WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Strawberry Cheesecake (SUB OHM)

(230 customer reviews)

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That old-fashioned New York Cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries.

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0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg


60mL, 120mL

230 reviews for Strawberry Cheesecake (SUB OHM)

  1. Trish M.

    Wow am I ever so happy that I found out about YGEJ thru youtube! I first ordered the fruity sampler pack along with the dessert/custard sampler. I’ll have to try the cereals at some point & the Vanilla Latte (wish this one was in a sampler pack but sadly it isn’t atm) but I’m in love love love with the Vanilla Custard, the Sugar Cookie & the Strawberry Cheesecake! So I ordered 2 each of these 3 flavors in 120ml bottles a few days ago. I just noticed that usps has my order delivered since yesterday morning! It shipped on Mon eve.. so that’s only barely a full 2 days! woah! That was super fast! I’ll have to run to the po box here soon to grab the order but wow am I happy with these guys.. great job yougotejuice.com.. fast & great cust srvc along with the quality flavorful juices & the awesome prices… I am a customer for life!! =D

  2. Lacie

    I bought the sample cream pack because I just started vaping & didn’t know really the flavors I’d like. I only tried the Strawberry Cheesecake & I must say that is some tasty stuff. I catch myself licking my lips after every puff. Anyways, I have 3 more to try & will give you my input on those later.

  3. Robert

    Great flavor! Strong strawberry flavor. For me it could of used a little more graham flavor. Will buy again

  4. Sharon

    I had been ordering from the same company juice company for a long time, but I was wanting to order larger size bottles, which were so expensive. One day I was searching Vape Deals and saw a advertisement on the right side for You Got E-Juice and what caught my eyes was 120ml bottles for $19.99!! I immediately when on to there sight and saw a few of my favorite flavors so I went ahead and took a chance after reading so many positive reviews ordered the Vanilla Custard, and and Strawberry Cheesecake and I am thoroughly impressed not only about the price but OMG is this juice spot on as far as flavor but also pure enjoyment as my ADV!! You Got E-Juice, #YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

  5. Melinda

    I have tried
    :strawberry: cheese cake
    :cherries: lemonade
    Sugar cookie
    :watermelon: rocks
    Fruity pebbles
    Cinnamon roll
    Strawberry custard
    And all of them are good.
    I wish you had a peach tea.
    Customer for life. Thank you

  6. Jordan

    I’m new to vaping and was skeptical about trying out certain eJuice but when I saw TiaVapes rant and rave about this juice & I saw the price it was a must have. I’ve tried out Sugar Cookie and Strawberry Cheesecake. They’re both great. The Strawberry Cheesecake tasted great right off the bat but the Sugar Cookie didn’t but once it steeped for a couple weeks it was sooo GOOD. I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  7. Ken B.

    Holy shiester miester! This stuff’ll make your tongue slap your brains out. It’s just that darn good!!!!

  8. Henry

    I purchased the Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla Latte & Sugar Cookie. All outstanding! Sugar lips for days!

    The shipping time to New Zealand (7-10 business days) is great since I don’t have to steep the juice when it arrives. Thanks a bunch.

  9. A.G.

    The strawberry cheesecake is amazing! one of the best I’ve tried so far definitely premium quality, I ordered a 60ml to try it and I wish I woulda got a 240, it’s that good

  10. Jen

    I have tried quite a few juices and most are amazing and the price is crazy good. These juices are better than most of the “premium” over priced juices out there. Strawberry cheesecake, strawberry custard, and lemon cheesecake are my favorites. Cherry lemonade suprised me I didn’t think I would like it and it was amazing. Tropical delight had to much of a perfume flavor for me but I think that’s the pomegranate. I liked blueberry waffle but I am more of a cream flavor person and it doesn’t have that, but excited to try the other 2 blueberry flavors. Peaches was ok but had a clove flavor I wasn’t a fan of. Hope that helps.

  11. Ben

    I ordered the desert sample pack. I have to say they tasted good right out of the package. The cheesecake was very silent the first time I tried it. Today is day 7 and omg this is some good shyte. I think if i let it steep for another week it will probably get even better. But I doubt this bottle will last another couple days let alone a week. Price, Quality, and Taste. Fabulous!

  12. Jenny

    On the 4th of July I ordered 5 120ml bottles of juice to take advantage of the 25% off sale! That being my second order with You Got Ejuice i knew I would love it! I purchased strawberry cheesecake and sugar cookie that I had gotten before and I knew were wonderful! But I had to try something new so I got lemon cheesecake, blueberry waffle and peaches! ALL of the flavors that I’ve tried are fantastic I can’t just just pick one ADV thank you all so much for making delicious affordable e-liquid!

  13. Croix F.

    Best cheesecake flavor I’ve had. Very creamy, with a nice graham crust and somewhat light strawberry flavor. A must try.

  14. Sharon E.

    I can’t say enough about the yougotejuice and how I heard of them was from a YouTube Vapo reviewer Tia Vapes yougotejuice looked her up with 12 120ml bottles for her to review, and I have to say I have never seen her that excited about all the flavors she was sent. I went right to your website and Ordered 2 60ml bottles one was Strawberry Cheesecake, Wonderful flavor with the and the cheesecake taste so fresh and creamy on the inhale and just a hint of the crust that cheesecakes would normally have That is the best I have ever had! The second was the Vanilla Custard I was in heaven with this flavor the Vanilla was perfectly blended with the custard very creamy!! Let’s just say both flavors are to die for, Needless to say I just placed my third Order tonight but my second and third were ordered in the 120ml bottles you can’t beat this price anywhere out there. This is Premium E-Juice at the best price point, out there a Gods knows I have gone through many many E-juice suppliers. Shipping on my first order took a week to get BUT IT WAS THE POST OFFICE DAULT my second order was delivered in 3 days and that was just First class mail! So you have a customer for life. …. Thank you to all who make this happen and each Flavor is Certified , Thank you again 🙂

  15. Sam

    Cinnamon roll – just waited a day or 2 to steep and was great, not exactly a cinnamon roll though. 9/10
    Strawberry cheesecake – same steeping and was also amazing, and tastes very similar to a cheesecake with a hint of strawberry. 9/10
    Watermelon rocks – I’ve let it steep for a week now so far and so far this was my least favorite which tasted like a really artificial watermelon, but still good enough to vape on. 7/10
    Cherry lemonade – really good right off delivery with a sweet cherry inhale and sour lemon exhale, but I can’t vape this all day (a bit too harsh for me). 8/10
    all shipping always came within 2 days another plus, would order again.

  16. D T.

    The hype around Sugar Cookie forced me to buy it and I was sort of disappointed. It was good, but not as good as I’d hoped. But the Strawberry Cheesecake? Absolutely amazing. I’m not sure how they incorporated the graham cracker crust just on the exhale, but it’s great. I didn’t let it steep and it was still great. Just ordered another bottle as well as Blueberry Waffle. I know it’s gonna be great too.

  17. Amanda

    This is my second order, and I had to review again. I’m simply amazed by this company. Strawberry cheesecake is the best ejuice ever!! I will order again when I get low. Shipping is fast from CA to NC, customer service is top notch! Could not be happier!!! Thank you #yougotejuice I’m a customer forever!!!

  18. James

    Another favorite of mine. I can’t wait to try the Blueberry cheesecake next!

  19. Charles

    Best flavor, best juice! Thumbs up! Favorite of all time! Top on my list!

  20. Robert E.

    This is by far the best juice out there not one time have I got a bad one good job

  21. Robert

    My all time favorite. The flavor is spot on and couldn’t be better. Where else can you find fantastic flavors for such a great price? It almost feels like I’m getting an unfair deal. Especially when I catch a sale which is often. Thanks YGEJ! !!

  22. Cassie M.

    its my fav juice here but warning if u get this flavor get another flavor other then strawberry cuz after i was vaping this flavor for awhile it started tasting like a spoiled strawberry. other then that its my fav

  23. Daston D.

    So good I almost cried :clap::clap::punch:

  24. Terry

    Price is the best yet, free shipping, and my daily vape. Best strawberry cheesecake ever.

  25. Rafael M.

    Really good one … nice taste of baked with a balanced strawberries flavor … recomendado !!!

  26. Andrew D.

    I get the strawberry but not much else its decent but they offer other flavors that taste fuller to me . ( rta around .02 40ish watts)

  27. Ariel C.

    best strawberry cheescake eva!

  28. Linnia

    Really love this juice. Has a very smooth, sweet flavor. Enjoy it very much.

  29. Rebekah

    I like the flavor, but don’t love it. I’m a huge fan of this company and have been ordering from here for awhile. The Lemon Cheese Cake crushes the Strawberry Cheesecake in my opinion and is my very favorite flavor from here. I’m not getting the creaminess or the graham cracker crust taste like I do with the Lemon Cheesecake, but it still has a nice taste, so I’ll still vape on it. The Watermelon Rocks from here is my second favorite ejuice from here. It’s very refreshing and flavorful. This is the best discount ejuice out there in my opinion:blush:

  30. Crystal

    First flavor I tried cuz of a YouTube video review and it’s one of my favorites!!! It’s delicious and I’ll definitely buy again.

  31. Chris D.

    is a great all day vape

  32. Brushy

    YGEJ never lets me down when it comes to their dessert flavors. The strawberry cheesecake ejuice is simply a delicious vape that I find myself just wanting for more!

    When I get a new ejuice, I make sure I have a clean coil and new cotton in my Recoil RDA (I prefer this dripper as I can taste flavor in it the best). This is all done just to ensure that the juice quality has the exact flavor it is supposed to portray.

    I’ll be honest, when I first tried this juice, I could taste a really strong note of strawberry, and very little of the cheesecake. It took a few solid vapes for me to realize that the cheesecake flavor is very subtle and sits on my back palate (or during the exhale). The strawberry flavor itself is very similar to YGEJ’s strawberry custard flavor. It’s not overly sweet and makes for a very easy vape.

    I thought that I’d comment here that I got this in the 6mg nicotine variant and I’ve never got a hard throat hit from any of YGEJ’s line of dessert ejuices. Definitely a major shout out for that!

    I’ve been vaping this for the past couple of days now and I can’t highly recommend this juice to anybody who loves strawberry vapes. For some of you out there, if you enjoy a strong cheesecake flavor, this vape might not be for you. However, I have enjoyed what I have vaped of this so far, and the more that I vape it, the more I fall in love with it! 🙂

  33. Phil B.

    Strawberry cheesecake will need to steep, as must all juices to get the full potential, but right out of the mail she was delicious. After purchasing this, I was purchasing coils from another site and saw that they also sold your product, so I ordered a 120ml sugar cookie. Got it in the mail today – she was already steeped nicely, and mmmmmm boy! Good stuff! I also like your website b/c it is easy to navigate and doesn’t look like all the others. Also very happy you give military discounts. I will be back!

  34. Cristina

    This is such a good juice. The flavor is amazing and it is a perfect blend .

  35. Doug F.

    This flavor is so yummy :tongue:

  36. Matt

    First time I’ve ever had a “cheesecake flavor”, but it did not disappoint! Honestly, this flavor has become my favorite strawberry-type vape!

  37. Stephen R.

    This flavour is like the cheesecake factory in a bottle . Warm cheesy cheesecake on the inhale cool fresh strawberries on the exhale. It’s a must try and a huge bang for your buck .

  38. Yunus S.

    I love that taste and so does everyone i let try it. It’s always sad to see the empty bottle at the end. Lol

  39. Kevin

    Excellent as always!

  40. Hameed A.

    Within one week it is about to finish.

  41. Cathy

    The only juice I buy and use now. Strawberry cheesecake is my all day vape. The best juice in the world literally

  42. Ricky

    So smooth. Great tasting. Only juice I buy. Highly recommend!!!

  43. Fabrice

    A sublime taste !!! STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE for ever !

  44. Karen

    This is my favorite of your juices. I always order a large bottle of this and a smaller one of a rotating flavor just for something different now and then. But, I always come back to the SC. You can’t lose!

  45. Kwalangmodo

    Great value, great flavor! Love everything about this juice and this company!! Will definitely be ordering more in the future!!

  46. Tea

    The flavor is there but mines has to sit for a minute. It has not settled yet.

  47. Anita

    Great flavour. Great price

  48. Ahmed

    This juice is real tasty and probably the best strawberry on this game !!!

  49. Tamy

    Best flavor of all juices. Simply can’t live without it.

  50. Donita

    This juice is my all time favorite.
    I have order it many times and it is simply divine with its creaminess I cant put this down ever and to be honest I can’t put none of the cheesecake flavors down it is that good. I suggest everyone to try it.

  51. B. D.

    The best of the best….Strawberry Cheesecake flavor is my favorite…..

  52. Santiago R.

    I’ve been vaping for 3 years now and tried a lot of different flavours. I came across this company out of a video on YouTube from TiaVapes. After that THE ONLY JUICE I USE DAILY IS THE STRAWBERRIE CHEESECAKE. I buy 2 x 240ml bottles a month and I will never get tired of it. The best ejuice from the best company. Thank you guys!!

  53. Jason L.

    This strawberry cheesecake is my go to, sure I try other flavors but this right here is my favorite! The strawberry flavor is great the cheesecake is amazing it is an amazing juice. Mixed perfectly everytime. I usually order it in a 120, but I think I need to start picking up 240mls at a time because I go through it too fast!!

  54. Kimberly

    I have been chasing a flavour and who knew this was it .. I ordered the sample packs all of them and honestly I can’t say enough about these juices
    Vapour amazing
    Taste amazing
    Quality and costumer care omg amazing and fast replies helpful very very acomadating .. I give them 1000000 thumbs up

  55. Hannah

    This has to be the greatest strawberry cheesecake ejuice out there! Steeping is recommended, but it still tastes amazing right out of the package. Definitely something I’ll keep coming back for!

  56. Harold

    The best juice money can buy

  57. Ahmad

    I’m s peach less .

  58. Don H.

    Let steep a wk. nice flavour nice CLOUDS!

  59. Jim H.

    All I can say is awesome, stop looking to buy your juice from any other place. I’ve tried almost all of their flavors and they are truly amazing

  60. Sandra

    This js the best flavor hands down. Its also a great value. Defiantly will order again.

  61. Yann

    Delicious my favorite flavor all day

  62. Tamy

    Always satisfied. You Got E-juice has the best strawberry cheesecake flavor, bar none. I have failed to find any other brand quite this good.

  63. Tamy

    Best e-juice I’ve ever tried. It’s my favorite and the one I use everyday. No other juice pleases my palette quite like this one. It’s a must try!

  64. Tamy

    The best flavor ever. Love it.

  65. Duane

    Again this is some good stuff flavor profile is on point and now one of my favorite vapes congrats u got me hooked

  66. Theresa

    This juice taste so good. Let it steep 10 days after I got it. Found it needed another 3 days to get all the flavors to pop. You can taste the Strawberry. Not really sweet either. Just a nice smooth flavor. Love this company. Only place I will buy my ejuice.

  67. Don B.

    It’s been a while since I started vaping, 3 years this last Thanksgiving 2018, and You Got E-Juice Sugar Cookie and Strawberry Cheesecake were my all time favorites early on. I think steeping would bring back the flavor I enjoyed so much back then, and would be nice if you offered a pre-steeped version of your e-liquids. Thanks for the great work you do, great customer service, and taking me back as a customer after my flare ups during the Indiana e-liquid fiasco…God Bless!

  68. Jeremie

    Commande reçu très rapidement, et le goût est très addictif !!!!

  69. Ragnar D.

    Es el sabor más redondo que he encontrado en un e-liquido, recomendable al 100%

  70. Drew H.

    My palette is always terrible at tasting strawberry juices. This one is the only one that is the exception! This juice is awesome! I’ll be ordering again!

  71. Steve

    Hands down the best vape juice I’ve had. Great price and flavor, competes with any “top shelf” e juices on the market. Very helpful people too, will continue ordering

  72. Derick S.

    This juice is amazing! Real strawberry with creamy cheesecake! Thank you YougotEjuice y’all are the best!

  73. Kitty

    I’m not a fan of cheesecake but I ordered for my husband who is and decided to give it a try and now between this and the blueberry cheesecake are my favorite juices to vape. All the flavor and not the calories…. how can you not like it?

  74. Jeffrey F.

    Good stuff

  75. Brenda D.

    My all time favorite its the only juice i vape im stuck on it just a perfect flavor love love love it.

  76. Christy H.

    Excellent flavor

  77. Cathy

    Been buying juice from here for years and wouldn’t buy anywhere else. Strawberry cheesecake is my favourite :grin::grin::grin::grin:

  78. Modest C.

    100% my go to flavor! Excellent service and by far the fastest shipping! Highly recommended !!!!!

  79. Mary V.

    The strawberry flavor is delicious but there’s something a bit off with the cheesecake part. Not my favorite flavor (love me some Apple Juice on Ice), but it isn’t bad. If you love sticky sweet this is the ejuice for you.

  80. Tara N.

    I asked for 6mg. An got 3mg. Still one of my favorites

  81. M C.

    :sign_horns::grinning_face_with_star_eyes::sign_horns:can’t say enough good things about this flavor

  82. Trina H.

    This was the first juice to keep me from craving cigarettes ! It’s been 4 years & still one of my favorites! It’s everything you’d want from strawberry cheesecake! Try it, you’ll keep coming back for more !

  83. Christopher G.

    Very professional customer service, cory Kruger did a excellent job supporting customers :+1::thinking:

  84. Cathy P.

    The most perfect strawberry cheesecake juice in the entire world and I literally mean that. If you haven’t tried it, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing out on. My all day, every day juice.

  85. Gerald

    Buddy of mine recommended the Strawberry Cheesecake & it is delicious! Ordered the 9 pack sampler afterwards & tho not all flavors are my thing, they are good. Just ordered another 120ml of the strawberry cheesecake and I’m gonna try the lucky cereal. Apple Jacks is my 2nd favorite but lucky cereal caught my eye. If your like me and tired of paying $20+ for a 30ml at your local vape shop then order a 120ml bottle for $19.99. You simply can’t beat that price

  86. John N.

    Great product, Fast shipping.

  87. Christopher W.

    Excellent flavor

  88. Joshua H.

    I’ve been vaping this flavor for almost 4 years! Nothing is better in my opinion!!

  89. Tamy H.

    Best juice flavor out there. Haven’t found another that even comes close! Thanks YGEJ!

  90. Daniel S.

    Awesome favor

  91. Kathryn C.

    I love this company, I love there ejuice and The price is great and the delivery was fast!!!

  92. Roy S.

    Spot on great job thanks for making vaping affordable for everyone

  93. Tamy H.

    I have been vaping strawberry cheesecake from Yougotejuice for years. It’s definitely my favorite e-juice.

  94. Carlos L.

    I love it !!

  95. Christopher W.


  96. Kayla J.

    Absolutely amazing!

  97. Karen G.

    Great as always!

  98. Sarah P.

    I am loving this strawberry cheesecake. Just the right amount of sweet strawberry and rich cheesecake with a nice Graham finish. My new all day vape!

  99. Tarria F.


  100. Sarah P.

    so tasty! my ADV!

  101. James P.

    I’m a huge strawberry fan, this is rite up there with other strawberry cheesecakes that I’ve tried….very good…

  102. Ken J.

    My last order has not arrived yet.

  103. Steve L.

    Really not feeling this flavor, almost has some kind of “perfume-y” taste to it. Absolutely love the Strawberry Cheesecake though.

  104. Cathy P.

    Been buying this juice for years and would never buy from anywhere else. The best juice around by far

  105. Randall M.

    I can taste everything in this juice. When I vape this it seems like I’m actually eating the real thing. I can taste the Graham cracker, strawberry and cheesecake. Definitely a good juice.

  106. Paige W.

    Love this flavor.

  107. Diana C.

    This tastes so good! The best strawberry cheesecake I’ve had ~ hands down. And I’ve had many in the past almost 6 years that I’ve been vaping. You will not be disappointed!

  108. Yann C.

    It’s my all day on my dot meca equiped with dot single coil alien at 0.24ohm.

  109. Jason R.

    Consistently great

  110. Lisa W.

    This flavor is, quite simply, perfect. It has the perfect amount of both strawberry and cheesecake and just the right amount of sweetness! I don’t know why it took me so long to try this flavor, but it is most definitely everything that it claims to be – perfection!

  111. Tony G.

    When I first recieved my order and tried the juices they were kind of off. After a day of breathing and steeping the flavors really started to come alive. The Strawberry Cheesecake is sweet,rich and spot on. All 5 flavors Ive gotten are really good for the price but some of them are too sweet for an ADV.

  112. August S.

    I ordered a sample pack of your cereal vapes for my son He is 32yrs and a 120ml of Strawberry Cheesecake for myself .. you have a new customer for life .. thank you .. for great quality e juice and prices at can’t be beat !!! just order more today and plan to but only from you please make some Menthol and Mint flavor one day that will be killer

  113. Anthony R.

    I ordered a 120ml bottle of Strawberry Cheesecake 3mg and I love it!!! And it came very fast and on time.. You guys have a customer for life!!

  114. Aditya G.

    I just want to say that after trying a lot of E liquids made in the USA, Yougotejuice has been my favorite so far. I have had several orders of their Strawberry cheesecake and Sugar cookie. This company is so well at pricing their products and maintaining the quality persistently. I would most highly recommend trying out their dessert line. Not to forget the amazing 10/10 customer service they provide, quick replies and very accommodating. Never had any issues with shipping.

  115. Lace

    I received the samples of strawberry cheesecake, sugar cookie, strawberry custer, & vanilla custer. I love the strawberry cheesecake, it’s my favorite! I liked the vanilla custer but oddly I didnt like the strawberry custer that much. I didn’t like sugar cookie at all, so I just mixed the sugar cookie with the strawberry custer and it made them taste better to me. You cannot beat the price so I’m looking forward to buying a couple more different flavors to try.

  116. Michael N.

    I heard about their juice thru Tina vapes and had to try some so I order sugar cookie and vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard and chocolate covered strawberries all was great but chocolate covered strawberries I didn’t taste anu chocolate and a very little strawberry just order vanilla latte I give a review on it once I try it

  117. Amber

    I just got my first order, super fast shipping, thank you! I got strawberry cheesecake and lemon cheesecake. They taste so good now, I know they will be amazing after they steep for a while. The cheesecake flavor is so creamy and kind of buttery but not too sweet. So glad I bought the big bottles to stock up! Will order more flavors very soon!

  118. Patrick C.

    My wife and I both vape. So liquid was getting kinda pricey. We are huge lovers of taste, and were so skeptical of YGEJ. So we ordered 2 bottles (Cherry Lemonade and Strawberry Cheesecake) and we were blown away. This Juice is absolutely amazing, blows awesome clouds, and got all the way to NC from Cali in 3 days! I mean, I’m lost for words. It’s just amazing. YGEJ has won our hearts and we will be ordering more every month. I highly recommend this juice! Thank you so much YGEJ!!!

  119. Holly

    My Strawberry Cheesecake Ejuice came in today and WOW!!! I was too eager to try it that I didn’t let it steep and it was still amazing!!! Luscious strawberries, creamy cheesecake and a hint of graham cracker crust on the exhale. I LOVE this Ejuice! The shipping was fast also! I ordered the sugar cookie today and can’t wait to try it! I am definitely a new loyal customer! Huge thanks to Tia Vapes for her review that sent me in You Got Ejuice’s direction!!

  120. Brandie

    I have tried 5 of your juices and plan to try them all. I will only be buying my juice from you for now on. Ships quik, affordable and I am addicted to the strawberry cheesecake. I love love love it.

  121. Ilene

    Just got my juice in the mail today after a quick delivery time. Juice is A+ delicious. I’ll be ordering more than one 120ml bottle next time, I’ll burn through this so quick. Clean packaging, no damage in transit- just wonderful!

  122. Isaac

    so far I’ve tried; sugar cookie, apple jacks, lucky cereal, vanilla latte, strawberry cheesecake, and fruity cereal. i have nothing negative to say about the juices, they’re freaking awesome, customer service is great too! the only reason i didn’t give a 5 star review is that it took almost a month for the juices to get to me… other than everything was perfect!

  123. Reed

    Love your juice! This is my third order and plenty more to come. I’ve had strawberry cheesecake, sugar cookie and fruity pebbles flavored. All were very good quality juice. I’ve just ordered summer breeze and watermelon rocks.

  124. Peter F.

    I have had this strawberry cheesecake flavor and it’s very good taste more like a natural strawberry rather than an artificial strawberry and for a 7030 blend it’s ferry Smith I liked it a lot and for the price I definitely recommend

  125. Christine

    Got the strawberry cheesecake in the sample pack and immediately ordered a 120ml along with the new lemon cheesecake flavor. Absolutely love the lemon cheesecake and it is now my new favorite. It is soooooo good.

    I also like the vanilla custard, it is a little to rich for me when i drip it but I love it in my Aspire Cleito tank. Strawberry custard is ok for me … I like it well enough when I drip it but hate it in my tank. I did not like the sugar cookie and ended up giving it away … I don’t think it’s the juice that’s bad just not my thing. I haven’t liked any sugar cookie juices that I’ve tried.

    I also got the new cinnamon roll flavor and apple jack. I’m not tasting too much from the cinnamon roll yet so I’m letting it steep. I like the apple jack but I think I need to steep and breathe it cause I’m getting a slight perfume taste from it but I can tell I will love it with a little steeping time.

    Overall I love this company and I will always have the lemon cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake on hand.

  126. Josh

    So I actually picked up the sample pack, because juice at this price with flavor is hard to believe. Well, #yougotejuice just made me a believer! Strawberry Custard is AMAZING! Looking for something like M.M.? This is BETTER! Strawberry Cheesecake is SPOT ON! Strawberry notes on the inhale with that delicious cream cheese, then followed up the graham cracker crust. If you like feeling like setting on the beach, try the Tropical Delight. It’s like sippin’ on a sweet delicious beverage, but hits the tart meter just a little at the end to make you come back for more. The last was the Sugar Cookie. This juice goes excellent with a nice morning bagel and a cup o’ jo! I will be ordering again very soon! Thanks for the excellent product and service!!

  127. Thomas

    The package came in 2 days! I bought sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. THE BEST! Loving the flavors and the price for it. Definitely will be buying more from “yougotejuice” in the future. Thank goodness no more 30ml bottles for 22-26 dollars !

  128. Brooke

    Just ordered some strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon roll, and fruity cereal! All I can say is wow on this strawberry cheesecake!! Fresh strawberries and so creamy!! Amazing job guys! You have a customer forever! Love love love! Gonna try the other 2 next!

  129. Wendy C.

    I have found my holy grail of ejuice and it’s affordable!! The strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard are amazing! My new favorite is vanilla custard, though!! My second favorite is the tropical! Delicious!
    I just ordered more of the strawberry cheesecake and tropical! I’d love it if you made a creamy blueberry jam!!

  130. Sue L.

    i have ordered Strawberry cheesecake,Vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and sugar cookie and they are all fantastic will be ordering more very soon yummmmmmm

  131. Kara

    I have tried almost all of the flavors you carry and I must say this is the best ejuice I have ever vaped on! I cannot wait to see what other flavors you guys will bring out in the future!!

    My all day vapes:
    Strawberry cheesecake/custard
    Sugar cookie
    And now I’ve added two more..
    Cherry lemonade & Cinnamon roll!

    I recommend this ejuice over ANY other line I have tried!

  132. Matt

    I have been wasting my time at the local vape shop paying 40 dollars for only 90 ml so I was recommended by a friend to try this site out and I couldn’t be any happier . Not feeling the lemonade flavor but the strawberry cheesecake is out of this world good . Never had a better flavor at different temps with different coils . Seemed like whatever I put it in it just tasted great . Its so good got a few coworkers to quit smoking and start to vape just because of the flavor . If you are on the fence about should you or shouldn’t you I recommend go for it . Try out a sample pack to see which flavor you like the most then grab the big 240 . Travels well too went overseas twice already and no issues with losing flavor . Keep the flavor strong and the prices good and you will have a life long customer here and a salesman !!!!!!!!

  133. Jo D.

    I ordered Strawberry Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake. I’m in love with both. The price and fast delivery are just fan-freaking-tastic. They taste great in a dropper as well as a tank. I can’t wait to try other flavors. Vanilla Latte and Sugar cookie are next.

  134. Cheryl

    Totally BOMB! I have been through 3 240 ml bottles of this YUMMY, DELICIOUS, MIND BLOWING strawberry cheesecake. Perfect customer service and FAST shipping. Can’t seem to vape anything else!

  135. Dylan T.

    one of my favs of all time well worth taking a chance on a 60ml for 12 bucks if your skeptical.. at first it was heavy on strawberry lighter on cream and ghram crust i wish it had more creamcheese and grahm crust, its there when you first open it but not alot. after steeping you taste way more creamcheese and grahm crust so if i were you id buy a few flavors and put half or more of this flavor away for 10 days but for a dessert flavor its still amazing right when you get it a lot of them aren’t good for a longgggg time this is wonderful when u first open it and only gets better.

  136. Nikki

    I have ordered several flavors from here and all are completely amazing. Strawberry cheesecake is my favorite. The smell makes my mouth water. I usually have to slow my vaping down throughout the day because I just can’t put it down. I can’t wait to try every flavor they offer! You will not be disappointed! The prices are fantastic, free shipping and great vape. Ygej is just a win all the way across the board!! I recommend you order now!

  137. Brandy

    very satisfied customer!! creamy and delicious. also love that they included nipple tops for the 120 ml bottles

  138. Pauline

    This is an excellent vape. Very authentic and you can really taste the graham cracker crust in this as well as the strawberry. I’m now in my 7th month cigarette free and really appreciate that You Got Ejuice makes vaping so affordable. I mentioned this company to a relative who has been vaping for probably six years or so and has tried many different eliquids from different companies. She purchased from You Got Ejuice and is really impressed with the flavor quality for the price and will be purchasing again in the future. She gifted me this strawberry cheesecake to try. It’s the fourth flavor I’ve tried and so far my favorite.

  139. Nicole

    This is so freaking good! It literally tastes like an actual cheesecake! On the inhale I got cheesecake with strawberry notes and on the exhale I got gramh crust. This is a winner! Does not taste cheap at all definitely a premium e liquid. If you love cheesecake this is a Must Try.

  140. Gee G.

    I love this strawberry cheesecake, I also love the smell,great flavor!!

  141. Matteo


  142. Becca

    I’m so impressed with this company! Quick delivery, plus amazing spot on flavors! We will be returning customers!

  143. Joe424


  144. Steve

    This is literally the best e juice i have found, even compared to some of the most expensive brands/flavors available. If you like fruity flavors, this will set a new standard of quality for your juice collection.

  145. Matteo

    I have had a lot of cheescake vapes but this by far is my favorite. It’s on my cleito 120 and I have been vaping it everyday for about a month . Cannot get enough. Don’t hesitate ,try it . You will be happy you did.

  146. Josh

    This flavor has an indescribable flavor, strawberry notes with a slight under tone of the cheese from the cheesecake and its tart and the nice crumbly graham cracker crust to finish the whole exhale off and its absolutely wonderful.

  147. Ahmed

    The flavore was great and the price was grater. I buy it again for sure.

  148. Ray

    This juice completely encompasses the phrase “premium juice without the premium price” This flavor was gifted to me by my mother and from that first bottle it has become the only juice I vape.

  149. Jescel

    Really good price and the taste is just right. Will be my #1 shopping site.

  150. Nick S.

    This is by far the best strawberry cheesecake I have ever had. The strawberry is so delicious and the cheesecake is so smooth I am on my 4th purchase of 120 mil bottle and will keep continuing recommend to everybody

  151. Nikki

    This just really shocked me! It’s so flavorful and fresh! I can’t get enough of it! I will be buying more!

  152. Greg C.

    Absolute perfection .. We have a local e-liquid called “Chupatits” which is the exact same flavor profile and I’m sitting on 60ml’s of it. YGEJ’s Strawberry cheesecake is very similar,but it’s even better. Creamy Strawberry inhale followed by a graham cracker crust exhale. Rich and creamy, like a cheesecake should be. Total ADV material here. Strawberry cheesecake will not disappoint.

  153. Heath

    The flavor of this liquid is good but it’s a little muted in flavor if the flavor was stronger i would have given it 5 stars. It just seems like sometimes when im vaping this flavor it seemed like i was vaping just vg

  154. Jimmy K.

    I am in love with this juice!! It is the best strawberry cheesecake out on the market to date!!

  155. Josh

    Bear taste, best price. I’ll never order form somewhere elses.

  156. T. C.

    Great flavor! Great clouds! Im addicted to this one. Its my go to flavor and favorite

  157. Charles

    The Flavor, taste are the best! People love the smell too!

  158. Doug

    Been vaping this for a while now and it doesnt dissapoint. Its a consistant flavour that i can always rely on. Different builds on different attys bring out the flavour in different quantities. So worth experimenting with.

  159. Papa N.

    I have been vaping the cheez crack for around 3 years. I have wasted probably thousands of dollars trying other flavors and brands in which I ended up giving away. My childs college fund would be huge if I learned that this is the only juice that I would consistently love sooner.

  160. Juju

    Tried this first in 30 ml bottle. Loved it a quickly ordered the 60 ml. Haven’t even finished the 60 ml and had to order the 120ml because there was a sale. I would’ve ordered it anyways but they had a sale on something already amazingly priced. Couldn’t pass it up. The prices here are 100 I love it. Love YGEJ thanks to TiaVapes

  161. Cathy

    Been buying yougotejuice for quite a few months now and love it. I don’t buy from anywhere else now. My absolute favourite is strawberry cheesecake which I buy monthly now. My other half loves Vanilla latte and Summer breeze. Highly recommend this juice to everyone. No where in Australia comes close to this place. Love it :grinning::grinning:

  162. Mary D.

    I absolutely love the Strawberry Cheesecake!! Banana Bread taste & Smells so good.I’ve got 10 that are my Favorites!! The quality & price are unbeatable. I am so glad my friend told me about YGEJ.

  163. Tara W.

    Great strawberry taste with hints of cheesecake.

  164. Chantay

    Premium juice at a fraction of the cost of others. Its my favoite!!

  165. Fernando

    Yes the hype is real, this is the best budget e-juice on the market. Flavor is subjective, but any custard/dessert lover will definitely enjoy this one. Very fresh strawberries on the inhale and a DELICIOUS baked crust on the exhale. Together: pure Bliss! Have ordered 4 more flavors and all are really on point in the flavor profile, well done!

  166. Jeff F.

    Great taste, great price!!!

  167. Terri M.

    This one is my absolute favorite. Great company, great prices and great customer service. What more could you ask for. Keep up the good work guys!

  168. Kevin

    This is my all day vape. Actually this is pretty much the only thing I vape anymore. Absolutely the best vape I have had in over 2 years of vaping. Thank you yougotejuice! Keep making it the same way and you’ll have a customer for life.

  169. Matt

    This is the best juice that I’ve had. Consistently delicious

  170. James

    Absolute classic flavor. Always a good choice. If I don’t know what flavor I want, Strawberry Cheesecake will never let me down!

  171. Mitchell

    Strawberry cheesecake is YGEJ’s best flavor in my opinion. It’s the first flavor I had ever tried by YGEJ and ever since I’ve been hooked. I vape this juice everyday, even though I try not to because I run out so fast. I also enjoy the Frosted Donut, Sugar Cookie, and Blueberry Waffle flavors. I personally stay away from the Summer Breeze. In my opinion it tastes like toothpaste. That is the only flavor I have tried that I didn’t like.I have tried other “budget e juices” and none compare to YGEJ. They are always my go-to juice company, although I hope they come out with some more flavors soon.

  172. Eric

    This is my favorite flavor which provides a great taste. You can’t go wrong with this flavor. The affordability is another reason why I prefer to order from them. Try it ou!

  173. Shane H.

    Great juice! All the cheese cake juices on this site are amazing but I love this strawberry cheese a must buy and try

  174. Adam

    This juice is good but gets old..

  175. Ray

    There are only 3 different flavors I have found throughout my entire time vaping that I would consider an EDC (Every Day Carry) and this is one of them. Order it, steep it for about a week and vape away. You wont be disappointing!

  176. Tamy

    I have tried so many varieties of e-juice but always go back to Strawberry Cheesecake from You Got E-juice. It is bar-none the best juice I have ever vaped. The flavor is a perfect blend of strawberry and cheesecake…not too much of one and not enough of the other…but perfectly in the middle. I love it!

  177. Stephanie

    the 3mg is so delicious in this juice but the 0mg didn’t hit at all and is in the trash. it also burnt my coils extra fast. 🙁

  178. Montana

    My husband and I fight over this so much! It’s so good! Definitely recommend to anyone!!!

  179. Dave

    ADV. Always have this on deck. Just so good. Creamy strawberry and yummy. Doesn’t really need to steep but if you do it just keeps getting better like crazy.

  180. Jim B.

    Strawberry Cheesecake is one of my staple ejuices. I cant vape the same thing for long. I buy 90% of my ejuice here. The shipping is fast and packed nicely.The flavor is spot on and is good in rda’s and rta’s. I recommend this one and Peach Yogurt, Carmel Custard, Vanilla Custard, and Banana Cream if your looking for other flavors to try.

  181. Jonathan

    More cheesecake than strawberry. Still a really great juice. My fav at the moment. Doesn’t gunk up your cotton or coils either :+1: Solid B

  182. Tamy

    The best ejuice I have ever tried. I basically vape only this flavor. Kudos to yougotejuice.

  183. Rafaeliván

    The Best … my favorite flavor, yummy yummy, delicious. Recommended. Thanks guys for the customer support, the fast ship and always the sticker … LOL …you rock !!!

  184. Dylan T.

    I am on my 4th bottle of this and it’s simply unacceptable for me to not have it around. This is in my top 3 favorite e juices of all time. Still trying to figure out how they get this juice so perfectly sweet so naturally because it never gunks up coils ever!!

  185. Michael J.

    I like getting different flavors every time and this one was no different. It was great and thank you guys it got to my house fast. You guys do great at making the juice. Keep up the great work.

  186. Kjeezy

    I am a very picky about the juice I vape and it’s hard to find something I can vape all day. It this juice is by far the best I’ve had!! I won’t vape anything else! So glad I found YGEJ and tried what they had! It just a huge bonus that it’s so cheap! Thank you YGEJ!!

  187. Sherry

    Agian like all the others the flavor mutes the bigger the bottle. 30ml was amazing but the hight the ml the more the flavor muted. This is the only one out of all the 60ml and 120ml bottles that Ive ordered that Ive vaped through. Like Ive said in my other reviews Im not waisting more money on several 30ml bottles to make up the amount of ml Im wanting to have the fullest flavor. This dont seem to be happening to anyone else but for me I like flavor in my vape being the flavor chaser I am and am not getting it in any bottle above 30ml. My ygej days may be over.

  188. Sherry

    This is my fav flavor. Love this in the 30ml bottle not so much in 60ml. Flavor mutes the bigger the bottle.

  189. Tara&Geo

    I have tried alot of these flavors but strawberry cheesecake is one i just continue to buy. It NEVER gets old. I love sugar cookie also. But mixing them is the perfect flavor. Ive only been vaping a year and have only ever bought from yougotjuice. A friend who actually got us vaping sent us here for juice and we have never left. We had bought little30 ml bottles a few places and paid 12-15$ and they tasted like crap. So i dont know how else to day yougotjuice is AWESOME.

  190. Tamy

    Best flavor I’ve ever vaped!

  191. Tyler T.

    I ordered this juice back in October I’ve been cleansing what juice I have left been letting it steep and just rewicked my aromamizer Plus and then through this in and ooohh man it is so good

  192. Farid

    Mon premier juice cheescake
    Belle découverte on sent bien le gâteau fromage avec cette irréprochable fraise signé ygej justement dosée
    Foncez les yeux fermés vous ne risquez rien comme tous les autres cheescake de la marque que jai goûté. mais celui ci reste pour moi le plus consommé chez moi

  193. Hec V.

    can’t get enough of this…. awesome taste… awesome vape… great clouds…. can vape all day long

  194. Tamy

    Nothing beats this flavor

  195. Marci

    This is the only juice I vape. I do love many flavors and will switch it from time to time but this is my go to for sure! The price is unbelievable and is just an added plus to the flavor…

  196. Sami

    it was strong at first but ended up loving it.

  197. Liz

    One of the best Strawberry cheesecake , HANDS DOWN!

  198. Steph

    It has a strong cheese cake smell, with a bit of strawberry. Light taste.. perfect with a hot cup of choco/tea/coffee. Clouds bro clouds. Btw. Thank u so much for opening the bottles for me, much appretiated.. u guys are the only online shop that never fails to do my tiny request Keep it up! And il be ordering from you guys again.

  199. Jojo81

    Tried countless strawberry cheesecakes and this is by far the absolute best and my favourite!

  200. James

    I was hesitant at first because the cost was low, but it was quite tasty. So much so I went through my 60 in just a few days.

  201. Andrew

    alot of trial and error go into vaping and picking the best juice for your individual needs. Luckily, I found yougotejuice a couple years back and can’t praise them enough! 10 stars!

  202. Steph

    Thank you for another great transaction guys! Though it came late i dnt care. The juice is like a creamy vanilla with a strong strawberry taste. Gonna pair it, with a cup of coffee or Swiss Miss. Thanks for the stickers. Til next time.

  203. Tamy

    It’s been a whole year now that I’ve been vaping strawberry cheescake. I still love it.

  204. Yann

    Very good eliquide my favorite one and also my all day I really enjoy vape with it.
    Thank you

  205. Elisa

    I ordered the strawberry cheesecake 120 ml after steeping i tried it and it was the wrong flavor the bottle was strawberry cheesecake but when i tried it was coconut macaroon, but that flavor was ok, so i just reordered another strawberry cheesecake……….

  206. Steeve M.

    C’est la troisième commande, j’adore !

  207. Kira

    This is premium juice! I love it. I wish they would make plain New York Cheese Cake Juice too. I just love cheesecake. I love this company. Glad I found them. This is a good ADV just right. Keep up the fantastic work. It is much appreciated! Love the real people pricing.xoxoxo

  208. Tom

    I’ve ordered Strawberry Cheesecake from other reputeable juice companies and was somewhat satisfied with their version. You Got E Juice’s version is on point! And the price is great also. Recommend.

  209. Angela C.

    I’ve NEVER been disappointed with any of your juices. Strawberry cheesecake is my go to favorite but I’ve tried many others and have never been disappointed. Oh and customer service is awsome:sunglasses:

  210. Dr

    This is the best flavor I’ve tried thus far from these guys.

  211. Tamy

    I’m completely in love with this flavor already and the new labels make it even better.

  212. Bart

    I’ve been ordering the strawberry cheesecake for over 2 years. Can’t put it down! So delicious! I order it in 0MG and 3MG and then mix the two in a 240ML to make a 1.5MG custom juice. They have other great flavors like sugar cookie and strawberry custard that I’ve tried and liked but I’m afraid to order them because I know I like strawberry cheesecake so much. 🙂 YGEJ has great customer service and shipping is fast. YGEJ has definitely made vaping more affordable. I still can’t believe other companies and local shops have the nerve to try and sell 30ML for $15-$20!!!! Keep it up YGEJ!

  213. Brenda

    Been vaping for 3 years now tried hundreds of flavors but just can’t find anything that I truly enjoy vaping except your strawberry cheesecake, it’s all I vape I absolutely love it, and shipping is fast y’all are awesome, thank you so much.

  214. Yann

    As usual this is the best flavor tested for strawberry cheesecake many thanks yougotejuice

  215. Shaunté

    Ive tried quite a few flavors so far and i must say my favorite is the strawberry Cheesecake. Strawberry shortbread cookie and strawberry rice crispy treat come in second and third. I tried peaches and recently the muffin top flavors and they were terrible! I’ll continue to purchase my faves though. Shipping is so quick and prices are great!

  216. Godofredo

    The best Cheesecake juice I have ever tasted.

  217. Vhien

    This is my go-to juice. Aside from it being very flavorful, it is also quite more affordable than other ejuices in the market. Shipping is also fast. Not a deal breaker, but my only suggestion is to have them pre-steeped in your factory that way customers can vape it right off the mail. No need to wait for 5-7 days when it arrives.

  218. Jamie D.

    I am new to vaping and I wanted to try this strawberry cheesecake as I know someone who uses it (they make theirs) I was slightly surprised that this juice is not very strong in taste or smell, nevertheless, you have awesome prices and I like it and will most likely buy it again, thank you for the fast delivery!

  219. Jason J.

    This is almost my every day all day vape!!! Excellent blend of flavor and great vapor production!! 100% spot on delicious creamy strawberry greatness! Excellent customer service and great speedy shipping!!

  220. Donna

    Alittle bit of heaven in every vape!

  221. Gus

    I’ve been vaping this one for years I like it it could use more flavor the strawberry is not strong enough

  222. Julia

    I love you got e juice vape juice. My boyfriend and I exclusively vape the strawberry custard flavor. I decided recently to venture out and try a different flavor as I do from time to time… and read great reviews on the strawberry cheesecake so I ordered it and just tried it for the first time this morning and it is SO BOMB! Incredible flavor and perfect balance between the strawberry flavor and notes of gram cracker. So well balanced and tasty. I believe I found my new go to. I highly recommend!

  223. Tamy

    Hands down the best flavored juice I’ve ever tried.

  224. Vs

    i’ve tried several ejuice flavors that just lose their taste over time, i just got this juice in the mail today and i am so happy with my purchase. i didn’t even let it steep and it already has so much flavor, i can’t wait to try it once it has steeped. literally tastes like a strawberry cheesecake. can’t wait to try more flavors!

  225. Denise

    they have the best flavors. true to taste.strawberry cheese cake is the one for me.

  226. Luciano

    I only buy this juice from these guys, as I’m very picky. This is a great deal and a hardcore all day vape for me. 5/5, I just wish they offered a higher vg mix…. Try this out.

  227. Justin G.

    Fresh strawberry on the inhale and delicious cheesecake on the exhale….. soooooo gooooooood!!!!! I haven’t even let it steep yet either, which I will be doing for the next week to get even more flavor! YGEJ you guys are the best

  228. Shane

    Strawberry cheesecake is my Favorite! The constant coupon codes are awesome too. Thank you You gote juice.

  229. Justin

    Premium quality juice, every flavor every time:ok_hand:

  230. Jan

    This one along w Lemon Cheesecake and Blueberry Cheesecake r my all day vapes. Love YGEJ been buying from them for many years! Always consistent w product, shipping and cs. Thank you YGEJ LOVE YOU!

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