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Tobacco (SUB OHM)

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The classic bold taste of American made tobacco.

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60mL, 120mL

31 reviews for Tobacco (SUB OHM)

  1. Rod

    Great job on the tobacco! You got ejuice is now my one stop shop!

  2. Kristin

    Finally, a great Tobacco flavor e juice at an affordable price!
    Over six years I’ve been vaping, I’ve tried A LOT of different tobacco flavors and I’m so happy you got e juice makes a great one. There’s no sweetness in it, that I can taste. And I like that. Just a mellow-medium, nothing fancy, “normal” tobacco flavor. Gets better when steeped, but also good straight out of the mail.
    Excellent prices, flavors, and service. Thank you!

  3. Matt

    For the price, it’s certainly one of the best analog-tobacco flavors out there! Don’t expect the richness that you can get from high-priced NET liquids; but, if you’re looking for a standard tobacco, you can’t go wrong for the price!

  4. Robert

    I’ve only been vaping for almost a year now. I’m no expert but’ have tried several tobacco flavored e-juice from different vendors and manufacture’s and must say this is one of the best, and for a fraction of cost compared to others. Very good likeness to tobacco.

  5. Martin

    Best Tobacco flavor, sweet taste. My all day vap.

  6. Pawan T.

    People who smoke regular cigarettes will find this a close match. This is extremely great and feels like smoking a regular cigarette, of course much less harmful though.
    The preference is individual but if anyone like flavour then you have lots of option as well but end of the day it’s nicotine that smokers need…. and you will not be disappointed….enjoy!

  7. Banjoman

    Every now and then you just want that STRAIGHT TOBACCO taste . This does that and does it well . Best straight tobacco juice I’ve tried ! I’m going to keep a bottle on hand and if you like tobacco try it ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

  8. Mdp40

    Great all day vape. To me its a nice smooth drier type tobacco feel , not much sweetness, which is good…almost like vaping redman chew. very great product!…doesn’t bother throat like most other overrated companies eliquids do

  9. Tiago

    This is the best tabacco juice I’ve tried so far !! Tried a lot from different companies this is by far the best. Not sweet with that premium tabacco taste

  10. Jordan

    Never having tried tobacco before I decided to give it a try. I ordered 3mg and going from 0 to 3mg it several days adjusting to nicotine. I tried after receiving and it is spot on tobacco flavor. I personally do not like the flavor and find myself “cutting” the tobacco w/ 0mg flavors probably 1 part tobacco to 3 parts flavor bc it is a very overwhelming flavor. Iv’e had it bout 2 weeks. I can say in this time the flavor has mellowed and not as strong as when I received it. in my opinion it is 5 stars. Even though I do not personally enjoy this flavor as a former smoker I think if you like tobacco vape juices you would like this juice. The flavor is so spot on.

  11. Camilo C.


  12. Randall B.

    Great juice!

  13. Mary V.

    Confession: I’m a huge menthol fan, so the ice flavors and the tobacco menthol are my usual favorites. I ordered this by accident. And it is really good. Deep and flavorful. I was surprised. Pleasantly.

  14. E. R.

    Great taste, good price, fast delivery!

  15. Massimo C.

    Good product as usual.

  16. Tammy H.

    I recently ordered 4 bottles and did not receive my 2 free ones. Idk if I did something wrong. I have been a customer for past few yrs.

  17. Luis G.

    Great product good service fast delivery

  18. Vena C.

    I was ordering this from eliquid and Always paid extra for faster shipping but it Always took 2 weeks to get. You guys are fast and will not order from them again

  19. Gregg B.

    So hard to find a good Tobacco flavor. This is it.

  20. Tammy B.

    We have been with you for years and have NEVER had a problem. Your doing GREAT. And… thank you so much for the pie filling: it was awesome!!!!

  21. Anh V.

    I live in Vietnam.
    I ordered 1 bottle of 120ml flavor tobaco.
    I received it after 7 working days
    You make a very good flavor
    I will definitely continue to try many different flavors
    but I’m very disturbed because of high shipping costs hope you can adjust.
    Thank you!

  22. Em

    Honestly not too bad, could be a bit more robust, but aside from that small detail I enjoy it. Will definitely be reordering this product.

  23. David

    Hands down one of the best tobacco flavor I had in a long time. Excellent taste smooth also. Will buy again. Thumbs up!

  24. Joe B.

    I have tried many tobacco flavors, from all over the USA…..and I landed here one day, after watching Chris, and his show Indoor Smokers……and he was using yougotejuice….so, I headed over here and bought some 6mg Tobacco flavor…and wow, it is good….the closest to a cowboy killer, to date. Then my wife got in on the stuff, and she got menthol, another YES….and we got some Sugar Cookie…..yum!! Yup, you have new customers! 😉

  25. Jolu

    If I had to write a flavor profile for this one it would go something like this: “Enjoy the taste of sweet tobacco just like the kind Grandpa smoked in his trusty pipe.” 🙂 I want to emphasize that this flavor is NOT like cigarette tobacco but tastes exactly like how sweet pipe tobacco smells. A perfect pairing for us former smokers who enjoyed our smoke with a morning cup of coffee. Also highly recommended for those who want a change from the fruity, dessert, or cereal vapes.

  26. Rachel P.

    someone said maybe not the best….what you are going to pay $20 for 30mil????? Ok rich people….spend away….I think this is the best tobacco and I love YOU. wouldn’t change for the tea in China….China makes ugly clothes, too

  27. Vaping H.

    This Tobacco flavor liquid is on the money! I enjoyed it very much… actually I’m in the process of ordering another. If you like tobacco flavors, this is a MUST have!

  28. Hec V.

    Am a “noob” to vaping… this has a strong tobacco taste strong smell right out the bottle without leaving the stench of a cigarette …. taste great with a cup of coffee! Highly recommend if you’re trying to completely leave smoking behind

  29. Rachel P.

    I have tried about 8 different tobacco flavors at vape stores and this one by far is the best!!!!! I have even mixed mine with different flavors and it blemds very well with others. Made in the US is a big plus for flavor and quality. It is mild but I do not like a heavy tobacco flavor. And yes, China does make the ugliest clothes I ever saw!

  30. Lisa R.

    fantastic smooth juice = highly recommend! Best e-juice site around!

  31. Lisa W.

    This is as close to a tobacco flavor as you can get without actually smoking a cigarette! I’ve tried a lot of different ejuice tobacco flavors, and this is the best by far. It’s smooth on the inhale and exhale and delivers the perfect amount of flavor. Really good!

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