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Raspberry formerly Raspberry Candy (SUB OHM)

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A raspberry, hard candy enhanced with sweet strawberries and blueberries.

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60mL, 120mL

54 reviews for Raspberry formerly Raspberry Candy (SUB OHM)

  1. Tf

    tastes exactly as advertised. love it immensely. just ordered more. will keep ordering…def worth the try.

  2. Brian L.

    I ordered a 5 pack sampler and got them in today, raspberry candy, sugar cookie, vanilla latte, cherry lemonade and lucky cereal. Cherry Lemonade is by far my favorite of what I picked with raspberry candy coming in second. With zero steep time the cherry lemonade tastes amazing, it tastes just like a glass of cherry lemonade. Raspberry candy also had good flavor with no steep time as well. I will definitely be buying a big bottle of cherry lemonade.

    I took a chance in the other ones as I typically go for fruity flavors. They are good but not something I would generally buy. Maybe with a little steep time the flavor will change/increase. The smell great and spot on to what they say the flavor is.

  3. Crystal

    Kinda tasted like cough medicine after a while. My hopes were high for this one but unfortunately it didn’t live up to the hype I gave it in my head.

  4. Cristina

    This flavor is the perfect blend and not too sweet tasting. I was skeptical since I wasn’t a raspberry fan but I was wrong.

  5. Carson

    Raspberry candy is one of my favorite flavors! It’s sweet but not too sweet…I can vape on it all day and never get tired of it! Highly recommended!

  6. Jennifer

    I’ve been vaping this exclusively for almost a year, I haven’t been able to find a better juice at a price like this.

  7. Vincent C.

    I Love Raspberry Candy! This is my number 1 go to Vape flavor. I have been vaping this for over a year! I order 120ml every month and it never gets old. You won’t be disappointed in any flavor here and the normal prices are great but the sales are crazy! You can’t be the prices!
    The service is 5 stars too!

  8. Lizzie

    This it like a jolly rancher great vape. Definitely vaped it all day

  9. Jennifer

    This has an amazingly good taste in a drip, so much so that I moved it to a squonker. Live for its blast of flavor!

  10. Chad

    Awesome juice at an affordable price! Will definitely be ordering again!!!

  11. Mollie

    Delicious. Yes.. if you’re hesitant, go for it. Taste like raspberry jelly rancher. New favorite.

  12. Jess

    First time trying YGEJ.. I was worried because I’m so picky and so many ejuices I have ordered online I never really end up liking them. So when this arrived and I loved it..you can imagine how surprised I was! I ordered this and the sugar cookie.. I loved them so much I immediately ordered some other flavors. Raspberry candy sort of tastes like a mix between jolly rancher and a natural tasting Rasberry lollipop. It’s amazing when mixed with the sugar cookie ejuice..you NEED to try those two, I know it sounds strange but they are delicious when paired together!

  13. Janice

    flavorful & a little tart–just the perfect blend. this will always be stocked on my e-cig shelf!!! besides the company having great prices & service to match, what else could you possible want???

  14. jan

    GREAT!!! just like granny’s hard little candies from a 1,000 years ago. sweet & just the right amount of tartness. one of my favorites.

  15. jan


  16. Cristina H.

    Love the juice never dissatisfied

  17. Nick D.

    This is my favorite juice and that includes every juice I’ve tried not just YGEJ. Definitely recommend if you like fruity flavors!

  18. Tony T.

    LOVE THIS FLAVOR….Just like raspberry hard candy

  19. James P.

    I love raspberry, and this flavor doesn’t disappoint….very good…

  20. Rashell S.

    I will be ordering raspberry candy again. It was all I hoped it would be

  21. Lisa W.

    Tastes exactly like its name! I have a sweet tooth, so I really enjoyed this one. It wasn’t too mellow and wasn’t too strong – just right! I’m a fan of juices that are sweet but also creamy (mostly custards and cheesecakes), so this one was a bit much for me personally but still incredibly delicious! This is strictly based on personal preference though, so if you love raspberry and candy and don’t mind the fact that it lacks the creamy part, you’ll love it! Excellent flavor.

  22. Noah

    Ordered this juice and right out of the package the flavor was amazing, spot on. Ordered the Raspberry candy and it tastes just like a raspberry push twist candy. Going to order again very soon. Great company, fast shipping and of course amazing prices.

  23. Dustin R.

    I got the strawberry custard and cheesecake, raspberry candy,lucky charms and vanilla latte. The custard and the raspberry were the best to me. Vanilla latte tasted like straight coffee. The lucky charms and cheesecake I’m letting steep. I am very impressed with this company and can’t wait to try the 2 steeping. I highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking for an awesome budget juice!

  24. Jeff

    yummy as I have had it paired wit fruit punch. and with coke.
    in the griffin dual coil build .29r at 55 watts, truly an all day vape.
    just the right blend of candy sweet and raspberry not over powering in any way.

  25. Will

    Great juice at an even better price! Rasberry candy is really good and the cherry lemonade is a winner too. Woohoo free shipping!!

  26. John M.

    Vaping on raspberry candy WOW
    AWESOME the flavor is great vapor production is spot on

    There customer service is first class had issue with bottle getting damage no of there fault they corrected the issue with care and speed great job you guys this is my go to juice company

  27. Dillon F.

    I was a bit skeptical of the juice at first because of the price. However it surprised me in a good way. Very good raspberry flavor and the vapor production is great

  28. Josh

    Just got in my raspberry candy the shipping was fast came in 3 days pricing is amazing and the juice is good this is the first one I’ve tried and I like it and it is exactly what the description says it’s just really strong for me it makes me cough so I might have to try something else. It is a good flavor just to strong for me I think I’ll try strawberry cheesecake or fruity cereal great job though just gotta sample until I find something that doesn’t make me cough

  29. Nicole

    This juice is in my top 5. Can’t get enough. Tastes like a raspberry gummy.

  30. Jackie

    Love this flavour, can’t get enough!!

  31. Margaret

    i like this company, but so far this is my least favorite juice, i let it breath for a little bit to get rid of any alcohol like tastes and let it steep for quite a while to the point where the juice darkened a lot and it still doesnt taste good to me

  32. Carlos

    I don’t know how you guys do it, this flavor is awesome!!

  33. Don

    Kind of perfumey when first opened, after steeping a bit, my favorite juice from these guys.

  34. Valerie B.

    As soon as I opened the bottle the aroma filled the room. The flavor is so amazing.

  35. Steve C.

    This is a good flavor if you love fruit candy flavors. Raspberry is very noticeable with a real sweetness to it. Close to a Jolly Rancher candy. I’m not real crazy about it and don’t vape it often; however, if you like the candy flavors, you will probably enjoy this. Just not my ADV.

  36. A

    Raspberry Candy is my go to flavor I order almost every time. It mixes great with Watermelon Rocks! Another juice I strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys fruity flavors.

  37. Krahll

    Super good and very strong flavor but not overpowering at all i open it and it just smells like a certain candy i grew up with flavor out of this world thank you YGEJ for this flavy flave

  38. Andrew N.

    Taste like a raspberry jolly rancher a nice mouthwatering treat just a little harsh to the throat at 3 mg at sub-ohm level. But nice solid flavor.

  39. Becky

    this is my second time ordering this juice and im never disappointed its such a smooth hit with alot of flavor

  40. Seth K.

    Day one taste fantastic, taste exactly like a blue jolly rancher candy. I find myself ordering this juice every time I am craving something sweet!

  41. Ashlee

    This is my favorite juice by far. Quality candy taste with no bite

  42. Jonathan

    It’s ok, it’s definitely raspberry candy. It’s just not my cup of tea. I get a raspberry pixie stix after taste. If you like candy flavors, it’s definitely spot on raspberry candy! D (Not knocking the juice, it’s just not for me. Still a great made juice and the flavor is spot on)

  43. Mitch

    Good taste but very throaty vape.

  44. Adam

    I just bought my first vape and raspberry candy was the first flavor that I have tried. Love it!

  45. Rick

    I have been vaping this exclusively for well over a year, maybe 2.
    Previously I was vaping some high end juice and was skeptical to to try this, I am sure glad I did. It is by far the best I have had

  46. D J.

    I ordered the 30ml sample pack to try everything you had and so far have enjoyed everything. However, I was really excited to try the Raspberry Candy because I love Raspberry flavored anything and I was not disappointed! The flavor is wonderful; not overpowering or too sweet but just perfect for vaping all day long. Finished it in 2 days and had to order a 100ml bottle. This will definitely be one I keep on hand!!

  47. Guillermo

    I’m enjoying this juice! Plus the value is excellent!!

  48. Derick S.

    Good flavor overall just too harsh got 3mg and it’s more like a 6! Even after steeping! Just my honest opinion!

  49. Melaine

    Great flavor! I honestly thought it smelt horrible, but absolutely LOVE the actual flavor! Spot on for raspberry candy!

  50. Lonnie

    I’ve been vaping Raspberry Candy for about a year or more. Love it, I don’t like very many flavors but this is the best I’ve ever had. When I get a little tired of it My runner up is Watermelon Rocks.

  51. Liz

    Got a very typical rock candy taste. Think jolly ranchers. It’s a great flavor if you’re into that sort of thing. I bought a 120ml bottle went through the whole thing but by the end of it I was kind of bored so I won’t be buying it again anytime soon. For now, I’m on creamy Vapes which they have plenty of and I love them all!

  52. Mollie

    Finally a flavor that’s like grape but sweet and flavorful without the harshness. I dislike their grape candy way to harsh but this is a wonderful flavor. If you’re on the fence, try it!! I am so happy I did. Will become a flavor worthy of being stocked and ready to go

  53. Chris E.

    IMO this is one of the best Ejuices on the market! If you haven’t given You Got Ejuice a try you definitely should! And Raspberry Candy is my favorite Ejuice period! Keep on vaping!

  54. Christine K.

    If you love raspberry ejuice get this it is a perfect raspberry candy not to sweet just perfect and soo smooth, delish and clean love that its not super sweet sometimes i mix it with cheesecake juices its delicious

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