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Southern Bread Pudding

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A sweet, old-fashioned southern dessert known as bread pudding.

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41 reviews for Southern Bread Pudding

  1. Melissa

    I am in love with this flavor. Tastes just like bread pudding. I haven’t stopped vaping it since I got it.

  2. Devin B.

    Damn good!!!

  3. Paul

    This is hands down the best juice I’ve ever vaped. For the love of everything pure, please keep this in stock year ’round.

  4. David

    This e-Liquid has very quickly become one of my all-time favorites. I try a lot of different e-Liquids, usually on the flavor profile listing, or the recommendations of friends or shop owners or product reviewers. This particular juice was featured in a review on The Vapor Trail Channel on YouTube by Tony B. I watch a lot of his no-nonse product reviews, and really respect his opinion. It also doest hurt, that I share the same basic flavor profile likes as he does. Growing up in Virginia, bread pudding was a desert that I was lucky enough to enjoy, and when Tony B said “man this stuff is tasty”, I considered it as a personal invitation to try it. I ordered a 120 ml. bottle and before I was 1/3 of the way through the bottle, I ordered a 240 ml. bottle, and after I cracked open the 240 ml. bottle I was sure I had a “keeper” so I ordered 2- 240 ml. bottles and that brings us to today. Now dessert flavors are typically coil killers, but I’m running this juice in a RigTanker Tank with a Q4 TFV8 coil at 80 to 90 watts and I am getting upwards of 3500 puffs on a coil, which with my vaping habits is AWESOME!! I guess in closing, you could say, I can’t recommend this juice enough. Thanks yougotejuice.com and thanks Tony B for once again steering me in the right direction!
    David S.

  5. Jennifer

    I’ve beeb trying to find a replacement for my daily Vape and I just found it. It’s tasty in a proper sub ohm coil or a drip.

  6. Howard

    One of the best e-juices on the market absolutely my favorite definitely an all-day Vape

  7. Aiden

    Never bought any product from this company that was bad. Always good, unique flavors. You can’t find no deals online or in stores better than these guys period.

  8. Joe R.

    Finally a bread pudding flavor done right!

  9. Terri

    My husband and I both really love this! We don’t do there’s already things anymore so this southern bread pudding which is my husband’s absolute favorite dessert fits the bill perfectly!

  10. R. R.

    My new favorite. Coming from the south I have enjoyed many variations of bread pudding and this is a winner. Real warm big flavor and big vape. you will never find a better vape at ANY price.

  11. Jb

    I simply love this ejuice!

  12. Roderick K.

    Tasted great, not too sweet.

  13. Simon P.

    It’s still sitting in LA?

  14. Diana C.

    Tastes great in my SMOK RPM40! Really brings out the flavor. Definitely an all day Vape for me!

  15. Dennis M.

    Amazing juice

  16. Stephen V.

    This is a premiere juice company, I’ve tried them all and always come back here for the amazing flavors and great prices. They are unbeatable.

  17. Lisa W.

    I have tried close to all of YGEJ’s flavors at this point, and this one is BY FAR my favorite when it comes to the creamy, custardy, slightly sweet flavors. I don’t even have the words to describe how AMAZING and PHENOMENALLY GOOD this flavor is! I’m not even sure what bread pudding is to be honest, but HOLY SH*T – This blew my mind. I could literally vape this flavor alone for the rest of my life and NEVER get sick of it. It’s got a creamy, custardy taste on the inhale with the PERFECT amount of those two and sweetness on the exhale. I have never tried a dessert flavor that tasted so good in my entire life. This honestly may be my favorite juice of all time. OUTSTANDING!

  18. John

    Like the name says, tastes just like bread pudding. One of my new favorites. Sweet, creamy, vanilla pastry flavor. Delicious. Definitely ordering more of this.

  19. Nicholas R.

    This flavor takes me back to when i took a trip to New Orleans and took a cooking class, for dessert we made a bread pudding that i still make to this day. flavor is spot on to what i bake. all the right flavors hit the mouth just right! you can’t order just one bottle.

  20. Marty

    WOW!!!!!! Just pulled this outta the mailbox, smelled it & immediately started to vape it. This tastes JUST like bread pudding!!!!! I will be ordering a huge bottle immediately!!!!

  21. Aiden

    Everything that I bought from this company is delicious and priced Right. I just need little more throat hit.

  22. Jenn

    This flavor is so good! Tastes just like one of my favorite desserts! You guys are really making it hard for me to decide which flavors to vape now!! I will need to get more of this before it’s gone!

  23. Chris


  24. Jonathan G.

    I sincerely love the baked goods selection and this one tops the cake. It has a robust, sweet, bakery blend. It’s smooth and mellow and reminds me of a black and mild cigar (with a baked goods zing). I highly recommend this juice.

    Goes great with a good cup of coffee in the morning as well!

  25. Zach M.

    Taste great, reminds me of Sugar Cookie YGEJ mixed with an almost caramel and sweet cream flavor.

  26. Robert E.

    This one you like or you don’t my self I love it

  27. Linda G.

    Excellent flavor, will be buying more

  28. John

    Come on you know you want something else. Leave this stuff here so there’s plenty left for me. This vape is Awsome.

  29. Tara

    It’s spot on.. creamy sweet and delicious. If you like dessert. U will love this

  30. Roy

    Very good me and my wife are really enjoying it looking forward to lemon cheese cake thanks to Ugotejuice crew great job talk to y’all soon

  31. Ramon R.

    Absolutely one of the best juices i ever tried, really enjoying the flavor. Thank you

  32. Ngb

    I tried the Southern Bread Pudding at a local shop and was immediately surprised. Usually, I like a juice and then tire of it quickly, but not so with this flavor. It’s been my daily vape for over a week now and love it! You Got Juice makes the BEST flavors!!

  33. Vapestar

    All there juice is good but this one here knocked it out the park….good vaper production and great flavor!!!

  34. Kismet K.

    This is absolutely delicious! And definitely spot on! #kismetapproved

  35. Louis

    This is a very nice flavor One of my favorite of all. Not too sweet, just right. I have vaped this flavor without steeping and its has been just fine. After a week of steeping there is a bit more flavor I think. I really like buying this juice since I can vape it right away without steeping it.

  36. Felicia

    This flavor is true to its name. Taste just like bread pudding. Would recommend to anyone wanting a savory flavor that is a great all day vape.

  37. Ricky

    I’ve been buying juice on here for a long time, but this juice literally will ruin my RTA, have to change the coil and cotton after trying to vape this juice. Recently tried lemon custard and it’s doing pretty much the same thing. Think it’s time to find a better quality juice. I do like several of you gots juices. Seeing a drop in quality lately.

  38. Shannon T.

    Bought several different flavors after watching the reviews from Tia Vapes. None of them are good. None of them taste like the flavor they are supposed to be……just taste sweet. So disappointed!

  39. Kristine

    This juice is amazing and it has great flavor of a freshly baked pie.

  40. S P.

    Hands down one of my favorite juices. I’m glad I listened to my friends and bought this flavor.

  41. Winky

    No really, this stuff tastes like plain boiled chicken with a hint of sweetness. Absolutely vile.

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