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Leprechaun (formerly Lucky Cereal)

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Our version of the cereal a certain Leprechaun can’t stop chasing, and this time, we added the milk.

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61 reviews for Leprechaun (formerly Lucky Cereal)

  1. Pj

    Tried a 60ml of Lucky Cereal on a whim and love it. Ordered a 60ml of Frosted Donut afterwards which I just tried today and will now be ordering a 120ml of both and a 60ml of the fruity cereal to try in my next order when these are gone.

    Vaping both juices in an isubG rba deck, .6 3mm 26g coils @ 20w. Great flavor and vapor! Can’t beat the price either + free shipping. These 60ml are cheaper than the 30ml at my local shop, and better IMO.

  2. Corey B.

    Ordered 120ml of Lucky Cereal. First off, free shipping was fast. Only took 3 days. And the juice is so good. Best I have had to date. I just found out about the company and I will say I will be ordering my juice from here from now on.

  3. Bill B.

    I ordered 12 different flavors, all are good.
    I’ve been stuck on Lucky Cereal. This stuff is fantastic!!! Sweet, creamy, Delicious!! Definitely, a great all day vape and getting a top spot in my rotation.
    The thing I like most about all the flavors is that they are smooth and mild. Proving flavors don’t have to be overpowering to be good.

    Glad I discovered these guys, have been telling everyone. Don’t let the prices scare you away, they got it goin’ on!!!

  4. Jmbow

    I tried a lot of juices from different brand and my friend let me taste 4 of the juices he bought from here. I like the sugar cookies taste like a milk man. If you like milk man get this one instead for a cheap price compare to $50 per 120ml for milk man. But my favorite is LUCKY CEREAL. It taste really good and thats the only juice i use right now. Sometime i add banana flavor on it and it taste really really good.

  5. Tanya

    This is a very mild flavor. Sweet but not over powering. Needs steeping a bit. Tastes like the real thing. You can even taste the cereal part.

  6. Thomas S.

    Love this juice. Wasn’t good for an all day vape for me as it got muted by the end of the day. Definately worth checking out.

  7. Chris D.

    Great flavor, keeps you coming back for more

  8. Charles

    Fantastic juice. Spot on flavor. Will definitely be buying again, especially at these awesome prices

  9. Aaron

    Rich flavor and creamy goodness!!!!

  10. Chris

    Flavor is excellent, not a bad EDV, but after a while it lacks. Good with deep sub-ohm setup, more flavor with a RDA per usual.

  11. Yunus S.

    I love it and it will be always one of my favorites. I hope you guys keep going with that what you do. Thumbs up!

  12. Jim H.

    Some of the best juices I’ve had to date

  13. Corey B.

    Happy Friday friends and fam! If you’re a fan of that oldschool Lucky Charms then this is where you should be ordering Lucky Cereal from! It has that absolute spot on flavort for that spot on price! I’ve got roughly 1400mls of Lucky Cereal steeping in my closet at home right now because it’s my all day all night go to for ejuice! The taste of it gets better and better daily too! It brings out the true leprechaun in me and that speaks for itself!! I have to thank the amazing people at yougotejuice for setting me up with enough of it to vape all day everyday for atleast 6 months!! You just can’t beat the flavor nor the price from what these folks have to offer and I recommend it to everyone! Thank you, YOUGOTEJUICE for making my life a better one knowing that I wake up everyday with a smile!! Have an awesome weekend and nothing less…

  14. Emmett S.

    Wow is all I can say cuz this is the most juice I’ve ever won an to say in the least it’s very overwhelming cuz I’ve not yet tried all of em cuz their still steeping an boy the smells that r filling the room as they steep

  15. Pico A.

    Ive been trying alot of barrgin ejuice from alot of companys an ygej is by far the best, lucky cereal is my all time favorite vape a sweet candied tasting marshmello swiming in sugary milk-ky clouds thats what i get and its my fav ive tried other lucky charms vapes and this one BY FAR is the best, do urself a favor and buy this in bulk. Truley a hidden gem or hidden king crown is more like it. Thank you ygej

  16. Herve G.

    It’s the second time that i buy that product on the website (to be honnest , i do it because in france , for the price of 240ml , you have 60ml even with shipping fee).
    I discover it 1 year ago when i start quitting cigarettes, and that produc is so great that i think it’s the last time i buy it because i gonna completely quit (Hopefully =D )
    I buy it , because i use the Caramel product from Roykin , but it feels to sweet for me. So i mix it with the Lucky Cereal from YGEJ and , for me , it’s the best. I was smoking 40 cigs/days when i decided to start the electronic cigarette with my wife who use to smoke about 6/7 per day. At the end , i didn’t smoke for about 7/8 months while my wife is still smoking =D
    So i stop talking and i just wanna say : YGEJ got the best products if you wanna quit , and the custumer support is great. I recommand it to everyone who ask me what liquid is the best.
    Keep Going guys, you’re doing GREAT!

    PS: Sorry for my bad english , i’m french and french people are lazy to learn new langage =D

    Have a nice day guys.

  17. Steph

    It was okay.

  18. Derick S.

    I was skeptical of trying this but it’s amazing! True Lucky Charm Flavor! My all time fav Papaya Peach on Ice has some competition now! I absolutely love this company, the staff is amazing, the shipping is fast! Yougotejuice is the only place I order juice from! Because they are amazing!

  19. Sarah P.

    Great flavor!! You can taste the marshmallow and toasty cereal

  20. Jason

    It’s definitely a really good juice and I recommend trying it. I gave it a 4 star review because I think if it had a sweet marshmallowy kick to it, it could possibly be more than a 5 star ejuice. Every juice that I purchased here has been deliciously on point and if I can make one of YGEJ ‘S products that much better by leaving this review then great. Thank you YGEJ for having such awesome flavors.

  21. Lakyn F.

    Very tasty

  22. Denise B.

    I vape Lucky Cereal all day, every day! Pure marshmallow goodness!

  23. Dalla R.

    Un vrai goût de céréales

  24. Diana C.

    My favorite! Been buying this for years now and never disappoints!

  25. Dennis M.

    Best juice ever!

  26. Lisa W.

    I vaped this for the first time last night, and I tasted the cereal and the milk but not the marshmallows. It had a slight sweet taste to it, but I just didn’t taste Lucky Charms. I tasted the milky part of it which had just the right amount. I’m a big fan of super-sweet flavors, so that could be why I’m not a fan of this one. Honestly, I barely tasted any marshmallow though. I think if more of that flavor were added, this would be perfect! I’m usually not a huge fan of milky flavors, but YGEJ got that part right for sure.

  27. David L.

    This is better than most top shelf juices and the price cant be beat. not a one of the flavors has a bad taste. Love the Lucky cereal.

  28. Rochard

    Oh wow, taste phenomenal. Banana creme taste just like maw’s pie, and lucky charms taste justcas it says, including the milk!! Another two flavors nailed. Keep it rocking You Got E-juice!!! Booooom

  29. Austin

    I bought the Lucky Cereal 120ml bottle and it is amazing, I really love it! I deffinitely will be trying out more of your guy’s flavors very soon. I can’t wait to try them all! The shipping was very fast as well. You guys effing ROCK!!!

  30. Zach

    Three E-Juices:
    Lucky Cereal
    Vanilla Latte
    Cherry lemonade

    Three Words:
    Best E-Juices Ever!

    Love everything about this site from products to price to shipping. Will be a continuous buyer here on out.

  31. Geoff

    Flavor is great! Shipping is unmatched and the price is right on. This would have gotten 5 stars but the flavor is a little muted. That said, I’ll let it steep for a week and retry.

  32. Isaac

    so far I’ve tried; sugar cookie, apple jacks, lucky cereal, vanilla latte, strawberry cheesecake, and fruity cereal. i have nothing negative to say about the juices, they’re freaking awesome, customer service is great too! the only reason i didn’t give a 5 star review is that it took almost a month for the juices to get to me… other than everything was perfect!

  33. Jason

    I have never written a review and I’ve been vaping for almost 2yrs and I have ordered juice from several different companies believe me when I tell you that you got e juice is the best one by far crazy affordable especially if you don’t want to make your own I’ve tried lucky cereal 3mg delicious( all of my juices are 3mg) fruity cereal very good taste a little on the cherry side at first but after a week spot on fruity pebbles without the milk lemon cheesecake …..wow! Vaped on this for a solid month vanilla custard is also very good just got a sample pack of fruity flavors and I’m vaping on cherry lemonade OMG amazing this will be my adv had a little bit of lemon cheesecake and mixed them wow! Can’t wait to try banana cream peaches and raspberry candy they all smell awesome customer for life you got e juice rocks!!!!!

  34. Josh W.

    Ordered Wednesday night and my juice was here by Saturday and I’m on the east coast!! Lucky cereal is really good!! The taste is spot on and not to over bearing it’s awesome!! High quality at a low price and awesome flavor haven’t tried the vanilla custard yet but it smells really good!! Don’t hesitate pull the trigger u won’t b disappointed!!!

  35. Kris

    I bought a huge bottle of “police man” assuming it had to be great from another low cost juice co. And u taste what there getting at but something about it is over bearing. LUCKY CEREAL is ridiculously BETTER it taste GREAT not too much of anything. The marshmallow in it taste perfect

  36. Torrey

    Damn this stuff is amazing. This is one of the juices I’ve ever tasted. Thank you guys!!!!!!!

  37. Noah

    I was very skeptical about this just….. was thinking it would be very fruit bearing! The exact opposite! Slight fruit with a milky custard exhale! Amazingly great just do not change anything!

  38. Crystal

    So. Freakin. Good!

    Like seriously now in my top 5 juices!

    Deliscious marshmallows with gram and an undeniable milk/cereal flavor.

    One of my favorite all day vapes. Smooth and deliscious. I’ve even tried it at higher temps and was still amazingly good! Even at 120w I was blown away!

    My standard setup: Fuchai 213 with Smok Big Baby Beast – Q2 coil or RTA (double clapton coils)

  39. Donny D.

    BEST JUICE EVER!!! I’ve been hooked on this juice for a year now and it keeps getting better I want nothing to do with any other juice. I still can’t believed how inexpensive it is because its definitely not a cheap juice. Thank you YGEJ you guys are the best and your customer service is A++

  40. Kris

    Cheap as hell and the BEST flavor!!!

  41. Tim

    Normally i find i get tired of certain flavors but ‘Lucky cereal’ kept delivering right up until i ran out(had 1 bottle for 4 months), Now i’m trying the highly rated ‘Strawberry Custard’ and ‘Fruity cereal”. Great company, i recommend it to everyone. ~~~ OH THE PRICE: Best prices i have ever seen

  42. Justin

    I’ve been ordering from ygej for almost a year now. I started with the fruity cereal flavor, but love this one equally as much if not more. Its definitely one of the best juices I’ve had period, but is definitely the best lucky charms flavor. Also, shipping is super fast. Thanks for being such a wonderful company.

  43. Diana

    The flavor profile for Lucky Cereal is spot on! It is definitely my favorite! I have to buy the 240ml bottle because I go through so much. It’s THAT GOOD! Thanks YGEJ! Quality e-juice at an affordable price!

  44. Greg C.

    Haven’t put it down since it arrived.straight out of the bottle it is like floating on a marshmallow cloud of flavor. My friend here also said that he usually doesn’t allow himself to run out of this juice. I can see why. It has grown into one of my YGEJ faves. ADV material here ..

  45. Jan

    As usual excellent juice but I wld like to thank the crew for going above and beyond w there customer service. Thanks all, so appreciated!

  46. Kathy

    Delicious, very pleased… Not too sweet, just right!

  47. Robby G.

    I love my desert and cereal vapes and haven’t really tried anything with marshmallow that wasn’t too sweet or just eck, Lucky Charms tho? Does it just right! By far a new fav of mine out of all the cereals. Just enough sweetness of the marshmallow, with a cereal/graham on the exhale makes it worthy of an ADV.

  48. Matt R.

    It’s marshmellowy and delicious. I’m not quite getting the Lucky Charms flavor, but it may just need some more steep time. As it is now, I love it. Definitely glad I got 120ml!

  49. Jared L.

    Gosh how do I start this review? This juice was way below expectations, even after more than a week steep it didn’t change that much. I got the strawberry cheesecake and blueberry waffle and those were damn good. Fuck this lucky cereal

  50. Paul

    Love this stuff. Best lucky charms flavor I’ve had yet. All others don’t have much marshmallow flavor to them. Like the original lucky charms. This stuff is boss!

  51. Bill B.

    Unlike a box of the cereal, you don’t run out of marshmallows at the end of the bottle. Whether you’re vaping at higher resistance, super sub, or somewhere in between, the flavors of this juice will shine. This has been an ADV for me for quite a while. I never leave the house without a tank and refill bottle of this stuff.

  52. Chopa

    Actually, i did not like these products, i bought Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry custard, Strawberry custard, and Lucky cereal, I didn’t like it. they are like chemical taste

  53. Josh J.

    This particular juice seems to need a bit longer steep time than some others that ive tried but once its good and ready the flavor that you get is exactly what i says that it is.

  54. Senia

    Wasn’t sure about it at first, but then after a few days the flavor got better!! Definitely will be buying 120 bottle :blush::+1::skin-tone-2:

  55. Aiden

    I like all the flavors I bought from this company so far, I just want more Throat hit. I hope there was option to adjust the PG and VG, but it’s just me.
    Still my number one company to buy from.
    Thank you!

  56. Deborah

    Love it I will order it again

  57. Cynthia

    Commandé le 16 mars nous somme le 30 mars toujours rien reçu alors que sur le site ils disent 5 jours ..

  58. Jose C.

    An amazing flavor, if you like cereal flavors. All I taste is a creamy, Milky, marshmallow flavor that is amazing.

  59. Katherina

    I’m reordering as I write this review, the best!

  60. Jason J.

    Superb flavor and great vapor production ! Superb cereal based e-liquid! Excellent customer service and lightning fast shipping

  61. Eric W.

    You will love this e-juice the first in hell is like a flavor fanatic the exhale is a dream if you like any kind of cereal marshmallow bites you will love this flavor I recommended highly

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