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Tropical Delight

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The perfect blend of pineapples and pomegrantes to satisfy both your fruity and tart desires.

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35 reviews for Tropical Delight

  1. Ted D.

    It’s definitely a pineapple vape with pomegranate undertones which makes it a solid ADV. this was my very first time ordering this flavor from YGEJ usually I go with the bakery flavors and the famous strawberry cheesecake. I hate myself for waiting this long to try this. I plan on using the entire 60ml as a tank juice not that it isn’t good dripped I just use my tank for when I leave the house. No shocker here YGEJ knocked this out of the park again ..

  2. Jolu

    I’ll be honest, I’m a YouGotEJuice fanboy. I love all of their flavors but for me, this was a no go. It does taste like pineapple but the taste reminds me of a cheap candy more than fruit. It was given to me free from a friend and I ended up throwing it away. If you really really wanna try this one I suggest getting a 30ml bottle first. 3 stars for a pretty accurate description.

  3. Jeroen

    The tropical delight juice is definitely one of my favorites. The taste is sweet and sour in one. The after taste is verry nice. When i vape this i feel like i am on the beach. Love this one.

  4. Vincent C.

    Another review.. another great flavored Vape.
    I just ordered this 120ml size killer cheap price on sale and military discount. the prices here are just not beatable.
    This is a definitely a minty cool vape juice. The minty flavor is more minty then a menthol cigarette. It does not loose it stronger mint influence in the vape after continued vaping as has happened to me in all other juices I have tried. There is a influence of tropical flavor and it comes out more after you let it steep. If you like a stronger minty taste you won’t be disappointed. This is also great to add to other vapes to add a little minty coolness to them.

  5. Arthur K.

    This flavor reminds me of two things and only two things; laundry detergent and fabric softener. I get no sense of fruity cocktail or tropical anything. It has a chemical taste to it that’s very harsh. Which is disappointing as the other two flavors I also got, Vanilla Latte and Banana Cream, are simply amazing.

  6. Shae

    Ok let me say the flavors are all there but unfortunately this one is just not in my profile I can’t stand pomegranate at all..

  7. Bethany M.

    Very nice tropical flavor..smooth and easy to vape. Love YGEJ!

  8. Catalin F.

    This is the only site I order my e-juice, best quality and price.

  9. Carla M.

    Love my white gummy juice! Thanks

  10. Diane D.

    I haven’t ordered for a long time. I’m very happy I did.

  11. Lisa W.

    The description is true to its word – a mixture of pineapple and pomegranate. However, I feel as though the pomegranate overtakes the pineapple just a bit too much. There’s definitely a combo of sweet and tart, which I really like. The flavor itself isn’t too bad, but it’s not one of my personal favorites. It has a bit of a flowery/bitter aftertaste. It almost reminds me of the taste left in your mouth after you take grape-flavored medicine.

    I know it all comes down to personal preference, so I’m not saying not to try it! If you’re a fan of pomegranate, this one is definitely for you.

    Either way, the description matches the taste (except for the pineapple not being as pungent as I’d like, but again, personal preference).

  12. Ronald B.

    Been a customer for years & will continue to buy from this seller.

  13. Cathy S.

    Great juice. Great taste

  14. Ben

    This is the absolute best tropical flavor I’ve tried yet the pineapple totally takes control on this and the pomogranate lightly backs it up. I have bought 25$ bottles of juice looking to achieve this flavor if you want a tropical pineapple e juice for the sun this summer I promise you tropical delight will leave your taste buds quenched! 🙂

  15. Megan

    I recieved it within 2 days!
    I am loving my Tropica Delight!!

  16. Song L.

    I got the Strawberry Shortcake(4.5 out of 5), Yogurt(7 Out of 5 lol), and the Tropical Delight(10 out of 5, MY FAVORITE !! ALL DAY VAPE)…..taste is subjective, but these are really premium tasting juice!! imma need 240mils of Yogurt and Tropical Delight !!

  17. Kyle S.

    If you were questioning whether or not Tia Vapes of youtube was blowing smoke or not, just don’t worry; this juice is freaking great and the price is amazing. If you want a truly pungent sour pineapple then this is the juice to have. Upon reception of the package (which only took two and a half days) I tried tropical delight (the lemon cheesecake smells divine too) and immediately canceled my subscription to vapebox. This juice is the real freaking deal!
    If you find a flavor that sounds good to you, take the plunge! I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed by what you choose.

  18. Devon

    Had to try these two new flavors and once again im impressed! Both not too strong but a great mix of Fruity/Creamy flavor! Also these two mesh well so if i want to switch flavors i dont need to change my cotton definitely gonna buy more!

  19. Wendy C.

    I have found my holy grail of ejuice and it’s affordable!! The strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard are amazing! My new favorite is vanilla custard, though!! My second favorite is the tropical! Delicious!
    I just ordered more of the strawberry cheesecake and tropical! I’d love it if you made a creamy blueberry jam!!

  20. Nicole

    This is great if your looking for a unique tropical vape. Ygej has the best e liquid!

  21. Sean

    This is probably my third time ordering from You Got E-Juice. The juice is delightful, but the business practices of the employees here is great. Each time I ordered they sent the product out quickly. They also leave personally sign a “thank you” on your packing slip. This most recent time, they even wished me a happy birthday! To me the way they treat their customers says a lot, and I am pleased to give You Got E-Juice my business!

  22. Congo

    You guys have to get rid of this flavor it taste like ROBITUSSIN!!!

  23. A

    Meh, I didn’t have the greatest luck with this flavor. The inhale was great but the exhale tasted almost like perfume. Haven’t ordered it again, but I’m willing to give it another shot.

  24. Krahll

    love this flavor its got a nice tropical flavor not super overpowering but strong right out the gate let it steep for some time if its to stronk dont be discouraged by it just try it!

  25. Meuni

    This flavor is so nasty it tastes like cough syrup with a strong chemical/perfume aftertaste I steeped it for a month and it was still horrible. I’m not picky but this is just plain wrong. I guess maybe it depends on what you like because the strawberry cheesecake and frosted doughnut are so good!

  26. Abhi

    Its been my all day vape.

  27. Cody G.

    Cant get enough of this flavor!!

  28. Jason

    It’s great. Nice flavor and smooth.

  29. Ervin W.

    OK OK yes I’m bias lol but I have yet to receive a flavor from you guys that is a no for me. It I’d a refreshing taste and the distinct flavors are on point. Thanks guys

  30. Mary

    Great quality, flavor, and scent. Tastes like a tropical fruit salad. I am pleasantly surprised. Will definitely order again!

  31. Mahmood A.

    I have started vaping 5 years ago and I have used many e-juice, but Tropical Delight is king of them all,

  32. Brody

    I loved the flavor of this e-juice. It’s literally a Tropical Delight. The only issue I had was the throat hit. Very, very sharp. Otherwise absolutely delicious.

  33. Dylan

    I have probably gone through several gallons of this juice over the years. Its my go to, great flavor, great throat hit, never gets old!

  34. Mm

    Fill this in a bottle where it is convenient to transfer to a small bottle which is used to fill the vaporizer. At present we have to squeeze this so hard to get the juice out of it. Otherwise this product is really good

  35. Matt L.

    Quality products and good prices. Will buy again

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