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Summer Breeze

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Sweet strawberries and cantaloupe cream with a nice menthol accent that reminds you of a cool summer breeze.

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49 reviews for Summer Breeze

  1. Corey C.

    I found out about YGE from Tia capes and as a guy who goes through tons on ejuice I find myself ordering online often due to cheaper prices. Let me say of all the other companies ive done business with (and there’s a lot) you guys are the best!

    120ml Strawberry Custard = Love

    30ml Banana cream = Great

    30ml Vanilla Latte = Delicious

    30ml Yogurt = Good

    30ml Cherry Lemonade = Wonderful

    120ml Summerbreeze = Okay. a little more minty than I was expecting

    Now I’m waiting on my custards sample pack to get here. Im so anxious to try sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. Thanks for this great juice and excellent prices and oh the great customer service! A+

  2. Omar

    Love the flavor, nice and refeshing..

  3. Andrew

    seriously. summer breeze tasted like a gummy bear with a little menthol. cinnamon roll is pretty good. still my favorite is strawberry custard.

  4. Jesse

    first menthol vape that ive tried and liked wasnt to minty, will be ordering more of this

  5. David W.

    Not my favorite You Got EJuice flavor but definitely worth ordering again. Nice fruity flavor with the right amount of menthol. Currently enjoying this and worth reordering it when it goes on sale. I definitely would recommend Blueberry Cheesecake or Blueberry Custard over this however.

  6. Josh J.

    It really is what it says. I normally dont like menthol at all but i found that after a real good steeping the menthol is just an accent and blends real well with the strawberry and cantaloupe.

  7. Zygz

    Good mix of flavors and a nice cool menthol hit. Haven’t found many all day menthol vapes but to me this is worthy. Great price for the amount of juice you get. Would love to see a couple different menthol flavors from YGEJ. Make it happen Capt’n. 5 stars for catering to your ex menthol smokers.

  8. Nattto

    I got my order today and found my all day vape. Awesome flavour and great throat hit. I could vape this all day every day.

  9. Carson

    Summer breeze is one of my absolute favorites and go-to’s. I can vape on it all day and never get tired of it! Highly recommended!

  10. Royle

    I have never been big on menthol but something about the way it’s mixed just right with the fruits makes it awsome

  11. Giorgi

    This is my favorite

  12. Fernando

    Best I’ve ever tasted so smooth and helps with menthol if you have a sore throat lol best vape for all day vape tastes like a tropical drink

  13. Mike D.

    It’s like a fruity Newport! My new favorite!

  14. Stacie L.

    I can’t even explain what it tastes like. It’s awful. I tried to give it a little time, and it was not enjoyable at all. It was the mint mixed with whatever flavor was trying to come through, it was just awful and I ended up dumping the juice out..

  15. Sandy

    I have tried several flavors and this one by far is my favorite. It is not a real heavy flavor, but is refreshing and pleasant. I just reordered 2 more of Summer Breeze 120 ml I will try some new flavors but this is always my go to.

  16. Derrick P.

    I got my e-juice today it got here extremely fast thank you it taste excellent

  17. Sue B.

    Exactly is like the description

  18. Phillip T.


  19. Lisa W.

    For some reason that I can’t quite pinpoint, I’m not a big fan of this flavor. It is super fruity (which I like) and has just the right amount of menthol. Although I’m not usually a fan of menthol, this one has just the right amount to make it not too overpowering. I get more of a grape taste than anything else. It reminds me very much of Tropical Delight, and I’m not a big fan of that one either. These are the only 2 out of the whole line that I’ve tried and don’t care much for. It’s not that they’re bad flavors – I want to make sure I’m being clear about that. They’re just not for me. My boyfriend tried this one and loved it immediately. He is a huge fan. So again, it’s not that the flavor is terrible at all. It’s just not a personal favorite of mine. For the menthol/fruit combo lovers out there, I think you’ll love this!

  20. Susan B.

    Your oils are wonderful and the ordering process could not be easier. Summer Breeze has such a sweet taste and aroma. Thanks for a great product Jimmy and crew!

  21. Catherine G.

    I have been using this flavor for a few years now mixing it with POG. I love it!!

  22. Trina H.

    My ride or die juice!! We all have that one juice that helps kick the sticks, this is that juice for me …. love it!

  23. Devon

    Had to try these two new flavors and once again im impressed! Both not too strong but a great mix of Fruity/Creamy flavor! Also these two mesh well so if i want to switch flavors i dont need to change my cotton definitely gonna buy more!

  24. Herman H.

    I got Summer Breeze, Vanilla Latte, Watermelon Rocks, Cinnamon Roll, Sugar cookie and Tropical Delight, these are my favorites but i like the rest of them also. Big thanks to Tiavapes because of here video´s im hooked up to them like hell 😉

  25. Ricky

    Both peach yogurt and summer breeze are amazing. Summer breeze is my new fav. For once someone got the balance of menthol right. Almost all menthols over power. But u guys nailed it. Keep up the great work

  26. Traci C.

    A few months ago, I ordered 60 mLs of the Candy Cane and Cherry Lemonade. Personally, I’m not a big fan of dessert vapes, but I love fruit and mint flavors. I really enjoyed both of those flavors and was recently excited about the announcement of new fruity flavors.
    On Sunday, I ordered a 120 mL of Summer Breeze and received it today. I really enjoy the strawberry & cantaloupe combination with the hint of mint. After finding YGE, I can’t justify spending $20+ for just 30 mL of liquid when I know I can get 4x that for the same price. I’m really looking forward to trying the Tropical Delight, and I know that I’ll be reordering again and again.
    I found YGE through TiaVapes on youtube, and I’m so glad.

  27. Julio

    Unique flavor with perfect about of menthal taste.. Great job guys

  28. Beth

    We bought summer breeze and strwberry custard. This one was for my husband who loves menthol. I’m shocked because even I like it. Light menthol just enough to give u that little hint and the flavors shine. Overall sooo impressed with this company. Quality flavor price top notch!!

  29. Matthew M.

    Got gor my order today.1 day shipping as always, couldn’t wait 2 try.Had nice golden look so, looks steeped already.Filled my smok beast up, 120watts on jaybo reuleaux.First few drags and yes its ready and flavor is what i wanted nice. Nice cool menthol and fruit i new cheaper alternative 2 my adv naked frost bite.Well be ordering more soon.Thanks YGE very happy

  30. Tanya

    This has been my all day vape since it released. Most unique menthol you will ever find. Perfect amount of Menthol. This stuff changed my vaping game. I got through 240ML’s of this stuff every two weeks. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Please, for the love of God, don’t even stop making this flavor!!

  31. Lorena

    My husband loves this one sooo much. sometimes I wish they sold it in a liter size. it might last longer

  32. Andrea

    Well this is the 2nd flavor i tried out of the 12 different flavors i got from YGEJ definitely a wonderful menthol taste not too strong just perfect. The strawberry on inhale and cantaloupe cream menthol taste on exhale it just aint good its perfect. I love this and recommend anyone to get this its MUST TRY! For thoses people out there that aint menthol people this is not strong menthol eliquid its perfect and you will love it. Im not big on menthol but i love this eliquid right here. All of there eliquid is a must try!

  33. John S.


  34. Eudora P.

    I’ve tried several flavors and have been hooked on a few flavors. This is the first flavor I’ve ordered that I have liked enough to order a bigger bottle. Back when I smoked cigarettes I smoked menthol so the little bit of menthol in Summer Breeze is good but not overpowering. And with the menthol I get a pleasant fruity flavor. Its like the best of both.

  35. Jamse T.

    I don’t know if I got a bad bottle or what. After reading all of these reviews I was really expecting a great taste experience.
    Could not be farther from what I wanted. It tasted bad and the after taste was worse. I had to replace the coil to get tht out of my system.

  36. Philip

    One of my favorite juices out there. Price A+++, flavor A++, and customer service is out standing in which it exceeds the industry standards by far.

  37. Lake

    For the money you simply cannot buy a better juice. Yougotejuice always exceeds your expectations, and some favorites like summer breeze, watermelon rocks, and strawberry custard will keep you happy all day. I’ve already recommend this company to tons of people and can’t say I’d ever stop you really can’t beat their juices!

  38. Josh

    I would love this juice if i enjoyed menthol. I really enjoyed the flavor but the menthol was a bit too hard on my throat.

  39. Austin T.

    this is my new favorite flavor, love the menthol

  40. George

    Love that fruity and icy feeling when I inhale it, its best I’ve tried so far from the lineup

  41. Krahll

    this flavor is my got to adv perfect fruit flavor with a nice menthol taste could not recommend it more

  42. Abhi

    Its been my all day vape.

  43. Cassandra S.

    This was pretty good, but I would have really like a stronger mint flavor

  44. Adam

    This is my favorite juice never loses its flavor…

  45. Cody G.

    Amazing taste with a hint of menthol!!

  46. Andrew

    Great all day vape. happy i found it.

  47. Sherry

    This is the only ygej flavor that stays true to taste the bigger the bottle. This will probly be the only flavor that I will reorder but mainely because this is the only flavor my husband likes.

  48. Sandy J.

    Summer Breeze is the best vaping juice I’ve tried. Slight taste of menthol and so refreshing. I have tried several juices and this is the only one so far that I would rate 5 star. Still searching for a couple more to like as well.

  49. Alex

    90% if the juice I use is summer breeze great flavor and a nice smooth hit everyone I’ve turned on to it agree

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