon, im going to try blueberry cheese cake soon. I love your Lucky Cereal, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Custard and now this!! WEW!!! 🙂 ROCK ON. i think you guys forgot to open the bottle for me, but that was fine, i had the strength to open it somehow, probably the excitement to taste it, i come here when i am broke. hahahaha, till next time

  25. Jan

    My favorite! I go between the Strawberry Cheesecake this one and Lemon Custard. Wld love to see a Lemon Poundcake! Vape On!!!

  26. Jeremy C.

    I was only getting strawberry cheesecake cause it’s so damn good. Also there is a lot of flavors I don’t like. I thought what the heck its in the cgeesecake family. Just like it says it taste like taking a bite of lemon cheesecake. After trying it It has made me want to venture out n try different flavors from them. These guys have very high quality juice. So many different brands I have tried taste nasty. But you got ejuice surpasses them all. I won’t vape any other brand but ygej.

  27. Lakyn F.

    I use several flavors of this brand and Lemon Cheesecake is by far my favorite!

  28. Hector V.

    I a bit hesitant before ordering due to the lemon part but man am I glad I odered it!! Just great taste… Absolutely loved it

  29. Jan F.

    One of my all-time favs!

  30. Johanna W.

    This is my favorite YGEJ flavor. It’s my everyday vape. It’s so good!

  31. Lisa W.

    I’m a huge fan of the cheesecake and custard flavors by YGEJ, but I honestly don’t really taste the lemon in this one. I get a powerful cheesecake taste on the inhale, which I love (as always), and a creamy and slight tangy taste on the exhale. However, I really don’t taste any actual lemon – just a bit of tang. For me personally, this one is too bland. I think it needs more of the lemon flavor. I’m glad that I still get the cheesecake taste, but that by itself without much of any other flavor isn’t too great. I’m trying the Lemon Custard next, so I’m hoping that the lemon will be stronger in that one. Either way, it’s still vapable, but it just doesn’t have enough flavor for my liking. For people that like the cheesecake flavor without anything much added to it except for a slight tart/tang kick on the exhale, I’d recommend it. For people like myself who like the powerful, sweet and/or fruity flavors, I don’t know that you’d like it. It’s not terrible by any means, just too bland for my liking.

  32. Cindy

    Your lemon cheesecake is the BEST lemon dessert flavor and I have tried MANY. It is even better than that popular lemon pound cake (pound it). A lot better.

  33. Tycie

    I normally dont write reviews ,But it would not be right if I did not. This is My 3rd order. And will be putting in another very soon. I Just received my Lemon Cheescake and OOOOMG!!! I did not even try the others but I know they will be Slammin. If I Could I would give you all a great big HUG!! And the Customer Service is AAA++..Keep the new Flavors comin.. Y’all are my NUMBER ONE VAPE JUCIE.. Thanks a Million!! :heart: Ty!! 

  34. Christine

    Got the strawberry cheesecake in the sample pack and immediately ordered a 120ml along with the new lemon cheesecake flavor. Absolutely love the lemon cheesecake and it is now my new favorite. It is soooooo good.

    I also like the vanilla custard, it is a little to rich for me when i drip it but I love it in my Aspire Cleito tank. Strawberry custard is ok for me … I like it well enough when I drip it but hate it in my tank. I did not like the sugar cookie and ended up giving it away … I don’t think it’s the juice that’s bad just not my thing. I haven’t liked any sugar cookie juices that I’ve tried.

    I also got the new cinnamon roll flavor and apple jack. I’m not tasting too much from the cinnamon roll yet so I’m letting it steep. I like the apple jack but I think I need to steep and breathe it cause I’m getting a slight perfume taste from it but I can tell I will love it with a little steeping time.

    Overall I love this company and I will always have the lemon cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake on hand.

  35. Tyler

    Ordered Thursday night got it Saturday morning! Amazing customer service, and fast shipping. I was worried the juice would be terrible. It was the best lemon I ever vaped. Great lemon flavor and a subtle hint to cheescake. Neither were too little or too much. My new ADV!

  36. Bonnie C.

    Just tried the Lemon Cheesecake and found yet another ADV from this line. These ejuices are the best! Not overpowering, just enough flavor and such a nice, clean vape. Many more I still need to try, but I know I won’t be disappointed. I can’t see getting my ejuice anywhere else but here. The price can’t be beat. Excellent!

  37. Ky05

    Fairly new to the vaping scene and have been trying any and all flavors I can get my hands on. Quit smoking cigs about 5 weeks ago (after over a pack a day for 15yrs :D) anyway, I have realized im pretty picky and its been so hard to find one to be my ADV….until now!! This juice is simply awesome. Just sweet enough to keep me going back with just a slight lemon zest flavor, uhhh YUM!! Ordered the 60ml to try it out but def ordering atleast a 120ml on payday! Love it <3

  38. Floridian

    what a great flavor… on the exhale you get a nice warm crusty lemon flavor, and the end of the exhale leaves you with that nice cheesecake flavor.

  39. Cory

    I can taste every part of the Lemon Cheescake. The graham cracker first followed by a perfectly creamy lemon note finished off with a dollop of cream. My favorite juice of all time.

  40. Nicole

    I love YGEJ thanks to Tia vapes! All the flavors I’ve tried so far have been on point! The lemon cheesecake tastes like creamy cheesecake on the inhale and a lemon jelly on the exhale. I’ve also really enjoyed…..
    Chocolate covered strawberry = yumm
    Banana Cream= Amazing
    Vanilla custard= not for me but good
    Strawberry cheesecake= great!

  41. Jaggie

    I got this one because I love cheesecakes flavors and very creamy flavors. I wanted something different then Strawberry or Buleberry. So I thought why not try this.. I’m glad I did still getting use to the lemon it’s not over powering its very smooth. I’m just a new flavor I have to get use to. I will buy again.

  42. Mmm

    Flavor wow .cheesecake is there but not like we all know in the markets . This one it’s like real one . And the lemon unmmmm perfect

  43. Rebekah

    I have tried a multitude of ejuices and the Lemon Cheesecake beats them all, including the expensive premium brands!! This is spot on Lemon Cheesecake!! A nice warm graham cracker crust, a sweet and creamy cheesecake, with the perfect touch of lemon to top it off!! Perfection!

  44. Xxx

    its just amazing tthe cheesecake yyummyy love itt tthe the lemon ummm itts perfect

  45. Mike

    Been ordering from this company for a while now.. Great juice and fast shipping. I’ve tried most of there juices and really haven’t had a bad one yet. Lemon cheesecake is my adv.. Thanks You got Ejuice….

  46. Tammy

    2nd favorite is Lemon Cheesecake

  47. Jan

    I am so loving this! Is my all day vape. Can’t get enough! Great juice, exceptional customer service, fast shipping(only takes a couple days from West Coast to East. Of course always the best prices. Thanks YGEJ!!!

  48. Greg C.

    just opened the first bottle have never tried this juice. Hang on while i juice up the RDA .. OMG .. why didn’t I order this one before ?? nice bright lemon flavor which goes creamy as cheesecake should followed by a graham cracker crust exhale.. it’s perfect. i’ve just found my new ADV .. I vaped it for an hour non-stop .. don’t even hesitate here ..cart it

  49. Danny

    To be honest, I didn’t taste much lemon in the flavor if any. Cheesecake was overpowering the lemon. 2 outta 5 for this one. Strawberry custard has been my favorite so far

  50. Johanna

    This is my absolute favorite flavor! It’s my go to, everyday vape. I love it! Lemon cheesecake is smooth and creamy with a sweet lemony finish. It’s just sweet enough without being overly sugary or too tart. You can taste the creamy cheesecake and just a hint of graham cracker crust. I love that it’s not overpowering in flavor. It’s just tasty enough to savor but never get sick of. I love it on it’s own, but it’s actually really well suited to mixing with other flavored as well. It blends really well with other dessert or cereal flavors.

    Yep, lemon cheesecake is the best, and the price makes it so affordable. I love love love it!

  51. John

    I bought the 120ml glad i did , pretty good lemon cheesecake, can definitely taste the crust and smooth lemon flavor, i like these guys juices because they never sickly sweet like some i have tried, these are just perfect on the sweetness, would recommend to anyone.

  52. Mike

    I was surprised how great this stuff tastes the crust is there lemon not to stong not to sweat ADV for sure I’m on my third 120ml bottle and will be buying more

  53. Kevin

    All of the cheescakes are great! Keep doing what you are doing yougotejuice! I let this one steep a bit because straight out of the bottle I got a very nicotine taste when it first arrived, but once it steeped it was awesome as usual!

  54. Amanda

    This juice is so good. It really taste like a slice of lemon cheesecake

  55. Bethany M.

    Lemon cheesecake tastes as described. The Lemon is there but not to tart..imo a good balance between the cheesecake and lemon. Definitely a must try!

  56. Cyrinthia212

    Hands down one of my FAVORITE flavors. The cheesecake gives the lemon a sweet creamy taste. This is defiantly a constant rotation in my order. I love it.

  57. Loren

    If you are looking for a lemon vape that is not harsh and tastes great, you found it. This is my favorite lemon vape yet. Smooth lemon flavor with a creamy cheesecake finish. Delicious!

  58. Don

    I let steep a week, nice taste, big clouc!

  59. Sherry

    After 3 months of steeping still no flavor.

  60. N. B.

    Lemon Cheesecake is my favorite flavor from here. The more I steep it the better it gets. The sample packs are great and that’s how I discovered it among other great flavors. I always keep a bottle of lemon cheesecake on hand. It’s even better when they put it on sale. Try it, you’ll like it too

  61. West

    This ejuice iis really good. Recommended

  62. Tawny

    I am a huge fan of YGEJ’s cheesecake flavors. Naturally I had to try this one as well. I love it. I always have it in my collection of juices. YGEJ makes the best cheesecake juices in my opinion, and I have tried out quite a few other brands that do cheesecakes.
    This tastes just like a delicious lemon cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. It is a perfect balance and blend of the lemon and graham cracker.

  63. Deborah A.

    Vaping on this juice it reminds me of a true cheesecake I let different family members who are smokers try it and they love it as well as any jucice I get from YGEJ

  64. Ishmael

    This is a favorite go to flavor in my box. Highly recommend. :+1:

  65. Donald

    Lemon cheesecake has been my AD vape for over a year now and doesn’t get boring.

  66. Mary

    Has a good clean lemon taste. Can definitely taste the cheesecake too. Will be a regular in my rotation of juices

  67. Jason J.

    Highly recommended! Excellent flavor and great vapor production! I also like to mix this with the strawberry cheesecake too! Excellent combination!! Excellent customer service and lightning fast shipping!!

  68. Hector

    favorite WAS Strawberry Cheesecake… I was sorta skeptical about the lemon but I have to admit… I absolutely love this stuff. Am definitely getting more with my next order.

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