WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vanilla Custard (SUB OHM)

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Rich, creamy vanilla that all custard lovers can savor.

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60mL, 120mL

103 reviews for Vanilla Custard (SUB OHM)

  1. Roderick K.

    I ordered Vanilla Custard, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Latte and I loved them all. Very fast service, got to my mailbox in 3 days. Premium juice with a great price. I can’t wait to try some more flavors. Thanks for making juice affordable.

  2. Trish M.

    Wow am I ever so happy that I found out about YGEJ thru youtube! I first ordered the fruity sampler pack along with the dessert/custard sampler. I’ll have to try the cereals at some point & the Vanilla Latte (wish this one was in a sampler pack but sadly it isn’t atm) but I’m in love love love with the Vanilla Custard, the Sugar Cookie & the Strawberry Cheesecake! So I ordered 2 each of these 3 flavors in 120ml bottles a few days ago. I just noticed that usps has my order delivered since yesterday morning! It shipped on Mon eve.. so that’s only barely a full 2 days! woah! That was super fast! I’ll have to run to the po box here soon to grab the order but wow am I happy with these guys.. great job yougotejuice.com.. fast & great cust srvc along with the quality flavorful juices & the awesome prices… I am a customer for life!! =D

  3. Sharon

    I had been ordering from the same company juice company for a long time, but I was wanting to order larger size bottles, which were so expensive. One day I was searching Vape Deals and saw a advertisement on the right side for You Got E-Juice and what caught my eyes was 120ml bottles for $19.99!! I immediately when on to there sight and saw a few of my favorite flavors so I went ahead and took a chance after reading so many positive reviews ordered the Vanilla Custard, and and Strawberry Cheesecake and I am thoroughly impressed not only about the price but OMG is this juice spot on as far as flavor but also pure enjoyment as my ADV!! You Got E-Juice, #YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

  4. Blake

    absolutely love the vanilla custard and the prices are the best around plus free shipping. Love it

  5. Timnixon

    This stuff is as good as, if not better than, the premium vanilla custard I’ve had from mortar and brick stores.. if it steeps like the cinomon roll then it should only get better

  6. Michael N.

    It’s been a while but wanted to give my review on the Vanilla latte I really liked it I know some said it had a burnt taste to it mine didn’t had the coffee flavor with a hint of latte and not over powering ether but I know everyone taste is different but have to say my 2 favorite are strawberry cheesecake and Vanilla Custard just order 240ml bottle

  7. Sharon E.

    I can’t say enough about the yougotejuice and how I heard of them was from a YouTube Vapo reviewer Tia Vapes yougotejuice looked her up with 12 120ml bottles for her to review, and I have to say I have never seen her that excited about all the flavors she was sent. I went right to your website and Ordered 2 60ml bottles one was Strawberry Cheesecake, Wonderful flavor with the and the cheesecake taste so fresh and creamy on the inhale and just a hint of the crust that cheesecakes would normally have That is the best I have ever had! The second was the Vanilla Custard I was in heaven with this flavor the Vanilla was perfectly blended with the custard very creamy!! Let’s just say both flavors are to die for, Needless to say I just placed my third Order tonight but my second and third were ordered in the 120ml bottles you can’t beat this price anywhere out there. This is Premium E-Juice at the best price point, out there a Gods knows I have gone through many many E-juice suppliers. Shipping on my first order took a week to get BUT IT WAS THE POST OFFICE DAULT my second order was delivered in 3 days and that was just First class mail! So you have a customer for life. …. Thank you to all who make this happen and each Flavor is Certified , Thank you again 🙂

  8. Andrew D.

    This is a solid liquid , great custard with out any weird flavors added like some others out there.ADV worthy and awesome price

  9. Thomas S.

    One of my favorites for an all day Vape. Tastes great at low and high wattage.

  10. Johnny M.

    Vanilla Custard great flavor you get that I will come back to buy more of it. It’s all day vape.

  11. Sandra M.

    This is the best vanilla custard I have tried
    Better than the higher brands
    Very flavorful and would recommend highly

  12. Seb

    Un custard vraiment agréable en bouche, rond doux et savoureux!! Mais allez y les yeux fermés sur leur custard, le strawberry est super savoureux et le caramel c’est un vrai délice!!!

  13. Doug F.

    This is one of my favorites from ygej! Best company ever

  14. Miranda

    I love this juices and other 2-6 120ml bottles every month

  15. Josh

    Not a big fan of this flavor, had a weird aftertaste. Love yougotejuice though. Quality product, fast shipping!

  16. Scott D.

    Long, detailed review on the 60ml page. Basically it was so good I bought the 120ml. It lasts me a good while, but I may buy the 240ml next time to save even more money. I’ve tried multiple flavors, and every single one of YGEJ’s flavors have been awesome. Don’t waste your money on overrated and overpriced 30ml mainstream bottles. Make YGEJ your full time source for juice and you won’t be sorry.

  17. Leigh A.

    My first time using YGEJ, super fast shipping, price was great! Love, love the Vanilla Custard ! Will def buy from YGEJ again!

  18. Traci

    I love using this on its own or as a mix in to tone down super fruity vapes

  19. Jack

    Great stuff, this is one of the best vanilla custardsI have had to date great juice all day Vape excellent job

  20. Bree L.

    This is by far the best tating vanilla custard I have tried! I am super picky about cream flavors and this one is perfection!

  21. Bobby

    I like this one, but like the strawberry custard, it doesn’t have enough of the custard taste that I like. That being said, I will buy more because it’s a good vape. Seems to taste better in a tank than dripped.

  22. Jim B.

    I love this flavor, its one of my go to juices here. Great vanilla flavor, It also is great to mix 50/50 with Vanilla Latte to make a super sweet, super creamy vape with a hint of coffee.
    Great juice, fast free shipping, best prices for the quality, Yougotejuice is my go to site for juice.

  23. Harold

    Love this juice

  24. Brian

    Best vanilla Custard, Period!

  25. Guy

    Une crème anglaise bien crémeuse ,pleine de saveur vanille ,juste magnifique!!!!je recommande ce produit ,merci à vous Yougotejuice ,pour l’accès raisonnables de ces juices premiums…..

  26. James C.

    I have tried many premium vanilla custard, i.e. emergency vape stash and this vanilla custard is equal to if not better than all others I have tried. Great juice at an amazing price. Thank you You Got Ejuice.

  27. Don

    Sometimes I vape it straight, sometimes I mix it, either way, excellent juice!

  28. Kevin C.

    This is my go to juice now. Great flavor. Great price. It always comes in a timely manner. The vanilla flavor in the juice is just perfect.

  29. Murat Y.

    My favorite juice. Nothing better. Best ever. Strongly recommended. I will always order and will always enjoy. Thanks

  30. Marco

    This has been my daily vape for a couple of years.
    The balanced, not sickly sweet flavour remains consistent, bottle after bottle.
    Vapour production in plentiful and rich.
    The best vanilla custard juice.

  31. Old V.

    Top tasty vape juice delivered in super quick time. Highly recommended vendor to the nanny state of Australia.

  32. Pak A.

    I’ve had many vanilla based eliquids and this one hits the hammer on the nail, its more of a French vanilla then vanilla bean and another one I love, I’m actually vaping it as I write this. would buy it again

  33. James

    Love this juice and company in general. But I gotta say, get the 240ml. 2x120s wont fully fill a 240ml. you get up to, maybe, an extra 30ml for the additional $2.

  34. Doug

    This is my favorite juice of them all. I like many different kinds of flavors but I always go back for some vanilla custard.

  35. Karen N.

    Taste like the real deal! My favorite custard juice!

  36. Charles F.

    I have had many vanilla custards from others but keep coming back to this. For flavor & price this can’t be beat excellent 10/10

  37. Lin C.

    Very prompt service and I really liked the flavors.

  38. Christy H.

    Excellent flavor

  39. M C.

    Love all there desert flavors this one my favorites I’ve been a loyal customer for years and this flavor is always in my order YGEJ I like to mix it with other more fruity flavors

  40. Lisa W.

    You truly can’t go wrong with any of YGEJ’s custards. They are all absolutely amazing. This one is very good, smooth and has just the right amount of sweetness. I think the vanilla could be a bit more strong, but other than that, it truly lives up to its name! Excellent flavor!

  41. John R.

    My daily vape for the last two years. Not too sweet, not too strong. Pleasant smelling to non-vapers. Get yourself a small sample.

  42. John H.

    Vanilla custard is, like I said, in my top five “on hand” flavors. The yougotejuice brand is my favourite as all of my top juices are theirs.

  43. Ana P.


  44. Ruth B.

    I always keep a bottle of Vanilla Custard on hand. I’ve tried so many vanilla juices, and this one is at the top of my list. Just sweet enough, with a true vanilla flavor that’s really satisfying.

  45. Loic B.

    Don t want to elaborate on the product itself…for me the best custard ever.
    I m always glad to see my international shipment coming without surprise with all the attention you pay to the packaging.

  46. David A.

    My wife loves it.

  47. Tim R.

    Title says it all! Perfect taste! Never burnt tasting!

  48. Eric B.

    good stuff

  49. Brian T.

    5 stars in every way!!!!

  50. Sherry P.

    You can’t improve. It is the best juice I have ever had.

  51. Jon H.

    I’ve tried a bunch of expensive, high end desert liquids and there is a reason I’ve stayed with this for over 3 years now, the quality and flavor is unmatched! Get some!!

  52. Robert T.

    Every since I started vaping one flavor I never get burned out on or truly get tired of is vanilla custard, and all I can say on this review is you got ejuice is the king of vanilla custard hands down. killer custard is good don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion something with the vanilla you got ejuice does is much more complex and it really brings out the custard it’s like a stronger vanilla and is just soooooo good it is my number 1 all day vape.

  53. Austin F.

    Start off by saying that this vanilla custard it’s a satisfying juice I enjoy vaping it with my morning coffee. it’s a nice lighter custard less on the vanilla bean and heavier twords the custard. there a lot of vanilla custard E-liquids on the market that are very good. All n all in a nut shell I would rank this custard up there with them. Nothing negative to say about this product great job and keep up the good work

  54. Diana C.

    Vanilla Custard goodness!! Perfect adv and smooth flavor! Not overpowering and the perfect amount of vanilla! Love it!! :heart:️

  55. Paige W.

    tastes great

  56. Stephen V.

    Terrific custard!!

  57. Pauline

    I’m new to vaping and around 45 days cigarette free. Having initially quit using a prefilled cartridge device I was ready to go to e juice and a fillable tank device. This is my very first e juice purchase anywhere ever and I couldn’t be more pleased with the product and this company. I went with a large bottle of vanilla custard and I love it. In fact it gets even better every day. I appreciate that You Got E juice offers a price on this amount of juice that beats it’s competitors by miles. The service is outstanding and the shipping speed excellent. I definitely plan to venture in to trying some of their other flavors in the future. Thank you You Got E – juice.

  58. Michael N.

    I heard about their juice thru Tina vapes and had to try some so I order sugar cookie and vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard and chocolate covered strawberries all was great but chocolate covered strawberries I didn’t taste anu chocolate and a very little strawberry just order vanilla latte I give a review on it once I try it

  59. Mike

    Well 3 days to get my juice.. I must say very impressed with the 2 I’ve tried.. Vanilla custard and sugar cookie…. Think I found my new ejuice company… Thanks U got juice…

  60. Josh W.

    Perfect flavor absolutely awesome!! The best vanilla custard I’ve had and I’ve tried tons perfect juice at a low price and fast free shipping also!!!

  61. Cherie

    I purchased Vanilla, and Strawberry custard, and Apple Jack. All three are simply amazing. You don’t need any steeping time what so ever. Will buy from again.

  62. Gary B.

    3/29/2016 Good taste of both flavors.Steeping for two weeks flavors got tastier. They have the best costomer service I have seen! Thanks! Fast shipping.

  63. Wendy C.

    I have found my holy grail of ejuice and it’s affordable!! The strawberry cheesecake and strawberry custard are amazing! My new favorite is vanilla custard, though!! My second favorite is the tropical! Delicious!
    I just ordered more of the strawberry cheesecake and tropical! I’d love it if you made a creamy blueberry jam!!

  64. Sue L.

    i have ordered Strawberry cheesecake,Vanilla custard and strawberry cheesecake and sugar cookie and they are all fantastic will be ordering more very soon yummmmmmm

  65. Cindy

    I love the vanilla custard and sugar cookie , both are my all day vape. Great taste at an amazing price! A win win all the way around …

  66. Cody B.

    I’ve ordered the vanilla custard and after letting it steep a little was amazed at the flavor considering the price.since then I’ve ordered more flavors and may have found my go to juice company now.

  67. Chris

    WOW just WOW, this Vanilla Custard taste just like the Bead 51 witch i was vaping everyday but not anymore, my business will now be here at YGEJ.

  68. Zachary

    this was my first time trying “YouGotEjuice.com”.
    and to summarize in short, this company produces actual Premium ejuice at great prices. i have tried all the other budget ejuice companies (humble, mt. baker) and they all taste like budget juice.
    yougotejuice, is in my opinion and my wifes opinion, awesome premium juice. this is now my “go-to” company for ALL of my ejuice. also, when they say 70vg/30pg you can trust that it is, unlike other brands. thank you!

  69. Moabmac

    I’ve tried most of the flavors…Vanilla Custard is my absolute favorite , just wish Utah law makers weren’t a bunch of bitches and I could get it delivered to me in Utah!

  70. Mike

    Sweet and delicious. perfect on its own, but can be mixed with almost any flavor to sweeten. I have bought 2 240ml bottles and im going to be buying more.im not getting tired of this flavor anytime soon

  71. Scott

    If you want to read my longer intro, go to the caramel custard 60ml. I didnt want to copy/paste it here as it’s the same info.
    The vanilla custard is sweet, floral, smooth, flavorful, and all around delicious (After steeping). I will be buying more, and in bigger bottles to experiment with steeping. If you’re a fan of vanilla custard and want to save some money in the process, get this juice. It’s just as good as “premium brands” at your local vape shop. Maybe even better because of the smoothness of vaping this juice. A lot of “premium juices” have a hot throat hit which I don’t enjoy. This juice is as smooth as breathing in vanilla flavored air. Also, get yourself a bottle of the caramel custard and mix them 50/50. It is delicious.

  72. Mark P.

    I have been buying this foe months now,it is my favourite juice of all. The flavour is exactly as described so smooth and leaves you wanting more.try this if you like custard you will not be disappointed.Mark.

  73. Yoav D.

    Amazing Vanilla Custard and truly amazing flavors all around… On top of everything this is the best bang for your Buck but no compromise on flavor and vapour production!!
    Great customer service and some good surprises from time to time for their loyal customers!
    Keep on the good work guys! 😉

  74. Carol H.

    It’s the best premium juice all day vape I love them all try them you won’t be disappointed.

  75. David D.

    I’ve been ordering juice from y’all over a year now. I have tried several different flavors and have been very satisfied.vanilla custard, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry custard are my favorite.will be ordering more juice soon.thanks ya’ll are the best!!!!

  76. Robs

    Really it has become my favorite ejuice…I’ve got others and tho they are good…I return to vanilla custard from yougotejuice …I never seem to tire or it.

  77. Ramon R.

    Love the flavor and the clouds are good. Will buy it again and again.

  78. Kevin T.

    Great tasting juice that won’t break the bank! Will buy again and again

  79. Greg C.

    Was unhappy with this flavor profile, it didn’t meet my expectations. It tasted sugary rather than rich and creamy as a custard should, the blueberry and strawberry custards are far superior IMO. I wanted to give it a good review, so the juice was well steeped and breathed. I used two different attys just to be sure and it just doesn’t do it for me. Overall most of the flavors I have purchased here are bang on, this one was disappointing.

  80. Greg C.

    Was looking forward to trying this juice as Vanilla custard has always been one of my favorite flavors. I tried two different Attys doing this review to ensure accuracy,the juice had been breathed and steeped for a week I really wanted to give it a good review. The device I used was a coil art mage box pwm. The first atty was a Rashomon RDA fused claptons at approximately 4 volts for about 130 watts, the liquid produced a dense cloud and a sugary flavor rather than a sweet vanilla flavor that I was looking for. after a few

  81. Tim H.

    When I first discovered YGJ this was my first flavor purchased. It actually tasted like vanilla. Fast forward year later I bought this again and it did NOT taste like vanilla at all. Seems like YGJ got lazy and slapped a vanilla custard label on a sugar cookie bottle. I’m very disappointed and will not be buying this again. btw, did not like their sugar cookie juice either.

  82. Greg C.

    I decided to do a 2nd review as now the juice has really steeped well and the flavor absolutely pops. I’ve had this bottle put away but when I brought it back out a miracle seemed to have taken place. I get thick rich vanilla custard flavor out of it now. So much so I have not been able to put it down .. so if at first you don’t like It, put it away and revisit it after about two weeks. My result has been phenomenal, literally going from dislike to absolutely LOVE. From dislike to ADV .. I had to post the 2nd review because I didn’t give it a proper chance to steep. I can’t help it .. I love YGEJ so much I want to try it all right away. Next time I will hold off the reviews and allow for proper steeping to occur. Thanks YGEJ

  83. Penny

    I have tried a lot of different vanilla juices and I finally found one that I really like. Even when I am smoking around my friends or family, everyone says how yummy it smells.

  84. Robert

    First try was like tasting metal. I’ll give it another try in a few weeks. I so wanted a great tasting custard. Not yet.

  85. Janine

    I’ve been vaping YGEJ’s, Vanilla Custard for at least a year, now. Very few ejuices have stayed in my daily rotation that long. It’s one of my all day vapes. It’s sweet, without going overboard. It’s rich and creamy without being overly eggy. There’s no chemical aftertaste with this one, like many other vanilla custards. Many custard flavors build up to the point were they become pasty and sickening. Not this one. To me, everything is well balanced to the point where I wind up mindlessly chain vaping for the enjoyment of the flavor. I absolutely love this flavor! The price point is the bonus. for this Vanilla Custard.

  86. Jesse T.

    Every juice ive tried from ygej has been great but this is my fav. Same as so called premium brands but at a reasonable price. All their juice needs steep time tho imo. For the price order double & let it sit for a few weeks & its wonderful. If u like custard just cart it already!!!

  87. B.Busby

    Anybody that says this isn’t good juice obviously needs to look into getting a new tank or maybe try a RDA. This is the only juice that I’ve come across that I can Vape all day everyday and not get tired of. It wick’s good and is very good on coils the best I’ve seen. It’s good right out the mailbox but of course it’s going to be a whole lot better if you steep it right for two weeks. I really don’t see how someone wouldn’t like this juice and I’ve Vape over 150 different types of juice. It really is overall just a good quality juice to me.

  88. Daniela V.

    This is my favorite Vanilla Custard so far. It’s a nice thick vape, sweet but not sickeningly so, and rich. I always have a bottle on hand.
    Believe me, I’ve been vaping for 2 years and YOU GOT E-JUICE are the best juices in the market. Tried a lot of e-juices and these are by far the best and the prices are amazing. RECOMMENDED 101%
    Thanks YGEJ

  89. Steve C.

    This is a good vanilla custard that is light without overpowering flavor. No frills vanilla flavor that is good if you want something on a slightly lighter side but still good flavor. I use in a Cupti at about 39watts. I order this often and use while I’m out on the weekends.

  90. Coty S.

    I’ve been vaping for a while and this is about the best place I’ve ever seen to get juice I love you guys keep it up!!

  91. Mrphilip

    This was recommended to me by a bud and he was absolutely correct. Full flavor, simple ingredients, great Vanilla Custard true to your grandma’s table… maybe even richer (note, this is not as thin an ejuice as say Naked100’s line, but the flavor is much more impactful). On my third large bottle and expanding to more of their flavors now.

  92. Stan

    This is my favorite Vanilla Custard so far. It’s a nice thick vape, sweet but not sickeningly so, and rich.

  93. Scott

    Strawberry Custard is, so far, my favorite…but this is a close second…very good flavor!

  94. Theresa

    I loved loved and I mean loved this Vanilla Custard. I could sit and vape a 120 ml at one time. LOL! I did not since I bought so many flavors I can not wait to try them all. Buy this juice you won’t be sorry. Just make sure to steep about 10 days and it is great.

  95. Tyler

    By far the best vanilla custard I’ve ever had….trying the southern bread pudding next, awesome juice won’t buy from anyone else for sure!

  96. Joni

    I got the vanilla custard and OMG it is so very good. I highly recommend this to anyone. Great juice at a fantastic price!!

  97. Penny

    I have ordered so many vanilla e-juices out there just trying to find the right one and I finally found it! I let it steep for a couple of weeks and it is the best I have tried. I finally found the best juice and the best company. Great prices, free shipping and fast shipping. You can beat that!

  98. Jack

    so sweet its disgusting.
    i took 10 puffs out of the first tank full of this flavor.
    i cant even vape this, i dumped out the tank.
    buyer beware

  99. Andreas

    This is the one am using all day long. You never get bored of it and the taste is wonderful.

  100. Ignacio

    el mejor eliquit de vainilla que he probado y he probado muchos sinceramente haceis un gran trabajo .me gustan casi todos los eliquit de vuestra marca.seguir un saludo.chao

  101. Amber F.

    I am a huge fan of this brand of e juice. I love how smooth this vape is. It’s by far the brand of e juice I have tried.

  102. Marco L.

    This Vanilla Custard from You Got E-Juice has been my staple all-day vape for almost three years.
    To my taste buds, it delivers a rich, creamy flavour with a hint of dark caramel. Balanced with no sickly sweetness, it goes perfectly with a cup of coffee or amber/dark beers. I imagine my description probably doesn’t do it justice.
    The quality and flavour consistency from You Got E-Juice has been impeccable.
    Likewise, the service with rapid delivery to Australia.
    It is soo good, i pay the premium for (expensive for Aussies) delivery from the US.
    If your stupid government bans e-liquid flavours, consider moving your business to a civilised country (I am kidding, but not completely).
    This e-juice helped me kick my 25+ year tobacco habit.
    Thanks, guys.

  103. Abby

    This is the flavor that made me officially quit smoking cigarettes. It’s similar to a non menthol cigarette flavor but BETTER! However, the pouring spout on a 240 ML bottle popped off as I was filling the tank and liquid went EVERYWHERE! Definitely be careful when using but I HIGHLY recommend this flavor!

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