WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Strawberry Custard (SUB OHM)

(219 customer reviews)

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A delicious blend of sweet strawberries and creamy, vanilla custard.

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60mL, 120mL

219 reviews for Strawberry Custard (SUB OHM)

  1. T V.

    I got a 5 flavor sample pack and I’m beyond satisfied with all the flavors. Strawberry custard being my #1 so yummy. Going to order the 120ml bottle now. Thank you for thinking about the needs of your customers!

  2. Ned

    I bouth the fruity cereal and my taste buds dont agree with. To me it tastes like soap so hopefully it gets better. The strawberry custard is tasty and really enjoyable.

  3. Ben

    Desert sampler pack. Strawberry Custard, Vanilla Custard, Sugar Cookie, and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was a little worried because this juice is cheap. Tried Mechsauce, that’s a pretty shitty juice. So anyways, got my pack today. So far all the flavors are really good. I tried them out of the mail, says to let them steep 5-7 days they are now in a drawer steeping. Everything tastes spot on. Its a good vape. I like strong sweet flavors. Can’t wait for a week to be up to tear these bad boys up.

  4. Corey C.

    I found out about YGE from Tia capes and as a guy who goes through tons on ejuice I find myself ordering online often due to cheaper prices. Let me say of all the other companies ive done business with (and there’s a lot) you guys are the best!

    120ml Strawberry Custard = Love

    30ml Banana cream = Great

    30ml Vanilla Latte = Delicious

    30ml Yogurt = Good

    30ml Cherry Lemonade = Wonderful

    120ml Summerbreeze = Okay. a little more minty than I was expecting

    Now I’m waiting on my custards sample pack to get here. Im so anxious to try sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. Thanks for this great juice and excellent prices and oh the great customer service! A+

  5. Robert

    Steeped this for two weeks. Color change was beautiful. Flavor was even better. Spot on strawberry custard. Yougotejuice does it right

  6. Jen

    Just received my sample packs, this strawberry custard is one of the beat vapes I have tried. It is amazing, and so much better than most double the price!

  7. Abel V.

    Lets start by saying. My fav by far, is strawberry custard. I been vaping this flavor none stop for 7 months. I mustve bought close to 1,000mls of it so far. Then they came out with some others i was interested in, which was fruity cereal, blueberry custard and frosted donut which i just got in. They are better then i expected. Pretty on point. And not disappointed i didnt get my usual 120ml of strawberry custard, but i did get 30ml of it just in case lol. Thought i would like blueberry custard the most and frosted donut the least, but i was wrong, blueberry custard is ok, but that donut and fruity cereal is awesome. But still, nothing touches that strawberry. Now for the company. They are top notch. Fix problems asap, answer your emails or questions asap and are very nice also. Never had a problem with the company, its actually the best ive dealt with thus far. And for good measure, the shipping is the fastest ive seen from all the companies ive ordered from. I get the free shipping, and boom, the juices are in my mail box 3 days later. Its insane, especially considering im on the other side of the country. And the price point, that speaks for itself, no need to elaborate on that. So all in all, i will be odering from this company as long as it exsists. And i will always be a happy vaper because these guys are on point within all aspects.

  8. Sarah

    Just got a sample pack of the new flavors and so far I am impressed yet again! I’m loving the cinnamon roll and tropical delight the most so far. Summer breeze is a really good menthol too. It’s not too strong which I like. I still have to try lemon cheesecake. My all time favorite and all day vape is strawberry custard. YUMM!

  9. Pepe

    I have tasted almost all the flavors and this brand of juice is so so affordable, amazing and well mixed flavors to get each eliquid.

    I love the custards and cereal’s flavors, so the rest of the are so so so tasty too.

    Fall in love with Strawberry Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake.

    My ADV juice.

    Cheers to YGEJuice!

  10. Jessi

    I just started vaping 7 months ago after quitting smoking (smoked a pack a day for over 20 years) and was skeptical at first on how well I was going to do. After getting my first mod and sub-ohm tank I quickly realized how much more ejuice I was vaping, and price was becoming a huge concern. I started watching ejuice reviews on YouTube and ran across Tia Vapes’ on YHEJ. I figured I had to give you guys a shot. I ordered the custard pack and … OMG! I love strawberry cheesecake as a dessert so I figured that was a no-brainer. While it’s really tasty (as are all of the flavors in the pack), I must say the Strawberry Custard knocks them all out of the park! I’ve already finished the whole bottle of Strawberry Custard and will be ordering your biggest bottle next payday! Definitely my new ADV!!! I’m also planning on trying more flavors and cannot WAIT!!! The flavor and price cannot be beat! THANK YOU Tia Vapes … and THANK YOU YouGotEJuice!!!! I am one of your newest longtime customers!!! Again … A+++!!! Just superb!!!

  11. Derik

    I just received my first order of suger cookie and strawberry custard and i cant stop vaping the strawberry custard.they are both really great flavors and the price is unbelievable.I’ve been telling everybody i know that vapes to check out this site!definitely ordering from here for now on.

  12. Jimmy G.

    Tried a lot of juices, like many people who vape. Just received 120ml of strawberry custard and wow!!!! $20 how can you go wrong… This juice compares to the over priced juices that are are out there. Defiantly will be trying other flavors.

  13. Brandon

    I recently ordered some of the strawberry custard hand the lucky cereal the strawberry custard is by far my favorite awesome!!!! Flavour nice vape production this is a great company also great delivery time & amazing prices what more could you ask for

  14. Croix F.

    Nice creamy strawberry.

  15. Dave

    Ive been buying strawberry custard now for about 2 months in 120ml bottles. Im extremely happy with it, Been my all day vape, Honestly my only vape. Other juices of this quality are way to expensive! I will be along time customer. Maybe someday soon i will try something new (wish they sold 15ml bottles so i can try every flavor and not spend much) sample packs are great but i dont wanta spend the money and not like a few flavors and have 30ml of it. Keep up the good work and competitive prices 🙂

  16. Cassie

    My first time trying this company, I recieved my order earlier than anticipated. These flavors are 100 percent on point. The BEST experience I have had thus far with a budget ejuice line. The strawberry custard is fresh and creamy, perfect blend of the twp flavors. The tropical delight is AWESOMESAUCE! WILL BE AN ADV FOR ME!!!

  17. Béla

    You Got Ejuice just received a new lifetime customer. I’m lost for words! This company has so many good things that I’m not sure where to start. First off, the price is amazing. $20 for 120mL is unbelievably cheap. Also, all of the flavors taste exactly as the description on the site says. My favorite so far is the strawberry custard! I just got another sample pack with the watermelon rocks, summer breeze, lemon cheesecake, and tropical delight in it. Can’t wait to test all of these flavors. I definitely will be buying more and more from this company in the future! 100% satisfied!!

  18. James

    The best tasting and best priced strawberry custard vape out there!

  19. Matt

    I ordered the strawberry custard and it is great!!! It’s not to sweet like most of the strawberry cream/custard ejuices I have tried. Definitely trying more flavors now. The price is amazing plus free shipping!!! I got my order in 3 days. I think I’m gonna be a new loyal customer ygej.

  20. Phen S.

    This is one of my few regular juices that I buy frequently. It is up for an award in 2017 for best juice for a reason. The taste never gets old, and the company always has excellent contact if you have an inquiry. The prices for the quality are also some of the best that I’ve seen to date. Worth a buy, especially Strawberry Custard!

  21. Zach

    Yougotejuice, is the one & ONLY company that is premium/high-end eliquid at affordable prices.

    There are so many companies that claim to have “premium” e-liquid at low prices. None of them come close to the quality of YGEJ.

    Yougotejuice, has the best quality, flavors, prices, & customer service. I receive my order in 3 days with free shipping, from CA to PA!

  22. Shannon

    Just ordered this flavor for the first time & absolutely love it some strawberry flavors get old really fast but this is not one of them great adv another hit from ygej

  23. Rafael M.

    Real Strawberries Cream … i recommended to friends .. a Homerun YGEG !!

  24. J.S

    Really good mix. Taste great especially for the best. Best value online.

  25. Scott D.

    I’ve been buying a 240ml bottle about once a month for almost a year now. I love this juice.

  26. Ej

    I ordered the strawberry custard and received it in about 3 days. Flavor just wasn’t there, so it’s currently receiving a well needed steeping.

  27. Danielle

    This flavor is soooo amazing

  28. Christopher D.

    This juice is the best I have ever had, smooth flavor that I just cant get enough of. Only downside is how fast I can go through a bottle, lol.

  29. Victor R.

    Met up with a buddy that I haven’t seen in awhile at a festival and vaped almost all his juice :dash::dash::dash: I’ve been hooked ever since !!! Amazing taste in juice at a amazing price $ !!! Good job guys :+1::+1:

  30. Corey

    You cant go wrong with strawberry custard,if you haven’t tried it yet then what are you waiting for.

  31. Scott D.

    I’ve tried many strawberry juices, never enjoying any of them. They all had that over Ripe extremely artificial strawberry taste similar to extremely cheap candy. YGEJ strawberry custard however, is very pleasant. I’m still a vanilla guy, but I needed a different flavor for when the vape tongue hits to refresh my palate. This hits the spot. Smooth, and actually tastes like strawberries. Thank you.

  32. Mike

    When i received this it wasn’t good. Forgot it was on my juice shelf till tonight. That’s about a month steep. Now it’s amazing ordering more now!!!!

  33. Roger

    Shipping fast fast as always no complaints there.You do have to let any juice from these guys steep for 7 days before the taste is there but other than that great juice,awesome price cant complain about anything best e-juice cpmpany I have come across 5 stars highly recommended!!!!

  34. Stacey

    I absolutely love this flavor! It is by far the best strawberry cheesecake I have had, and I have tried several. I just reordered in a 120ml bottle, YUM!!! If you have not tried it you are missing out.

  35. Kyle

    This is my second favorite juice out there so far, behind Sugar Cookie. I tried it because it was award winning. Very very good flavor.

  36. Miranda

    I tired this about a year ago and this is the juice that got me started on you got ejuice with the great flavors and the price is the best!!!!

  37. Shawn

    1st off, great shipping. Received quickly. Tried straight out mailbox, ehhh. Let it steep for the recommended 3 day, much better, bUT still ehh. After week, Def great stuff. I don’t under stand why UGEJ doesn’t pre-steep ??? From the reveiws, I would think their selling enough, before it goes bad. Does ejuice go bad ?? Within reason… would I order again yes/no. I’m really excited to try other juices, just need to budget to buy a few 120’s let them sit for month. Overall I really think they got something here.

  38. Tara G.

    First juice i tried when i first started to vape and quit smoking cigarettes. Its been a year in November and taste so good i cant imagine wanting a cigarette. I’ve tried almost 7 flavors and I’ve never been disappointed

  39. T. D.

    Smooth and sweet. Strawberry Custard is a great juice with sweet, not too overbearing, strawberry candy flavor with a perfect creamy custard exhale. One of my favorite all day vape flavors!

  40. Hannahduh

    I love yougotejuice, their prices are great and juice is quality and shipping has never been an issue. The only problem I have with this brand is it all starts tasting the same after while. So make sure to have something other than this brand to cleanse your pallet.

  41. Bobby

    This is a good strawberry custard, but it seems to lack some of the custard taste that I prefer. It’s good enough that I will buy it again! The flavor remains the same either in a tank or a dripper.

  42. Megan

    Love this flavor, it could be a touch stronger on the strawberry but other than that i love it. I wish the liquids came in a 12 mg.

  43. Andrea

    Strawberry custard is really good not to sweet and its just right. Everything i have gotton from YGEJ has been really good , i recommend them to everyone, wonderful prices , not hard on pocket and really good quality eliquid. Definitely a really good strawberry custard!!!!!:dash::dash::dash::dash::dash:

  44. John


  45. Cedric

    Very tasty juice… my new all day..

  46. John

    i can never get enough of this flavor… well, besides Frosted Donut. the Strawberry Custard is yummylicious! leaving me wanting to vape more!:kissing::dash::dash::dash:

  47. Jinx

    This is my favorite from YGEJ, nobody comes close for flavor and price.

  48. Johnny

    Taste is subjective. What I taste from this ejuice is a strawberry dipped in cream. It tastes very good. I get no hidden weird flavors in it. I like that it’s clear and not overly sweet. Its perfect. Vaping this is an enjoyable experience for me. I used to vape mothers milk, unicorn milk, and strawberry milk by moo. This is way better than all of them. I vape it in the uwell valyrian tank at 75watts

  49. Melinda

    The best vape flavor I have had the strawberry custard is great as well. You got vape has a new customer. The only vape I use now

  50. Harold

    Love this juice. One of the best I have had. The price is great

  51. F. E.

    YGEJ are just fantastic, perfect service and great ejuice with the lowest price. This strawberry custard is my best choice of the line specially when it’s properly steeped.

  52. Scott

    This is hands down one of the best Strawberry Custard that I have ever had. The flavor is spot on and you can’t beat their prices anywhere.

  53. Phen

    Top notch taste. In line with high quality e juice but at a much better price. Delivered as soon as they say they will which is always within a few days.

  54. Shae

    I love strawberry custard vapes and this has replaced my favorite it is my all time ADV

  55. Jesse T.

    The best strawberry custard ive had. Nice fresh strawberry with a creamy custard. Adv for sure.

  56. Matt R.

    Lives up to the hype. Can’t go wrong with this one!

  57. Kotio11

    This is my all day vape for more than 6 months. The best strawberry custard I have tried so far. And best price ! Have a good day and keep Vaping !

  58. Travis R.

    I have ordered many bottles of the Strawberry custard. Always come back for more. Easily an ADV. Awesome smooth flavor and huge clouds as always with YGEJ. Amazing strawberry flavor! Do yourself a favor and order 240!!

  59. Sean

    This is my favorite juice of everything I have tried only thing that comes close is YGEJ blueberry custard

  60. Kevin W.

    I’ve tried about 4 flavors and they are all amazing. I love the strawberry custard. I can’t wait to try more!!

  61. Greg C.

    Best juice EVER !! I do NOT EVER want to run out of this juice. A person does not just buy 240ml because they are unsure of the product they’re vaping. I’ve tried a few brands of strawberry custard and they ALL fall short of YGEJ’s .. there is simply none better IMO.

  62. Eric

    This is the best stuff ever

  63. Lizzie

    It had a great strawberry taste nice ,smooth and creamy. Will definitely order again

  64. M 3.

    This is my all day vape

  65. Jennifer

    Strawberry Custard is my number 1, extra most bestest. 😉 juice of all of the juices! I buy six 240ml bottles at a time (yes it is that amazing) I have troed over 100 strawberry flavored juices and 450+ other juices and this is the best, followed by Sugar Cookie. It is impossible to not LOVE this flavor. Thank you YGEJ for the most amazing juices at the BEST price with fast shipping and great customer service!!!

  66. Julie

    Best juice out there! I wouldn’t buy from anyone else.

  67. Theresa

    Strawberry Custard 3mg taste so good. Strawberry Cheese cake also is great but between the two of the them I would have to o for the Strawberry Custard. I’m vaping on the Procolor at 60 watts with the V8 Q2 0.4 ohm coil. This juice does not cunk up your coil. YGEJ has done it again keep up the excellent work. Very fast shipping also.

  68. Damon R.

    I consistently buy strawberry custard,it’s the closest thing to my favorite cutwood unicorn milk.its my go to vape flavor.its definitely my favorite flavor!

  69. Simply P.

    I really enjoy this ejuice. I just bought 3 big bottles to last me longer lol. Gotta keep the flavors you like around always.

  70. Toni

    Flavor is great. I do think the bottle cap needs to be different. I recently took my 120 mm bottle on a trip and I lost about a quarter of it’s contents because it leaked out. Hope this problem can be corrected in the future.
    Thank you for such a great flavor.

  71. Anthony

    I stopped ordering for awhile, and I didn’t find anything as good in any vape shop, now I tell everyone.you got ejuice is the best, it’s simple it’s just the best, good work,

  72. Marvin

    All day vape

  73. James

    I enjoy most of the simple flavors however I am not a fan of these bottles. Seems to erupt like a volcano and cause a fair amount of juice to leak and spill out all over my hands, clothes and mod. Needs a dropper or something. This is entirely too inconvenient.

  74. Jen P.

    I have been a YGEJ customer since 2013, and I adore this juice, this company, their prices and their service! The Strawberry custard is to die for, and they have many other flavors I enjoy as well, try the sugar cookie, yum. Thank you YGEJ for the great everything!!

  75. Blake

    this is the best flavor you have but its never in stock? please make more to meet demand. im done trying the other flavors.

  76. Vincent S.

    Not happ as i have placed the order on 6/24 and expected delivery date was 6/30. Still have not recieved the item

  77. Stefanie R.

    My favourite flavour. Quality juice – I always buy from here.

  78. Christy H.

    Excellent flavor

  79. Andrew M.

    Best straw/cust I’ve ever had hands down

  80. Brad

    I just checked my first purchase of this flavor and it was February 13, 2016. Over the years Ive tried other strawberries, other flavors and there’s nothing quite like YGEJ makes. Its my favorite, best tasting, ADV ejuice. As long as I’m still vaping there will always be a stock of YGEJ strawberry custard bottles in my pantry.

  81. Trina H.

    This is rich and creamy with strawberries on top .. just right on the sweetness….

  82. Salman K.

    The best custard I have ever tried.

  83. Christopher W.

    Wife’s favorite ADV

  84. Dee D.

    This company is my fav .. I always get fast shipping, good product, and when I called I got my issue resolved.

  85. Judy K.

    Best service ever! Thanks!

  86. Jeffrey F.

    Actually ordered this by mistake, flavor is great after some steeping

  87. Ryan C.

    Best custard out there!!!

  88. Joshua R.

    The absolute BEST strawberry custard!

  89. David A.

    I Love it!!! I think it’s the best juice out there..

  90. Amanda C.

    I love this juice,it took me along time to find that one juice that I love and can vape on all day and this is it,I have been vaping this non stop for about a year and the flavor never gets old..

  91. Sarah P.

    Its a good custard flavor, very smooth. Just a little too sweet for me

  92. Dennis M.

    You have out done yourselfs

  93. Selena M.

    One of my favorite custards .. I keep reordering it. Highly recommended

  94. Hiram A.

    El sabor y la sensación de las mejores

  95. Deborah U.

    Same as caramel custard! Love both flavors

  96. Patrick G.

    One of the best I have ever purchased. Thanks Guys.

  97. Bah 1.

    The best

  98. Lisa W.

    This flavor is, quite simply, perfect. It has the perfect amount of both strawberry and cheesecake and just the right amount of sweetness! I don’t know why it took me so long to try this flavor, but it is most definitely everything that it claims to be – perfection!

  99. Lisa W.

    This was the first flavor that I tried by YGEJ. I found it at a local vape shop and fell in love immediately. It was really expensive at the store, so I researched them and found their website. I literally vaped ONLY this flavor for at least 3 years until I finally decided to branch out this year and try literally all of them. This one in particular is absolutely phenomenal. For someone to vape one juice for 3 years straight, it’s gotta be pretty damn good! I love how ripe the strawberries taste and the combination of that with the custard is DELICIOUS. Yet another one that I’d love to drink right out of the bottle if I could! All of their custards and cheesecakes are amazing, but this one right here is my absolute favorite out of all of them (although I have to admit that now that I’ve tried the Strawberry Cheesecake, it’s a REALLY close tie). I’m so glad that I found this juice and now all of them. YGEJ is the only juice I’ll vape because of this flavor! You can’t go wrong – I PROMISE!

  100. Lisa W.

    This was the first flavor that I tried by YGEJ. I found it at a local vape shop and fell in love immediately. It was really expensive at the store, so I researched them and found their website. I literally vaped ONLY this flavor for at least 3 years until I finally decided to branch out this year and try literally all of them. This one in particular is absolutely phenomenal. For someone to vape one juice for 3 years straight, it’s gotta be pretty damn good! I love how ripe the strawberries taste and the combination of that with the custard is DELICIOUS. Yet another one that I’d love to drink right out of the bottle if I could! All of their custards and cheesecakes are amazing, but this one right here is my absolute favorite out of all of them (although I have to admit that now that I’ve tried the Strawberry Cheesecake, it’s a REALLY close tie). I’m so glad that I found this juice and now all of them. YGEJ is the only juice I’ll vape because of this flavor! You can’t go wrong – I PROMISE!

    I accidentally posted my review for Strawberry Cheesecake here – oops! Posting that where it belongs now.

  101. Michael N.

    I heard about their juice thru Tina vapes and had to try some so I order sugar cookie and vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard and chocolate covered strawberries all was great but chocolate covered strawberries I didn’t taste anu chocolate and a very little strawberry just order vanilla latte I give a review on it once I try it

  102. Dusty

    I can see why the strawberry custard is a staff favorite. I ordered the 11 bottle sample pack and it was the first bottle empty. Ordering a 120 soon and it’ll be going on my list for reorders. Love this flavor!

  103. A.P.

    I’m just about a year into vaping and I’ve tried almost all the ejuiceejuice out there. So you already know I’ve purchased some expensive ones, but nothing beats the ejuiceejuice from here! My 1st purchase was the Sugar Cookie and Stawberry Custard. I was blown away. If you let it steep for a week the flavor gets more intense but I’m the type, gotta vape it when I get it and it’s still good. Just tried the Chocolate covered Strawberries but I’m guessing it needs longer than a week to steep. Lemon Cheesecake is the bomb and the Apple Pie is to die for! I love the dessert flavors so next I’m going to get the Blueberry Custard hoping it will be just as good as the rest. This is the only company that I order from and customer service is great. Do yourself a favor, pick a flavor and try it, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks to all @ yougotejuice….

  104. Ceferino V.

    Shipping and customer service was great. Strawberry custard straight off the back is amazing just going to let it steep to get to its full potential, but amazing right off the back. Premium juice 100%

  105. Dustin R.

    I got the strawberry custard and cheesecake, raspberry candy,lucky charms and vanilla latte. The custard and the raspberry were the best to me. Vanilla latte tasted like straight coffee. The lucky charms and cheesecake I’m letting steep. I am very impressed with this company and can’t wait to try the 2 steeping. I highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking for an awesome budget juice!

  106. Kat B.

    My favorite juice by far from here is the Strawberry Custard. The lemon cheesecake is really good as well. Not a huge fan of the newer fruity flavors. The fruity cereal tastes like fruit loops not fruity pebbles. It’s good just not what I was expecting. Would have given 4 stars but the price point sends these juices to the moon! Most definitely worth it!! Will continue to order!

  107. Rj

    The biggest thing I can say about this juice is STEEPING! You have to let it steep to get the right flavor profile. My first bottle was Strawberry Custard. At first I was disappointed in the flavor ( I am impatient and didn’t steep it at all) It was weak to start. By the end of the bottle I was kicking myself for not letting it steep first. It was delicious. Take my advice, order 2 bottles of any flavor any size, let one sit in a cabinet and just go at the other. I order 2 at a time so I always have one steeping…The longer the better. About a week will do. Customer service is amazing as well…if you email them with a question they answer right away. (Time zone dependent) Great job guys keep up the good work!

  108. Ben

    Strawberry custard and cherry lemonade are to die for. Some of the best juice i have had.

  109. Gary

    Ordered apple jack fruity cereal strawberry custard I love all the flavours apple jack being my best shipping was extremely fast 8days to the u.k. Give yourselves a pat on the back I shall be ordering more.

  110. Isaac P.

    I ordered 3 different sample packs so I can try as many flavors as possible. I have to say I can’t find one I don’t like and the shipping was fast. Definetly will be back for more soon. My favorite is the strawberry custard and cheesecake flavors.

  111. Cherie

    I purchased Vanilla, and Strawberry custard, and Apple Jack. All three are simply amazing. You don’t need any steeping time what so ever. Will buy from again.

  112. Joe

    First time trying YGEJ, i decided to give strawberry custard a try. when i opened my package the aroma of strawberries and cream poured out, and it tasted amazing without even steeping for a few days. It tasted even better the next few days of steeping it. it tastes like fresh strawberries with some sort of sweet cream. definitely my ADV right now, plan on getting a sampler soon!

  113. Nick

    Just received my first 120ml bottle of Strawberry Custard, vaping with a Cool Fire 4 Plus w/ Apex Tank. The flavor and clouds are amazing. For $20 plus free shipping I got my order in about a week, well worth the wait. Plan on trying out some of the cereals next. Keep making delicious juice!

  114. Ben

    If you like strawberry custard/cream flavors then the Strawberry Custard by You Got E-Juice (YGEJ) is a must try. It reminds me a lot of Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk. I wouldn’t call it a clone, but it’s got some very similar notes. I’m surprised this is not mentioned more often. It’s very smooth and full of flavor. An ADV for sure! I also like the Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla Custard, and Sugar Cookie. The Cinnamon Roll is ok, but it’s a little light on flavor (for me), and didn’t change much even with a month of steeping. Nonetheless, I really like this company. I hope they stick around for many years to come. Thanks YGEJ! Keep up the great work!

  115. Melissa

    I have tried 11 of their favors so far and loved them all, Some more than others though. The strawberry custard is my favorite. I have 5 nebox’s and strawberry custard is ALWAYS in one of them. I recently tried the summer beeze being that I am not a menthol fan I was very hesitant but when I finally did try it I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t have that menthol taste. It is like an ice cold drink. I can see this one being a favorite this summer. The peach yogurt is a creamy peach, very yummy. Banana cream tastes just like banana cream pie. I love the vanilla custard also ,being I am not much on vanilla i tend to add a flavor to it and it mixes with it very well while keeping the creamy yummy custard flavor. You can not go wrong with this juice.

  116. Ethan

    Just received my bottle today. Can honestly say it’s one of the best strawberry custards I’ve ever had. Best e liquid for the price, as well as amazing customer service!

  117. Terrible O.

    Just got STRAWBERRY CUSTARD and BANANA CREAM in the mail. Straight out of the box they are amazing. It’s good to see a company come along that offers juice this good at a reasonable price. I can vape all day long with out having to take out a 2ed mortgage on my house to pay for 30ml that cost 20$ Lol. Never buying juice from a brick and mortar again!!!! Loyal customer from now on. Thanks!!!

  118. Mandy

    Very nice quality for the price. Great flavor.

  119. Josh

    So I actually picked up the sample pack, because juice at this price with flavor is hard to believe. Well, #yougotejuice just made me a believer! Strawberry Custard is AMAZING! Looking for something like M.M.? This is BETTER! Strawberry Cheesecake is SPOT ON! Strawberry notes on the inhale with that delicious cream cheese, then followed up the graham cracker crust. If you like feeling like setting on the beach, try the Tropical Delight. It’s like sippin’ on a sweet delicious beverage, but hits the tart meter just a little at the end to make you come back for more. The last was the Sugar Cookie. This juice goes excellent with a nice morning bagel and a cup o’ jo! I will be ordering again very soon! Thanks for the excellent product and service!!

  120. Jake

    Great product overall. Great prices. And fast shipping. Can’t ask for better.

  121. Wendy C.

    I have found my holy grail of ejuice and it’s affordable!! The strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard are amazing! My new favorite is vanilla custard, though!! My second favorite is the tropical! Delicious!
    I just ordered more of the strawberry cheesecake and tropical! I’d love it if you made a creamy blueberry jam!!

  122. Kara

    I have tried almost all of the flavors you carry and I must say this is the best ejuice I have ever vaped on! I cannot wait to see what other flavors you guys will bring out in the future!!

    My all day vapes:
    Strawberry cheesecake/custard
    Sugar cookie
    And now I’ve added two more..
    Cherry lemonade & Cinnamon roll!

    I recommend this ejuice over ANY other line I have tried!

  123. Vincent K.

    I love this company and would rate it 10/5 if I can. I have been ordering from them for a long time now and tried almost all of their liquids. I gotta say it’s the best out there for the price. I love all of them especially strawberry custard and for anyone wondering about blueberry waffle, it’s fantastic.
    What’s better than their product is their great customer service. Replies very quick and always willing to help and truly cares for the customers. Thank you and God Bless.

  124. Chris

    After trying two other online retailers I thought finding specialty B&M quality at a fair price was going to take a while. Luckily you came highly recommended on the ecig forums. I must say they were not lying. Strawberry custard and lucky cereal are my favorite so far.

  125. Andrew

    i got the strawberry custard this time. it is the best juice i have tried so far. this will be my go to juice. it just tastes so good. when i order it comes in 2 days.

  126. Josh W.

    This was my 2nd order and I got strawberry custard,sugar cookie,peaches,lucky cereal, and the peach yogurt one and they are all spot on with there descriptions!! I won’t b ordering from anywhere else anytime soon this place is amazing as the shipping is super fast and its FREE!! Out of all these the lucky cereal and straw custard are my favs perfect flavor nice and smooth and perfect adv’s for me!! Thnx YGEJ!!!

  127. Tina

    I’ve been watching Tia’s reviews since I started vaping 3 years ago… As well as watching every video of VAPORTRAILS & I am so glad they both did the reviews on You Got Ejuice. Cause the cost of vaping has become a major problem!! So the fact I found an affordable & amazing ejuice line couldn’t be more perfect! I ordered strawberry custard and cinnamon roll which are basically 2 flavors I know I couldn’t go wrong with.
    I absolutely love everything about them both. I definitely plan on ordering other flavors… But hands down, I’ve found my line of ejuice that I’ll be sticking with… The prices can not be beat. The shipping was VERY fast (2 days from my order I got my juice) I couldn’t be more satisfied with the flavor and vapor production. And seeing I have some other ejuice. I’m actually going to let these steep just a bit. Even tho I don’t even feel it’s necessary!! But it can’t hurt! It’ll only bring out more flavor and taste even better.
    You can’t go wrong. This is how it should be 120ml for 19.99! Doesn’t get any better!! I am definitely a very happy & satisfied vaping customer. And would highly recommend anyone to order this ejuice. Whatever your flavor profile may be, I’m sure there is something here that you absolutely will be very glad you ordered!!! I know I sure am! Thank you YouGotEJuice…. My vaping on a budget has become easier since I learned of you on the reviews I watched!!!

  128. Mando

    Got the strawberry custard and sugar cookie, spot on flavors and delicious. I mixed a bit of both and got a better combo than pips mothers milk and cookies AND G2 vapors oh face cookie… 22 bones for a 30 mill vs 10 beans for a 60 mill, better flavor and way better price!!!

  129. Scott B.

    After smoking for 40 years I needed to quit. I tried everything & vaping is the only thing that worked. I soon found that e-juice was very expansive & being on a tight budget, it was getting hard to afford enough liquid to get thru the month. Then I discovered YGE-J! (Thanx Tia)
    On my first order I fell in luv with Strawberry Custard & it quickly became my ADV. Next I tried Sugar Cookie, my first bakery flavor, & it knocked me off my feet! I found myself quickly running low & was in a panic that I was going to run out before I could reorder. I ordered the 240 ml this time & at $37.99 it is a dream come true. This is truly a Premium E-Juice!
    Long story short, the fine people at YGE-J sent it out Priority Mail 2-Day, at no charge to me, prompting me to write this review. So I got my favorite juice in no time flat & YGE-J now have a life long customer! I also got a bottle of Summer Breeze that I am looking forward to trying. Going to let it steep for a week or so before I try it, so I will vape it at its best.
    You Got E-Juice are wonderful people, with a great product, at a fantastic price!
    Thank you!

  130. Kelly

    I’ve had 3 flavors now (Strawberry Custard, Strawberry Cheesecake & Banana Cream) all these flavors where spot on , just because other vendors want to overcharge for their juices & you come along a gem here & see yougotejuice’s prices doesn’t mean a thing, this place puts out some of the greatest juice out there (The 3 I tried are top) The juice is complex & goes together very good, no flavors overpower each other. Great in a dripper & awesome in my Bellus, Griffin, Subtank pre made coils .5 & the Ni200 Subtank coils give a great taste for the pre-built ppl out there.

  131. Steve C.

    Got this 4 weeks ago. At first about 2 days after receiving it was weak and not much flavor. After 4 weeks of steeping, Srawberry Custard is smooth and has just the right strength of fresh strawberry flavor. The custard really smooths it all out. Steeping this really makes a difference. I will order again.

  132. Joe

    Our first order from this company just came in Strawberry custard what can I say it knocked my socks off!!!! the strawberry is like eating fresh strawberries could not believe it. You’re the first company that has found the real strawberry taste excellent job guys you couldn’t do any better than that. I give it four thumbs up and a 13 out of 10 phenomenal and the price can’t believe it you’re the best.

  133. Walter

    Amazing! Its my adv right now and i cant get enough of it!

  134. Michelle

    This is the first time I have ever ordered from YGEJ I opened this bottle first and it is very flavorful. I didn’t wait to steep it, but it didn’t seem to need it.

  135. Tricia

    I was hesitant at first because some strawberry juices are too artificially sweet to me but this was really good. People are always asking what I’m smoking because it smells so good. I have been smoking this and the blueberry waffle and loved both. Just ordered another strawberry custard and gonna try the blueberry cheesecake.

  136. Allen

    5/5! Fora low price i was skeptical…. But holy cow you guys surprised me, this is a really good flavor, not too sweet, and not too “custard-y” in my opinion its just right and ill DEF be trying YGEJ in the future! Well done.

  137. Brandon B.

    Perfect blend of sweet cream and strawberry. If you’re a fan of strawberry ice cream or strawberry milk you’ll enjoy this. Just as good if not better than some of the strawberry custard/cream juices that go for $20 per 30ml bottle.

  138. Beth

    Yes I said impeccable…First time trying YGEJ and Im blown away. I’m not blown away easily..I’m sort of picky and I know quality. This is it. First off the smell..wow! Mouthwatering fresh strawberries. The flavor is perfect! Not to sweet..I hate when all I can taste is fake sweetener and this has none of that. Literally its fresh strawberry custard. I can’t believe they can make juice this awesome for such a great deal! Very happy! If you haven’t tried this company do yourself a favor and pull that trigger.

  139. Romica

    the best strawberry custard!!!

  140. Matt J.

    I’ve tried a few strawberry custards/creams and this one is perfect. It’s not to sweet and syrupy like a lot I have tried. Has a perfect balance. I vaped this for a week in my tfv8 with rba deck and my cotton and coils barely looked used.

  141. Mike

    I’ve tried almost all of them this is one is one of my favorites had to let it steep for a little over a week till it was too my liking but it was definitely very good when I first received it any of the cheese cake favors are awesome as well none of them are bad I just prefer the mentioned flavor’s the most YGEJ is awesome. Great flavor’s free shipping and awesomene prices what else is there? Couldn’t be happier

  142. Jaggie

    I really like this one great Strawberry flavor. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I like my juice really creamy … No big deal I still order this And then I add more custard flavoring to it and then it’s perfect.

  143. Brushy

    This was the very first flavor that Id tried when I revieved my pacjage from YGEJ, and boy the hype Ive heard about the company managed to live up to my inflated expectations.

    Usually I smell my ejuices before vaping them, and it definitely has a sweet smell to it. You can smell the scent of strawberries!

    The next step I take is to ensure that I have a clean tank and a brand new coil for each flavor that I try out. Having a clean configuration and allowing everything to soak in perfectly, I went ahead and gave the juice a vape. I was truely amazed how smooth and excellent this juice was. I was instantly reminded of my most favourite chuppa-chup flavour out there – strawberry vanilla.

    The flavour hit was honestly perfect. I could tastr a light strawberry flavouring, with a subtle hint of vanilla flavoured custard in my back palate. I honestly found myself addicted to this one flavour for at least the next week! The throat hit was close to non-existent too which I found as an excellent bonus.

    The combination of the flavour and (lack-of) throat hit really made this flavour a pure joy to vape all day long. Id strongly recommend strawberry custard as a first flavour to anybody who wants to give YGEJ a go.

  144. Amy R.

    Love this juice, use it as an ADV! Very smooth nearly no throat hit at all with nice vapor production. You can definitely taste the strawberry right off the bat on the inhale the custardy favor kicks in as you begin to exhale, along with strawberry was well.

  145. Carrie

    I really like this flavor. Nice and smooth. Good cloud production.

  146. Pete

    Grate flavor Strawberry Custard you can vape this all day long without feeling tired of vaping They can make it a little stronger in my opinion but overall grate grate juice.

  147. Sean W.

    This is one of the best juices from one of the best companies. It’s flavor profile is out of this world. The strawberry is perfect with the slight creme taste. I love it. It recommends steeping for a while before use but I haven’t had to do that yet. Just open and vape. Still perfect. I highly recommend this juice and the brand to anyone who wants a great vape at an amazing price!

  148. Jonathan

    j’adore 🙂

  149. Kotio

    This is my best eliquid so far !

  150. Mark G.

    this is my favorite flavor , my all day vape-strawberry custard ,great in a dripper.

  151. Noel

    A true strawberry custard not too overwhelming and not too light just a perfect All-Day-Vape. and its great on the coils too not to sweet (sucralose). great deal even greater than the cost of it. I approve this ejuice.

  152. Marcus S.

    This is the best Stawberry Custard I’ve ever tasted. If your looking for a sweet strawberry custard this juice is for you. All day vape!!

  153. Wayne D.

    Excellent juice right out of the mail. Gets even better after a couple days. I love it!!

  154. Carlos

    I’ve been vaping for a while, try this flavor a week ago and I love it, keep up the good work

  155. Jonathan M.

    Been vaping 5 years now and I must say! This took me back to the euphoria of when I was brand new to vaping! A much simpler time when if it wasn’t broke then dont fix it! Delicious strawberry and decadent custard!..so simple yet brilliant! I let it steep for a week and it was perfect! In the days where vapors are constantly trying new flavors and concoctions I think we loose our selves! This juice was a reminder that some times we need to stick to what we know! KISS : )

  156. Brent

    I’ve been vaping for 5 years now. Haven’t found my ADV. Until now. I’ve vaped a lot of juice. This is up there with the best. In my opinion it’s better than cuttwoods unicorn milk. This is all I vape now. It never gets old. Thank YGEJ for a great afford…

  157. Dusty

    Been my favorite flavor for the longest time. Always gotta have a bottle in the rotation! Very smooth and delicious.

  158. Phen

    Always at the top of my list. Top three and a regular go-to.

  159. Ryan S.

    Love the smooth creamy strawberries. Can’t go wrong with this.

  160. Daniel

    My favorite

  161. Mark G.

    Love this flavor, not too sweet and mellow custard flavor = GREAT! buy this every month . First time getting 120 mls though . WILL buy another next month. love free shipping too

  162. Robby G.

    I’m a custard fanatic and this juice is on point. An all time fav of mine. I will always have this on supply. Reminds me of a unicorn milk but with that vanilla splashed in for more flavor. The blueberry custard is excellent as well. Haven’t been disappointed.

  163. John

    This is 3rd time buying, love this juice, cant get enough, love their juices, have already tired several and i love them all, great juices highly recommend to every one, must try!

  164. Jameson

    I don’t k ow what it is but I love this juice…. I run out so fast…. Im glad I went direct to the site this time for it…. I had no idea they sold 240ml bottles.

  165. Jesse

    Was okay but didn’t taste any custard. Let it steep for 2 1/2 weeks and no custard. Strawberry flavor was good, but only gave it 2 stars because of the no custard flavor. But still a good strawberry flavor, but I won’t be ordering this one again

  166. Michaelaj257@Gmail.Com

    The strawberry is good it is Just a little too sweet. I would not order it again. But that said will be trying a nother flavor from you guys. And I love Vaping. THANKS

  167. Chris


  168. Stac. C.

    I was hesitant on buying from YGEJ because I’ve tried similar low price e-juices and they’ve never been up to my standards.
    YGEJ is different. You get a lot amazing quality juice for a super reasonable price.
    Tried this juice straight out of the package, wasn’t too impressive. Let it steep for a full week, tried it again, now I can’t get enough.

    The smell, first off is absolutely mouth watering. The flavor is out of this world. I was a big fan of Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk but that’s about $25 for a small bottle where I live. Strawberry Custard is like Unicorn Milk but better. The strawberry flavor is fresh and sweet, the cream is almost like whip cream. There’s a hint of vanilla on the exhale that brings the other flavors together in the perfect way. It’s not too sweet and not too subtle. It’s the perfect blend. I keep getting compliments on it’s smell lol. 10/10 on flavor. It’s also very smooth and not a harsh throat hit at all. You can tell the nic is there but it’s not harsh.
    Also, super great on the coils. I’ve noticed a full tank lasts me quite a while and I’m somewhat of a chain vaper.

    I’ve recommended this already to all of my friends who vape. Amazing strawberries and cream taste.
    Try this juice! You will not regret it!

  169. Tracey

    I love strawberries​ & strawberry milk but everytime I try an ejuice that claims to taste like this, I walk away with a bottle of something​ that tastes like someone ate a bunch of strawberries, washed it down with month-old cream, then immediately vomited into the bottle & labeled it “ejuice”! But, literally 10 min. ago, while i was at my local vape shop the owner insisted that I try this “Strawberry Custard by You​ Got Ejuice” & OMG am I glad he did! I’m buying 2 more bottles tomorrow, you guys​ NAILED IT! Much love to you guys! I’m​ a fan for life! :heartbeat::strawberry::cow2::heartbeat:

  170. Adam F.

    The first time I tried this ejuice was when all the premium ejuices were still $20+ for a 30ml bottle. Since then the prices have come down, but Strawberry Custard from You Got Ejuice has always been a consistent good juice. I’d recommend it to anyone who is a custard lover.

  171. Christopher W.

    Awesome ADV

  172. Tea

    I’m in love with everything I got. This was also good straight out the bottle

  173. Karen

    Was hesitant at first to try this juice site. Now that I’ve orderd a few, especially this strawberry custard, I have no regrets! Very true to the flavors taste on everything I’ve gotten so far. I’ll be back for more!

  174. Shaniqua

    Strawberry custard definitely lives up to the description. I was A little hesitant in trying this flavor, I don’t know why all the flavors I’ve tried so far have been amazing, but I was pleasantly surprised. This comes in a close second to the Strawberry Cheesecake. Love YGEJ

  175. Terri M.

    Have not had a flavor I didn’t like. Haven’t tried them all yet, but I’m working on it. Strawberry is my fave and these guys do it just right! Thanks guys, you rock!!!

  176. Brent

    This stuff is incredible. I’ve vaped a lot of expensive juice, nothing has yet compared to YGEJ Strawberry custard. It great out of the mail, but let it steep for a week, man it’s good. Shipping time is incredible, can’t say enough good things about YGEJ.

  177. Doug F.

    This juice is hands down the BEST flavor that has touched my lips. I will never go with another brand ever

  178. Danny

    My favorite Ejuice from YouGotEjuice!

    Very smooth and delicious juice. I keep it in stock at all times, its that good. and the price, can’t beat it!

  179. Chris C.

    I’ve added this to my favorite list. All the custards are my go tos when it comes to what I order

  180. Miranda

    This is by far the best strawberry custard flavor around! I love the value of YGEJ, and this strawberry can’t be beat. I’m so happy I found it! In almost two years I’ve never gotten tired of this flavor! Thanks YGEJ!!!

  181. Miranda

    My fave ADV in a bigger bottle! I thought it would be cumbersome, but it was just as easy to tote around as the 120ml! This is my favorite flavor and I’m so happy I had it in a bigger bottle!

  182. A

    I’m not a custard ejuice fan, at all… until I tried this Strawberry Custard. It is so delicious! It has jjust the right amount of strawberry with a touch of custard that isn’t too overpowering. I highly recommend it!

  183. Sabastian

    Really love this one, strawberry is one of my favorite vapes and this one is really good addin in the custard

  184. Blake

    This juice recently won an Award for Best Ejuice for a reason! This ejuice is amazing! I have vaped this juice for over a year now and it is still one of my favorite go to juices for any occasion. The smell of it also gets compliments from friends and family!

  185. Ethan D.

    I’ve been ordering this juice for over a year. Best on this site hands down. I absolutely love it, it’s better than any other custard I’ve bought from anywhere.

  186. Don H.

    This is tasty juice, will order again!

  187. Carolina L.

    This is my husbands and I all time favorite juice! We don’t get tired of it! It definitely the best juice ever! Definitely recomend!

  188. Daniel G.

    This juice is fantastic! Just like all the other flavors I’ve tried from this site! They taste like premium e-juice (even better than some) and withouht the premium e-juice cost. Amazing flavors for amazing prices. Keep up the good work!

  189. Jonathan G.

    This is my hands down favorite juice from this company. I enjoy a blend of fruit with some base, and this meets that demand. I would recommend this to anyone starting out, or and old favorite in your juice rotation.

  190. Loren

    This is my all time favorite juice. It has the most perfect blend of strawberries and vanilla I have ever tasted. The strawberry is great, but the vanilla is the most natural tasting vanilla I have found yet. Truly an ADV, order some.

  191. Andrew

    Originally I got this flavor to hold me over until I could get another brand with the same flavor profile as that brand was only sold as a 60ml bottle for twice as much. I was immediately taken with how good YGEJ strawberry custard was, and the price, forget about it. I never bought the other brand again and frankly, i believe with the other brand, most of what you’re paying for is the art work. No thanks, I’ll take YGEJ anyday

  192. Lisa P.

    This is a great every day vape. Super flavorful and delicious right on day 1. After a week, even better!

  193. Sherry

    This flavor I couldn’t wait for because I sampled a 30ml bo5le of this and it was amazing but not so much in the 60ml bottle. Ive steeped for 2 weeks and no flavor. I dont understand why every juice I bought in 60ml doesnt have a taste when in 30ml they were amazing. Im getting to the point that I may not be ordering from here anymore because I keep getting flavorless juice. Im not going to spend more money on getting several 30ml bottles just to have true flavors. Wont be ordering again. Price is great sure, but Im going to try somewere else that has flavorfull big bottles.

  194. Farid

    Excellente découverte un régal que j’ai recommandé plusieurs fois.

  195. Karen A.

    Let steep for a week and the strawberry came out strong! Very very good custard and strawberry blend. Will purchase again.

  196. John

    Great coffee flavor

  197. Miranda

    Plenty of my favorite ADV when I need it!

  198. Steven B.

    I ordered this for the first time and fell in love. It’s one of the best strawberry custards out in the vape world. Will keep getting more of this. This is a adv for sure.

  199. Jeffo

    Was lucky to try a few samples and loved them all, my favorite was the strawberry custard and I must say that this is absolutely the best I’ve vaped in custard. Will definitely be ordering again.

  200. Mona

    I read all the reviews for this juice and had really high hopes for it. I ordered it when i vaped it i was not happy it didn’t taste like strawberry or custard it just tastes like a heavy vanilla

  201. Phillip

    when i got the juice i tried it first arrival and loved it and now that ive let it steep a while its beginning to really get its flavor and its got a great throat hit for the flavor. would recommend to anyone looking for juice

  202. Dalton B.

    This is one of my favorite ejuices yes I’ve tried all flavors out there but I haven’t explored enough I know there’s a lot but once I herd about this flavor from this company I most definitely would say this is my favorite the flavor profile is on point…the inhale of strawberry’s mmmm yes and exhale of the custard it’s just amazing love this ejuice one of my all time favorites.

  203. Jeff

    Ordered 120ml of this a week ago and its almost all gone. This really is a great juice. The strawberry and custard are balanced out perfectly and its sweet but not too sweet. Also, it burns clean and is good on coils.

  204. Richeyrich

    Has a nice taste

  205. Derick S.

    This is by far the best balance of strawberry and custard I have ever had! The great thing about Strawberry Custard it is exactly that! I love that it is natural strawberry flavor and spot on custard! Great all day every day vape!!
    Keep up the great work YGEJ!
    So glad to be apart of the YGEJ family!

  206. Tony

    This is got to be one of the best strawberry custard’s I ever had I will continually have this in my arsenal of juice.

  207. Ste P.

    Thank you for the Ejuice guys you are one of the best online shop, that never fails to do my request I salute you guys for that. Cuz I’m one of the people who can’t open those freaking gorilla bottles. Thanks for the stickers as well. The flavor of this Ejuice has a strong vanilla custard taste and a hint of strawberry which is very good as well. Though it came late I am very very super satisfied with my order. till next time.

  208. Norm

    Out of all the vape flavors I have tried, I come back to this flavor every time.

  209. Stuart

    Every hit is an amazing flavour filled experience of Strawberry with a smooth creamy custard on exhale, a real nice liquid!!
    All day vape for me!
    I will never tire of this juice!!!
    Thanks ‘You got EJuice’ for a fantastic customer service on my order. I made seperate orders which i would of had to pay two postage charges for… instead, y-g-ejuice contacted me and said we will give you more juices instead of the extra charge!! Wooooo!!!
    Now thats good customer service! Very rare these days.
    Thanks again Jason!!

  210. Dennis J.

    I think this is probably the best strawberry custard out there…

  211. Michael K.

    Greatest juice for the price. Flows great through my tank. No complaints. Best bang for your buck!

  212. Marvin

    Perfect for all day Vape

  213. Axel

    Pour ceux qui connaissent les chupa chups fraise vanille c’est exactement ça à quoi ça ressemble.

  214. Ash

    Best flavor i ever taste in my long damn life!!!

  215. Jeffo V.

    The best strawberry custard ever. The flavor keeps me coming back for more.

  216. Gus

    I like this flavor the strawberry needs to be stronger it’s like custard with an occasional tiny hint of strawberry

  217. Moa

    It’s a all day Vape, nice & smooth flavor that you want more & more

  218. Mr K.

    This is the only flavor I can safely say… Is the best flavour… never looses it taste. And In my opinion is the best flavour this brand has to offer. That is it.

  219. Michael R.

    This i my all day vape. You got. Juice nailed this…. Great price Great E Juice ….. Couldn’t have Quarantined without it wouldn’t have made it so far ……

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