WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Sugar Cookie

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This classic sugar cookie is everything you remember without the crumbs. Remember going to grandma’s house and getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar?

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60mL, 120mL

135 reviews for Sugar Cookie

  1. Simon L.

    cant beat this great company. wow ,i got a email from the boss on top. great personal touch. great juice, cant beat this price. no more $22 for 30ml for me . love the sugar cookies. getting my juice here from now on. all the others are over priced. keep up the good work. thanks.

  2. Jeremy

    I recently placed my first order, a 120ml of sugar cookie and 120ml of vanilla latte. Placed the order late Thursday, and received it on Monday, using the free shipping option. Can’t say enough positive things about that. The juice itself is very good. Nice and thick, so works great in my sub ohm tanks and dripper. Flavor is exactly as described, though I’m gonna let mine steep for a week or so because my taste is a bit muted. I will definitely be stocking up my juice supply from here.

  3. Shaun

    I first ordered from here a few months ago, I got the sample pack to start off with and enjoyed every one of them. I have been ordering 120ml bottles from them ever since. Eliquid prices in the UK are pretty high but these guys beat them hands down, even with delivery charges! Delivery usually takes about 5 days to arrive from payment, and that’s for them to get to England! Definitely recommend this product to all vapers who enjoy great flavours and an amazing bargain, this is my new home of liquids and I’m sure most will feel the same.
    By the way Sugar Cookie has to be my favourite.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Roderick K.

    I ordered Vanilla Custard, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Latte and I loved them all. Very fast service, got to my mailbox in 3 days. Premium juice with a great price. I can’t wait to try some more flavors. Thanks for making juice affordable.

  5. Trish M.

    Wow am I ever so happy that I found out about YGEJ thru youtube! I first ordered the fruity sampler pack along with the dessert/custard sampler. I’ll have to try the cereals at some point & the Vanilla Latte (wish this one was in a sampler pack but sadly it isn’t atm) but I’m in love love love with the Vanilla Custard, the Sugar Cookie & the Strawberry Cheesecake! So I ordered 2 each of these 3 flavors in 120ml bottles a few days ago. I just noticed that usps has my order delivered since yesterday morning! It shipped on Mon eve.. so that’s only barely a full 2 days! woah! That was super fast! I’ll have to run to the po box here soon to grab the order but wow am I happy with these guys.. great job yougotejuice.com.. fast & great cust srvc along with the quality flavorful juices & the awesome prices… I am a customer for life!! =D

  6. Wildfire1

    These juices are very flavorful and consistent every time I get a new order! Decided to try these juices after watching TiaVapes on YouTube and I’m so very glad I did! The Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Latte, Apple Jack and Strawberry Cheesecake are fantastic! Price is phenomenal as well for the quality of juice. Just placed another order and I’m trying blueberry waffle. Please don’t stop producing this wonderful line of ejuices!!! 5 stars *****

  7. Ebony

    I’ve searched and tried just about every flavor claiming to taste like sugar cookies, some came very close but this hits the nail right on the head.

  8. Arrianna

    So far, I have tried:
    Sugar Cookie
    Strawberry Cheesecake
    Strawberry Custard
    Cherry Lemonade
    Vanilla Custard
    and Cinnamon Roll. The only flavor that I don’t absolutely love is the Cinnamon Roll. I have steeped it for weeks, but I still am not a fan. But, all the other flavors are awesome! I am a big fan and will remain a long time customer! I would love if you guys would develop a sweet tea e juice. They are so hard to find. Love the company, the service, the price, and the flavors!

  9. Bobbi1972jo

    Won 4 – 120ml from YouGotEjuice little over a month ago . Shipping was fast . All 4 bottles were VERY Good ! Put away to steep and brought sugar cookie out to try in my Kayfun a couple of days ago and I have not sit it down since I brought it out ! This stuff is SIMPLY AMAZING !! I have went through half a 120ml in 2 days and anyone that uses a kayfun lite knows that’s ALOT of juice to go through in a kayfun !! I am in love !! The only thing is I normally vape 9mg nic and this only comes up to 6mg . Really wish this came in 9mg! This would be my ADV ! when its time to lower my nic again I will definitely be ordering !! I’m IN LOVE !!!

  10. Lyn

    Sugar cookie was delicious, I absolutely loved it! Fruity cereal is my ADV. Watermelon rocks is really flavorful and taste a mix between a jolly rancher and watermelon bubble gum. Peaches is so amazing, inhale and exhale are smooth. I just love this juice. For the price it’s so worth it. I was amazed how my package came from Cali in 2 days for free!!!! The bottles arrived packaged so well. I was highly impressed. I will return soon to try out a few other flavors such as lucky cereal, raspberry candy, and strawberry custard. Thank you again. I bought some juice online and it took over a week to get to my house because they printed a tracking number but failed to drop it at post office. You will be the only company getting my business. 🙂

  11. Shannon

    I got the sugar cookie and Apple Jacks….. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it because I’m not a big fan of sweet dessert type juices and I was afraid I wouldn’t want to vape it as an all day vape so I got the medium size bottles. (My favorite juice at the time of ordering was strapplberry by blend) when I received it in the mail I tried it right away and it was amazing the sugar cookie has a sweet buttery vanilla flavor and don’t worry about spit back even that is amazing! I also was not sure about the Apple Jacks because I have had a few apple cinnamon blends and they always taste like soap to me with this one you get a apple cinnamon flavor first then a little under tone of the cereal flavor…… I am absolutely positive I will continue to get my juice here it’s amazing! Shipping was great ordered in the evening of May 2nd and got it the afternoon of May 6th, one thing I will say is I have the Eleaf pico with the meloIII tank and already has a small fill opening, the bottle tip that comes on the juice would never fit in there so I used the big bottle to fill a smaller bottle to carry with me on the go and at work. And I could care less if they never changed that it’s a great product at a great price! I would be happy if they sent it in a mason jar!

  12. Sean

    This eliquid is the best I have ever had, and as far as the price goes… AMAZING. Sugar cookie is the best I have had so far, just got donut and blueberry waffle and can’t wait to see how it goes. Have been ordering from this site for months now and will never get eliquid from anywhere again. Yougotejuice don’t stop what your doing this stuff is amazing!!

  13. Croix F.

    One of my favorite juices right now, and definitely my favorite from YGEJ.

  14. Ab

    Have not touched my other ejuices once I got the sugar cookie. So yummy and my strawberry cheesecake is on the way!

  15. Laura

    I ordered the 5 pack sample and received sugar cookie, vanilla latte, lucky cereal, vanilla custard and fruity cereal. Holy crap I’m in love with the sugar cookie! It’s awesome straight out of the mailbox! Well done!

  16. Maggie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Taste like it was right out of the oven… Just go ahead and put it in the cart you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!! AWESOME VAPE!

  17. Christina

    Love your juice!!! Love that u can buy it in a large bottle and not brake the bank!! Very smooth!! I have been getting it for about a year and I have tried a lot of juice and I stick with sugar cookie couldn’t be happier Thank You:blush:

  18. Mike

    I stopped using “You Got Ejuice” because this was my 4th order and the 4th DISGUSTING unvapable juice I got.
    How could these people bat 100% failure rate?
    VapeWild.com… cheaper, and a they actually have vapeable juices!

  19. Alicat

    It’s just perfect. And I came across it accidentally, really. I was a cereal/fruity person until I noticed so many great reviews on this flavor. I added it to my usual order (apple jacks) + when i received it it was love at first vape.

    I know many say and the site recommends steeping but for me, it’s great straight out of the bottle. It could be b/c I smoke 1.5 nic. So i get one bottle of 0 and one of 3 and then half and half it in a separate unicorn bottle…but the first mix I make tastes the exact same as the last one (which has been open and steeping for quite a while).

    It’s SUPER creamy without being too sweet + it just doesn’t get old.Not a drop of artificial/chemical taste to it and thick, billowy clouds. Obviously, i highly recommend!

  20. Jesse

    im not a huge fan of dessert flavors but i ebjoyed this one

  21. Rich

    One of my favorite flavors! And the customer services is even better. Will be a customer for all my e Liquids. Keep it up guys !

  22. Rafael M.

    Nice taste like butter cookie … i ordered again … Favorite flavor !!

  23. Ted D.

    Definitely one of the best bakery vapes I’ve had. It’s as smooth as they get ! It taste exactly like the soft and chewy sugar cookies you get from the grocery store. The simplicity of it is what makes it perfect YGEJ didn’t try to bog it down with a fruit or cream so when you take your first vape of it there is no wondering what the taste is. It’s ready to rock right out of the bottle which is another plus. If you haven’t tried sugar cookie yet do yourself the favor and put it in your cart.

  24. Daniel T.

    I love this flavor, slightly buttery, not overly sweet, and I can taste that “baked” or “cooked” flavor just like a cookie with a crispy bottom. Remarkable how they nailed this one.

  25. Meme

    I ordered on a Monday afternoon and received it on Thursday afternoon quick shipping.Juice taste very good do not hesitate on this flavor very good my son ordered for the first time same flavor and he is also very satisfied.You will not get a better price no where’s else the price,quality,size it doesn’t get any better than this that I can find.I have previously ordered strawberry custard and peach yogurt both are also very good what ever flavors your ordering that’s exactly what it will taste like.If you let it steep for a good 7 days it just gets better and better.Another tip check their site often and you will see they have specials every now and then. GIVE THEM A TRY!!!!!!!!!

  26. Johnny M.

    Sugar Cookie it’s got a great flavor but not a all day vape here.

  27. Diana C.

    One of my favorites!!! Tastes just like a yummy sugar cookie. Not too sweet ~ just right! I order 3mg. nicotine level. Perfect!! : )

  28. Crystal

    Hands down. Best sugar cookie juice I’ve had.

  29. Saral

    Just bought two of their juices sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake, but the sugar cookie damn!! Hands down one of the best juices they have in their lineup. Its has a sweet honey graham cracker flavor on the inhale and almost a vanilla latte with a hint of coffee on the exhale. An ADV for me no doubt, i have purchased many other budget juices from other vendors but this one by far takes the cake.

  30. Pico A.

    this juice hits a 10/10 perfect score on all levels, throat restrictiveness can be too much and a lot of times way less in most other 3mg juices, with ygej this juice holds the title of perfect smooth throat hit. other flavors can sometimes be not enogh flavor or even to much sweetness, with ygej this juice gets 10/10 for the best flavor ive ever tried while giving you the perfect amount of flavor each and every vape making this the best all day vape (adv). coils can sometimes get dirty from other juice, sugar cookie by ygej is the cleanest juice no matter what flavor you get is the cleanest juice ive ever put on my coils you never have to worry about getting your coils dirty from using any of ygej’s juice, quality and perfection. and lastly vapor, other juice has light clouds but with ygej you always get thick milky clouds that you can taste and dream about. bottom line ygej is the best e juice venders out there so don’t hesitate don’t buy any of there juice because you will never be disappointed with what you buy, 10/10 perfection is ygej thanks for saving us money so we can buy more of you delishis juices.

  31. Kyle

    The taste is amazing, The bottle is huge. The juice is certified. How can you go wrong? I order this flavor, and only this flavor. SOOO goood!

  32. Tara G.

    This is what I’m vaping now. Its the second time I’ve ordered sugar cookies and this flavor is even great as soon as i opened it from the mail. Don’t have to steep this one for that sweet vanilla buttery cookie flavor straight out the package. Love love love sugar cookie

  33. Whispers V.

    Hands down the best sugar cookie ever!!

  34. Kent L.

    I have been getting your juice for awhile now. My juice could have more flavor added. Otherwise juice is very good.

  35. David

    Sugar Cookie was not my favorite of the four flavors I’ve tried, but all four have been very good to excellent especially at this price point. This company is excellent, three days shipping time from west coast to east coast and shipping is free! This is now my go to juice company.

  36. Mandy

    I first ordered a 30ml of sugar cookie to try it out after watching Tiavapes review it. All I can say is it’s the yummiest juice I have ever tried. I now have to order at least a 120ml bottle because this is my ADV. It’s sweet but not overly sweet and it gives you the real taste of a warm fresh baked sugar cookie.

  37. Tea

    I wish these was ready to vape now. The flavor is good but once again this has to sit.
    I have confidence that both flavors I ordered will be really good.

  38. Susan H.

    First of my new order I had to try, and it’s so, so good! It will be hard to let this one steep without “testing” too much. If the flavors bloom and develop like the others I’ve tried, this should be even better in a week or so. Lovely when vaped a bit warmer than I normally would, it’s like a warm sugar cookie fresh from the oven. Definitely on my favorites list!

  39. Traci

    Very good

  40. Amanda F.

    Sugar cookie is my all day vape. I love it so much! You can’t find such good quality and flavor for the price anywhere. Plus they have sales all of the time so you can get it for even cheaper which is kinda crazy to me because it’s so good!! I’ve been buying this line of juice for the past 3 to 4 years and i don’t think I will ever find another juice that will beat it! Most definitely recommend ygej!!!

  41. Milton E.

    great donut taste high smoke easy on the throat

  42. Michael

    I been hearing about this juice for a while. Ordered it and I’m loving it. I will be ordering again soon.

  43. Ray

    One of my favorites. Best steeped of course but I start vaping this right out of the mailbox

  44. Ahmad

    Very smooth and tasty

  45. Matt R.

    This is probably my favorite juice ever created. Right out of the mail it has this super realistic sweet, bakery flavor that I never get tired of…might go for 240ml next time!

  46. Derek

    This flavor is amazing! If you have a sweet tooth definitely give thus flavor a try! Its a perfect sweet EDV!

  47. Kevin

    Have been using suger cookie for two years now. I have not found anything that comes close to replacing my favorite ADV. It’s the best.

  48. Nanette

    The strawberry and cookie are there and its really good… Im going to let it steep for a few more days, then the flavors will be more prominent

  49. Jt

    This sugar cookie is great. The darker it gets the better the flavor. My favorite as of right now

  50. Mrs. M.

    Sugar cookie is my daily juice! They say your pallet gets bored with flavors, but I’ve been vaping this one for a couple years and I’m still loving it! It isn’t too sweet, so it doesn’t leave that thick/sweet taste on your tongue, and it doesn’t have ANY hints of random spices (which I hate). It’s straight-up sugar cookie (as described) and it’s the best!!

  51. Theresa

    This taste just like a sugar cookie. ADV will not gunk up your coil. I ordered 9 different flavors from YGEJ and I can not wait to taste them all. Nice smooth vape. Just make sure you let it steep about 14 days and the flavor will just pop right out of the bottle. This is my to go to e-juice.

  52. Tristan

    its so sugary good!!!! would love to order it again and try other juices too ! :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:

  53. Bobbie J.

    YouGotEJuice Sugar Cookie is definitely one of the best on the market ! It has been one of my favorites since I very first tried it a couple years ago ! If you like bakery type flavors you should really give this a try ! I bet you will buy more !

  54. Justin H.

    What happened to the 240 ml? Product is fantastic

  55. Brian S.

    I’ll never be able to have this juice again because of my crooked governor & now Jimmy won’t ship to NY anymore so that’s it. The last of the sugar cookie

  56. Igor S.

    This juice is so good and sweet. Does burn trough coils but I make my own so it’s not a problem. If your buying yours I would consider looking else where.

  57. M C.

    If you like a great bakery flavor you’ll love this just try it you won’t be disappointed

  58. Shaun M.

    Out of trying 100s of vape juices You Got E Juice Sugar Cookie is by far my favourite. I get it imported to UK and still works out cheaper then buying in UK.

  59. Tamy H.

    Tastes like the real deal! Great flavor.

  60. Eric B.

    one of my favorites

  61. Tim R.

    This is my favorite juice hands down! Perfect taste,taste just like a sugar cookie! Will continue to purchase!

  62. James C.

    Good juice but needs a little more flavor. Over all good though.

  63. Roy S.

    Spot on goes great in the morning with coffee great job guys 😀

  64. Michael C.

    Great flavor, low price, free shipping and it arrived 2 days early? Yes please!!

  65. Stacey D.

    The best taste and product out there. The price is alot less than what you would expect to pay for such a great product. Love love love it!

  66. Robert T.

    The best sugar cookie I have ever had in ejuice form, it is right under if not tied in my book with vanilla custard in fact instead of going to a fruity juice to reset the ol taste buds when I’m taking a lil break from vanilla custard I often go to sugar cookie same creamy vanilla buttery profile I like but different enough to prevent all out vapers tongue lol.

  67. Trina H.

    Tasty…. sweet , smooth, vanilla, sugary goodness…..

  68. Angela M.

    Just one of those flavors that you can’t help but love!!!

  69. Rik H.

    This flavor is right on the mark. Whether by itself or mixed with an ice or menthol, Sugar cookie is an awesome balance.
    It cuts the overpower of an ice or menthol, but yet still makes a very smooth vape.
    Awesome flavor!!!

  70. Stephen V.

    Southern bread pudding is my go to!! Love this company.

  71. Lisa W.

    Tastes exactly like a sugar cookie! Perfect balance of flavor as always. Just the right amount of the cookie flavor and a PERFECT amount of the sugary/sweet flavor. It literally leaves my room smelling like a batch of homemade sugar cookies! Amazing all the way around.

  72. Michael N.

    I heard about their juice thru Tina vapes and had to try some so I order sugar cookie and vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard and chocolate covered strawberries all was great but chocolate covered strawberries I didn’t taste anu chocolate and a very little strawberry just order vanilla latte I give a review on it once I try it

  73. A.P.

    I’m just about a year into vaping and I’ve tried almost all the ejuiceejuice out there. So you already know I’ve purchased some expensive ones, but nothing beats the ejuiceejuice from here! My 1st purchase was the Sugar Cookie and Stawberry Custard. I was blown away. If you let it steep for a week the flavor gets more intense but I’m the type, gotta vape it when I get it and it’s still good. Just tried the Chocolate covered Strawberries but I’m guessing it needs longer than a week to steep. Lemon Cheesecake is the bomb and the Apple Pie is to die for! I love the dessert flavors so next I’m going to get the Blueberry Custard hoping it will be just as good as the rest. This is the only company that I order from and customer service is great. Do yourself a favor, pick a flavor and try it, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks to all @ yougotejuice….

  74. Glenn

    Thanks for making an awesome juice. I love sugar cookie. Ordered wednesday and was supposed to arrive Tuesday. Came today, Saturday. 240mL is a lotta juice. This is how much I love this flavor. Keep doing what you’re doing with this one flavor and I’ll be ordering every month for sure!

  75. Mike

    These guys are great. Their juices are incredibly priced, especially for the quality you get. I last ordered 2x120ml bottles of Sugar Cookie because it’s that good. 5 stars isn’t enough. You Got E-Juice is THE BEST.

  76. Mike

    Well 3 days to get my juice.. I must say very impressed with the 2 I’ve tried.. Vanilla custard and sugar cookie…. Think I found my new ejuice company… Thanks U got juice…

  77. Venessa

    I saw that TiaVapes loves sugar cookie I ordered it it arrived today after 4 days (shipping was free) and its so delicious I wasn’t sure what to expect but wow . I honestlt don’t eat cookies that’s why I love it so much I can literally taste it like I’m eating a cookie but it has no calories haha its great if you want an adv and love desert flavors ! Definitely ordering more juice from here so worth it

  78. Stacy

    When I first heard of this company, I was skeptical because it was so cheap, I just assumed it would taste cheap as well. So far I have tried six flavors & am happy with all of them. (Sugar Cookie, Fruity Cereal, Lucky Cereal, Watermelon Rocks, Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Jack) Sugar Cookie is probably my favorite, although Strawberry Cheesecake is a close second. My husband, who generally likes tobacco or spice type flavors & stays away from fruity or dessert flavors loves the strawberry cheesecake & watermelon rocks. I’ve only had to steep one so far ( Apple Jacks), the rest were great right away. And let’s talk about shipping. First of all it’s free, & it’s also super fast. The last box was ordered on a Wednesday morning & arrived Saturday even though the expected date according to tracking was Monday. They have a good variety of flavors & it just seems silly for me personally to buy juice anywhere else, although I do still get a subscription box. I’m having a hard time picking my next flavor because I’m pretty sure they are all great. It will probably be peaches since the review I just read said it was great 🙂 Great company. If you’re on the fence about whether to try them, jump right off that fence & give them a try. I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy. Please never stop making E-Juice 🙂 Also, I noticed one reviewer hated Fruity Cereal. Mine tasted EXACTLY like Fruit Loops & was a pretty clear liquid so they might have gotten an off bottle.

  79. Justin G.

    By far the best ejuice I have EVER tried. Taste like the sugar cookies at Walmart with the icing and sprinkles on top(any cookie lover knows which cookies I’m talking about)lol. If I could give 10 stars I would have. Didn’t have to steep and somehow it got from Cal to Mobile al in 25 hours which is a 28 hour distance. Nothing bad can be said about these guys.

  80. Cassie

    Absolutely love the sugar cookie. I ordered it in 60ml to try and will be ordering more. It has great flavor and cloud production. Also doesn’t have a hard throat hit at all. I would recommend this to everyone if they like sugar cookies. Its the only place I have fount a premium juice for an affordable price.

  81. Artem

    i ordered frutty loops and sugar cookie. Best for me is loops. Great and smooth. Cookie is good too. Great customer service ana great juice.

  82. Reed

    Love your juice! This is my third order and plenty more to come. I’ve had strawberry cheesecake, sugar cookie and fruity pebbles flavored. All were very good quality juice. I’ve just ordered summer breeze and watermelon rocks.

  83. Isaac

    so far I’ve tried; sugar cookie, apple jacks, lucky cereal, vanilla latte, strawberry cheesecake, and fruity cereal. i have nothing negative to say about the juices, they’re freaking awesome, customer service is great too! the only reason i didn’t give a 5 star review is that it took almost a month for the juices to get to me… other than everything was perfect!

  84. Megan

    I was watching Tia Vapes review this line and just had to try for myself! With this price i was so stoked i just had to order. I ordered Sugar Cookie and i am NOT sorry! It is so freaking delicious. I vaped it right out of the mail haha. I just can’t wait to try more flavors!

  85. Timnixon

    Cinnamon Roll arrived today.. First impression.. Cinnamon is not too strong, leaves a slight tingle in your mouth like if you licked a cinnamon candy maybe once. Creamy cookie-dough like taste too… After a vape and you stop you have both tastes left.. The cookie dough is the finish flavor.. I like it!!!

  86. Bradley C.

    Order was FAST Price is the best and the juice was GREAT Sugar cookie!! I will be trying more flavors!!

  87. Thomas

    The package came in 2 days! I bought sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. THE BEST! Loving the flavors and the price for it. Definitely will be buying more from “yougotejuice” in the future. Thank goodness no more 30ml bottles for 22-26 dollars !

  88. Cindy

    I love the vanilla custard and sugar cookie , both are my all day vape. Great taste at an amazing price! A win win all the way around …

  89. Sue L.

    i have ordered Strawberry cheesecake,Vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and sugar cookie and they are all fantastic will be ordering more very soon yummmmmmm

  90. Kara

    I have tried almost all of the flavors you carry and I must say this is the best ejuice I have ever vaped on! I cannot wait to see what other flavors you guys will bring out in the future!!

    My all day vapes:
    Strawberry cheesecake/custard
    Sugar cookie
    And now I’ve added two more..
    Cherry lemonade & Cinnamon roll!

    I recommend this ejuice over ANY other line I have tried!

  91. Scott B.

    After smoking for 40 years I needed to quit. I tried everything & vaping is the only thing that worked. I soon found that e-juice was very expansive & being on a tight budget, it was getting hard to afford enough liquid to get thru the month. Then I discovered YGE-J! (Thanx Tia)
    On my first order I fell in luv with Strawberry Custard & it quickly became my ADV. Next I tried Sugar Cookie, my first bakery flavor, & it knocked me off my feet! I found myself quickly running low & was in a panic that I was going to run out before I could reorder. I ordered the 240 ml this time & at $37.99 it is a dream come true. This is truly a Premium E-Juice!
    Long story short, the fine people at YGE-J sent it out Priority Mail 2-Day, at no charge to me, prompting me to write this review. So I got my favorite juice in no time flat & YGE-J now have a life long customer! I also got a bottle of Summer Breeze that I am looking forward to trying. Going to let it steep for a week or so before I try it, so I will vape it at its best.
    You Got E-Juice are wonderful people, with a great product, at a fantastic price!
    Thank you!

  92. Ces B.

    Sugar Cookie and Lucky Cereal are on point! Can’t beat the price.

  93. Courtney

    I am probably not the right person to leave a review since this was my first e juice to vape but I watched TaiVapes on YouTube and she gave it a review and loved it so I had to buy it. It taste so good and is a awesome price!!!!! Keep up the awesome work YouGotEJuice 🙂

  94. Baby V.

    I’m in love with this stuff !! I’ve tried lots of different cookies from a lot of different ejuice companies and this is by far the best ! Simply Delicious !!! Don’t pass this one up !! You don’t know what ur missing !!

  95. Kevin

    Great ejuice, especially for the price! This is a very flavorful vape and definitely an ADV. They nailed the sugar cookie taste and tastes like hot, fresh baked sugar cookies! Only con I can give it, is maybe it could be a tad more heavy on the cookie taste. They definitely nail the sugar/vanilla part! Great ejuice! Buy it!

  96. Meagan

    I bought 5, 30ml bottles of differant flavors.
    I tried this one first, and i came back to the site just to order 120ml of it.
    its amazing. going to be an ADV along with lemon cheesecake.
    Plus, i ordered it wednesday, and got it today (friday).
    these guys are good.

  97. Ray M.

    I can’t wait to see how much better it gets with time. This flavor is a must have.

  98. Pete

    Very Sweet juice awesome vapor production and grate flavor!

  99. Lanitai

    Very smooth – no throat hit.Warm and sweet sugar inhale with a cool cookie crust on the exhale – almost creamy.

    Steeped for 4 days before vaped and it was great. Thumbs up.

  100. Shannono

    Some juices I have tried aren’t consistent or well over $30 for a 30ml bottle breaking my pocket!! Sugar cookie is my go to depending on how you are vaping it there is a buttery goodness to this is like a sugar cookie from Subway the fat free version is the best to describe it you just cannot beat the quality for the price and consistent the only thing that makes is better is fresh cotton and THIS JUICE!!! Amazing job keep it up!!!!

  101. Gf

    Unfortunately I was so disappointed. It tasted like the juice wasn’t pre steeped. I couldn’t taste much of a flavor at all. Should I have steeped it myself before vaping? Thought it would be just good to go but like I said, the flavor was just non existent.

  102. Kent L.

    Juice is good but needs more flavor in it. It’s not consistent. Is it possible to order double flavor. Not happy with my last order.

  103. Ivea

    I have a hard time understanding why everybody loves you so much. I purchased this because of all the rave reviews but I was extremely disappointed. I know taste is subjective but I’m a huge fan of baked, desert, flavors, and this one is totally off. I much prefer the FROSTED DONUT and I recommend trying that flavor if you like dessert vapes.

  104. Brenda

    Love this juice tastes​ just like a sweet sugar cookie fresh from the oven. My favorite of all the juices​ I vape.

  105. Debbie

    Was not disappointed anyone not sure to order don’t be it was spot on sugar cookies so good

  106. Pico G.

    If you like cookies you will love this juice puts all the other to shame, the warm sweet taste of a chewy cookie keeps this juice in all my drippers and tanks, you will not regret ordering large quantities of this stuff, infact you might have to after you try it just once. Ygej has the best value and quality ejuice out there so just stock up and vape on.

  107. Aiden

    You would think since the price is so affordable, you don’t get the quality. But boy you are wrong! One of the best flavors I have ever tried at this amazing price. From now on I am getting all my stuff from here. Thank you guys.

  108. Mischa

    Never had a cookie e-juice before but I fell in love with this ejuice. Clean hit no throat hit or anything. My everyday go to e-juice. Thank again ygej.

  109. Jay R.

    This E-juice is SOOOO FREAKING GOOD.. I have been vaping for 2 years now and have tried many different flavors and this with out a doubt is best tasting sugar Cookie you will find..If you can find a better one,let me know….I doubt you will though!!!

  110. Gary

    Taste is great one of the best I’ve had!

  111. Degan T.

    Ive tried a decent amount of vape juices over the past few years, and honestly this was not my favorite. I mean, it definitely tastes like sugar cookies to a certain degree, but it is also very reminiscent of the smell of a cookie scented Yankee candle. For that reason I was really not a fan of it at first. It just tastes very artificial to me.

    As I vaped it more and more it began to have a maple syrup-like taste, which was decent for a while. Then it kind of started tasting like toffee. At this point I’m just kind of vaping it because I’m out of all other juices. Maybe in the Fall it will taste better, haha. If you have an affinity for sugar cookies id say definitely give it a try, everyone else seems to like it. Really though, I’m more of a fan of fruity flavors, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t too impressed with this one.

    I do like some of the other juices on here though, like the raspberry and watermelon. I would definitely order those again. Can’t really beat the prices on this site. I try to support local vape shops too, but when Im tight on money it’s good to have a site like this available.

    Best juice I’ve ever had so far was called “Sex Panther”. It’s blue raspberry and pineapple flavored, definitely recommend it.

  112. John P.

    Great flavor, every flavor I try from ygej is always good

  113. Travis

    One of their best juice that I have tried! 3 out of 7 juices i have liked, this one the best

  114. Simon

    Have tried most of their juices.This one is DELICIOUS…..cant say this is the best as that would be unfair on Peach yogurt,Strawberry Custard etc

  115. Wellington

    Needed a break from my FAVORITE, Frosted Donut. So tried this and Caramel Custard. Sugar Cookie is too mild and Caramel Custard is just TOO sweet. So I just blend them together. Sure wish YGEJ would have a good fruit juice for me. Don’t like the one they have because of the menthol. Also not a fan of peaches. Just something simple like pineapple/lychee, strawberry, Hawaiian fruit blend, etc… P.S. I’m forced to buy from the local vape shops for these blends because I need variety but would rather give my business to YGEJ.

  116. Mayssam

    Since 2 years this has been my everyday vape everyday. This flavor is amazing, and quality is super. I only vape different ones when I see the need to reset my taste buds. Great work guys.

  117. Kevin

    This was a great vape! Very good bakery flavor. I couldn’t do more than a 120ml bottle at a time personally. But man was this spot on flavor wise!

  118. Nobletron

    Very consistent flavor! I would recommend this juice to anyone just looking into yougotejuice. I know many people who only vape this flavor. I either get this or strawberry cheesecake.

  119. Doug

    This juice one of the best. Second To the strawberry custard. Delicious.

  120. Josh

    This is by far my favorite flavor EVER! Out of all the juice I have vaped over my last 3 years of vaping, this beats out every other flavor I have tried. I love it. I buy a 240 ml bottle every month!

  121. Kelsey Q.

    The best cookie juice I’ve ever had

  122. Alica

    Ordered my ejuice over a week ago and nothing. Turned in my ID and paid never sent me notification, gave me a confirmation tracking number and it’s not valid and I’ve looked on every possible tracking website they gave so I’m really glad i just got screwed out of 21 dollars. I was really excited to, knew I shouldn’t order offline

  123. Amanda

    I don’t actually use this but my husband enjoys it so much I bought a few bottles for his stocking. He’s very picky and says that this flavor is true to sugar cookie!

  124. Sherry

    I don’t know what the deal is I got 3 flavors in 60 ml and am not getting any taste. Sux cause they have great taste in 30 ml. This had a very light taste of cookie but after a few vapes it looses flavor to me. Im not going to waist my time on getting several 30ml so I can get the right taste. Ive steeped for 2 weeks and no better. Sorry wont be ordering again.

  125. Cindy

    Great all day vape, Not too sweet. Perfect for any day. Although it burns through my coils really quick for some reason.

  126. Salvador

    This is my favorite ejuice is creamy and smooth flavor to vape all day

  127. Liz

    I love sugar cookies and when I tried this one I noticed that it was very light, so I put it away thinking that I would pif it to a friend, Well I decided to give it another chance, and im SO happy I did!!!! With time it is great! Another one I get ALL the time.

  128. Jim

    This is easily my all day vape. Wonderful flavor and a great price!!!

  129. Aiden

    This one is always in my shopping basket!

  130. Roy J.

    THIS JUICE IS AMAZING!!! I am on my 3rd bottle. I have 15 bottles of other juice but I keep picking this juice back up and dripping it. It is by far the best juice in opinion, just the right sweet and satisfying. The price you cannot beat.

  131. Brody

    Well, it is exactly what you’d expect a Sugar Cookie flavor to taste like: sugar. Very, very sweet. Almost a little too sweet for me, kind of made me sick to my stomach.

  132. Laura

    I always love your juice. You save me a ton of money. Now you have the best bottles ever! So easy to use with my mod. Thanx!!

  133. Christina

    I love your juice!!! And your prices! Also fast shipping and great choices! I don’t buy anywhere else just here u have everything I want love your store!!! Sugar cookie is my favorite been using it for a few years!! Great flavor not to sweet and no spice love it!

  134. Karl K.

    No ejuice can beat sugar cockie. Its the best, and i have tasted s lot of juices over seversl years.

  135. Justin

    Every other sugar cookie liquid I’ve had has some weird flavor in the back. Not this. Best flavor on the market imo. I could literally vape this all day every day. Haven’t had any in over a year and it still tastes exactly like I remember.:+1::+1:

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