WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vanilla Latte (SUB OHM)

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Sweet vanilla bean steeped with espresso topped with a thick, creamy foam. Perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

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60mL, 120mL

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0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

80 reviews for Vanilla Latte (SUB OHM)

  1. Jeremy

    I recently placed my first order, a 120ml of sugar cookie and 120ml of vanilla latte. Placed the order late Thursday, and received it on Monday, using the free shipping option. Can’t say enough positive things about that. The juice itself is very good. Nice and thick, so works great in my sub ohm tanks and dripper. Flavor is exactly as described, though I’m gonna let mine steep for a week or so because my taste is a bit muted. I will definitely be stocking up my juice supply from here.

  2. Thomas

    Shipping was amazing ! Ordered on friday morning and juice was delivered Monday. For the price you got beat it. The flavor I chose was vanilla latte coffee with a touch a cream and sugar is what it taste like to me running at 125 watts on a .20 dual Clapton build. Will be ordering again.

  3. Roderick K.

    I ordered Vanilla Custard, Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Latte and I loved them all. Very fast service, got to my mailbox in 3 days. Premium juice with a great price. I can’t wait to try some more flavors. Thanks for making juice affordable.

  4. Corey C.

    I found out about YGE from Tia capes and as a guy who goes through tons on ejuice I find myself ordering online often due to cheaper prices. Let me say of all the other companies ive done business with (and there’s a lot) you guys are the best!

    120ml Strawberry Custard = Love

    30ml Banana cream = Great

    30ml Vanilla Latte = Delicious

    30ml Yogurt = Good

    30ml Cherry Lemonade = Wonderful

    120ml Summerbreeze = Okay. a little more minty than I was expecting

    Now I’m waiting on my custards sample pack to get here. Im so anxious to try sugar cookie and strawberry cheesecake. Thanks for this great juice and excellent prices and oh the great customer service! A+

  5. Baniares

    I ordered vanilla latte and is amazing! thanks guys for sure I’ll be buying more from you 🙂

  6. Brooke

    So I have tried strawberry custard, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla latte, lucky cereal, fruity cereal, and cinnamon roll. I have to say they are all pretty amazing! But I think I need to steep the cinnamon roll and lucky cereal to get the full flavor out of those 2! amazing liquids! Vanilla latte will definitely be my morning vape! And fruity cereal tastes just like fruity pebbles! I have nothing bad to say about these liquids! Awesome awesome!

  7. Karen

    Love the milky coffee flavour, what a difference a quality made juice is!

  8. Josh

    The flavor was spot on, one of the best vapes I’ve had in a long time.

  9. Rafael M.

    I ordered this one for the first time, and became this month surprise. Latte Latte Latte. No doubt this became another favorite flavor … again guys … Good Job … Recommended 100% to all who likes creamy flavors and coffee … starbucks taste … LOL !!

  10. Sandra M.

    It tastes just like a vanilla latte great flavor just love it

  11. Guy

    Bonjour:ce juice est magnifique apres les repas avec un bon expresso……je l ai essayé en “all days”il est génial!…

  12. Crystal

    Not my favorite. It had a strange after taste.

  13. Matt

    The best coffee vape you can get for the price!!

  14. Sarah

    I have been vaping for five years. I have not had a juice yet from this company that I haven’t liked. This one may be my favorite.

  15. Jesse

    first one ive tried and its pretty damn good, light vanilla and can really tast a good coffee/latte flavor

  16. Tara G.

    I got this flavor because i love sweet flavs. Also I’m a coffee lover at first DID NOT LIKE IT. IT kinda just had a burnt coffee taste. But learned that you’re supposed to steep juices after about 5-6 days it was awesome. I’ve been vaping for a year now and only buy my juice here. The few times I’ve ran out and had to purchase a 30 ml to hold me off have ALWAYS been disappointed and spent 13 bucks for a 30 ml bottle. Now i always order before I’m out. Love yougotjuice..

  17. Susan H.

    As with all the YGEJ flavors, this one tastes amazing after a good steep. It’s not overly sweet, and the vanilla doesn’t overpower the coffee flavor. Good anytime of the day, and even great mixed with other flavors such as Banana Nut Bread or Frosted Donut. Flew through my first 60 ml bottle and snatched up a 120 ml bottle on this last order. Yum!

  18. Michael

    Since i got my hand on this juice i can’t go back to anything else. I absolutly love it.

  19. Debbie

    Product and pricing are amazing…love the Frosted Donut. Found my new vape store…love it!

  20. Gigi

    This juice is true to its name, a smooth latte flavour, a hint of roasted beans and a smooth frothy milky top with subtle sweetness. Doesnt leave behind an unpleasant vapour scent like other coffee juices either. My ADV.

  21. Amber

    I’m so glad I bought this juice!

  22. Senia

    This juice is by far my favorite…The blend of Coffee with the hint of Vanilla is amazing :heart_eyes::hugging:

  23. Matthew

    Never thought I would like coffee as a vape. But this has great flavor. The sweetness from the vanilla and the coffee beans are perfect.

  24. Anthony D.

    So I just tried this vanilla latte for the first time and OMG, this stuff is GREAT! Spot on, perfect! I have never felt like doing a review on a juice till now. I’ll definitely be buying this from now on. Running it in a Arctic V12 on a Smok 220 H-priv. Let you know when I try my other flavors!

  25. Jonathan C.

    The juice tastes exactly like the real thing, and it got to my house efficiently. I don’t buy from any other company now that I’ve found this one.

  26. Arthur

    Tastes just like it came from a well trained barista. Very good. Perfect as a dessert vape. Great for dessert lovers and coffee lovers alike.

  27. Bg

    Very nice creamy French vanilla flavor

  28. Brandi

    I’ve had a lot of coffee flavored e-liquids and this is by far the best I’ve had! The perfect all day vape that isn’t sickly sweet with too much vanilla, or bitter with too much coffee. Very smooth, I love it!! Keep up the great work YGEJ!! 😀 (I am still new to vaping so this was perfect in my Aspire Zelos with a Nautilus 2 tank).

  29. Rmac

    I really have enjoyed this and will buy again. I have tried several similar coffee flavors from other makers and honestly, this is as good as any that cost twice as much!

  30. Bradford B.

    I have been chasing tobacco and coffee vapes for years. Pleasantly surprised. Add this to my ‘must have’ list along with Vanilla Custard Tobacco. Great flavor. Very smooth inhale w/a nice throat hit. Not harsh at all. Yup, this is a good one.

  31. Michael M.

    Not sure how this got great reviews. I haven’t had a bad juice from here until now. Tastes like coffee grounds. Can’t say let it steep cuz there’s no way this is fresh made cuz they ship to fast and I’m sure have way too many orders to do everything fresh. If you like black coffee this is for you.

  32. Christine

    Taste is nice and price is great

  33. Robert

    Awesome flavor! Would definitely recommend anyone to try it!!

  34. ‘@Rachelvapes559

    So far I’ve been pretty impressed with You Got Ejuice! I need some help with Vanilla Latte. All of the reviews on this juice are 5 star, but I can’t agree with that and I really want to. I let the juice steep for 2 weeks and it’s really harsh, as if there is more than 3mg nic. Maybe it’s just me. I will give the juice a few more weeks of steep time, and if it’s still harsh tasting, I think I’ll mix it with Vanilla Custard. I get way more harsh coffee taste that irritates my mouth than any vanilla flavor.

  35. Alex

    my favorite all day vape by a mile!

  36. Karen

    A great coffee flavor while I have my morning cup of joe!

  37. Pak A.

    this is the closest Eliquid i have ever tasted to coffee, its like i’m vaping an actual vanilla latte with a nicotine kick i love it and would buy again no regrets. great job YouGotE-Juice you nailed it guys

  38. Steve

    Vanilla Latte is my every day vape, Great smooth flavor. (Not fruity) I order large bottles to last a while.
    My recent order was lost in the mail. (I got the envelope but it was open and the contents were gone.) I let customer service know and they sent a replacement order. It was much appreciated.

  39. Lakyn F.

    This is the only flavor we use. My husband and I both love it

  40. Karen N.

    next best thing to coffee!

  41. Brian S.

    Great but I live in NY so Jimmy won’t ship to me anymore which means we are no longer friends

  42. Viktoriya F.

    I have been purchasing this e-juice for a couple years now. The only flavor I don’t get tired of. Great product!

  43. Christy M.

    This is actually one of the few juices I can taste all of it-the vanilla and the coffee part. Very good stuff, and I usually mix it with the coconut macaroon too

  44. Lisa W.

    This tastes just like the way that my house smells after I brew a fresh pot of coffee. It’s absolutely delicious! However, I don’t taste much of the vanilla. I added some vanilla custard to it and it really made a difference. I love coffee, so I was very happy with the flavor. For some reason, I had a hard time tasting the vanilla in both the Vanilla Custard and the Vanilla Latte. I’m going to let them steep a bit longer and see if the flavor comes through a bit more. Either way, it’s amazing! I love it and could easily vape it all day.

  45. Warwick M.

    Thats why i buy it.

  46. Mathias S.


  47. Elizabeth

    A very smooth, and rich taste. Very yummy, and we never get sick of it! Won’t go anywhere else, for the price and quick delivery.

  48. Dennis M.

    I’m very impressed with this flavour. This is the only juice brand that actually tastes like the title says. Vanilla Latte and it tastes like a real Vanilla Latte. Amazing. Good job You Got E Juice. My new favourite juice.

  49. Cathy P.

    The only juice we buy, nothing compares

  50. Tammy B.

    Customers love it.

  51. Angela M.


  52. Walter

    Best latte flavor I have tried so far!

  53. Kaylin B.

    I ordered Vanilla Latte, Banana Cream and apple Jacks. I haven’t gotten past the Latte, it is insanely amazing. I bought the 60 ml and will be buying the larger size very quickly. This is my new favorite vape. Thank you guys for making a wonderful liquid I can afford to keep up with. This makes it worth quitting smoking!!!!!!!!

  54. Savvy

    I absolutely LOVE this juice, So far I’ve had Vanilla Latte, Appel Jack, Raspberry Candy, and Strawberry Cheesecake. My favorite are Vanilla Latte and Strawberry Cheesecake. I have to say I wasn’t sure about the Latte at first but the more I vaped it the more I loved it. Unfortunately my hubby’s not a coffee person 🙁 so I have yet to get myself another bottle.

    Now to be completely honest it’s probably not going to be the best juice you’ve ever had in your life, but then again the best juice you’ve ever had probably cost $25 15ml, on the other hand some of the worst juice you’ve ever tried has probably cost $25 for 30ml. So, it’s definitely a nice middle ground you know your gonna get a really good juice at a great price! What more could you want? Delicious and affordable!!!

  55. Isaac

    so far I’ve tried; sugar cookie, apple jacks, lucky cereal, vanilla latte, strawberry cheesecake, and fruity cereal. i have nothing negative to say about the juices, they’re freaking awesome, customer service is great too! the only reason i didn’t give a 5 star review is that it took almost a month for the juices to get to me… other than everything was perfect!

  56. Cole O.

    I bought this juice based on reviews I found on the Internet, I still had low expectations because of the price, but I am pleasantly surprised, I get subtle coffee notes, and a powerful vanilla, along with a sweet cookie on the inhale, the throat hit is next to nothing, I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering buying it, I have already referred it to some friends and family

  57. Jim H.

    I just tried your vanilla latte after letting my order steep for almost 2 weeks. All I have to say is WOW. You definitely have a new customer I hope all your other juice is as amazing as this one is

  58. Jasmine

    I have tried Vanilla Latte, Vanilla Custard and Strawberry Cheesecake. So far, I have not been disappointed and will continue ordering from this website. The flavor in each of the juices is prominent and delicious, and the VG/PG ration makes for huge, dense clouds, as well as a sweeter flavor imo. I have just ordered a sample pack and will probably end up ordering all the sample packs haha. Ten outta Ten.

  59. Andrew

    i ordered the vanilla latte and its definitely spot on. that bottle cap is bad. but yeah i would order again.

  60. Megan

    I find this to have more of a traditional latte flavor. Very much more a vanilla coffee taste, than the sweet creamy ones you get from a lot of the mainstream coffee shops. Taste would be very different depending on what a person is used to. A great flavor, but missing that sweet creamy taste for me.

  61. Dg

    This company is producing an amazing product at a very reasonable price. The flavor is spot on, and very good right out of the bottle. I’ve purchased Vanilla latte, vanilla custard, and strawberry cheesecake, I’m very picky….THIS IS MY NEW EJUICE SUPPLIER FROM NOW ON!

    Thank-you YGEJ!! Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

  62. Crystal

    I’ll admit it. I’m a coffee addict. So, when I started vaping the first flavors I tried were coffee flavors.

    Unfortunately most vape companies can only seem to make vapes that taste like burnt coffee that’s been sitting around an old diner for 3 days. YUCK.

    But, I didn’t stop trying. I’ve probably tried at least 10 different coffee/latte/maccioto/cappuccino flavors. This one by FAR is the best!

    If anything I would say that the espresso flavor needs to come out just a tad bit stronger. But seriously, that’s a very nitpicky note.

    For those that have been complaining – did you steep it? YGEJ Recommends steeping for 5-7 days. I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait and tried both of my 120ml bottles right away. The steeping REALLY makes a difference.


    My one complaint is that the tip for the 120ml bottle is just too big to refill my tank from directly. Luckily I had some unicorn bottles that I had planned on using anyways, But, giving people the option of adding on a labeled unicorn 30ml bottle for a buck or two wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Keep on vapin on!

  63. I. F.

    I love this e-juice so much, the flavor is fantastic, best I’ve ever tasted and 120ml lasts super long! Delicious flavor and great product, I can’t wait to try other flavors from this brand.

  64. Crystal

    I’ve tried a LOT of coffee vapes as I’m a total coffee addict!

    This one is by far one of the best that I’ve tried and you can’t beat the price for the value!

    You get a good, not harsh or bitter, coffee flavor with a deliscious vanilla.

    I do think it could use some milk/cream taste as I’m not picking up much of that at all.

    I’ve also had fun mixing this one with other flavors like Frosted Donut and Sugar Cookie!

    A plain coffee booster or add it would be awesome to make a whole variety of latte flavors just like a coffee shop! I bet mixed with the caramel custard could be amazeballs!

    My standard setup: Fuchai 213 with Smok Big Baby Beast – Q2 coil 55-65 watts or RTA (double clapton coils) 75-95 watts.

  65. Chuck M.

    So I had been putting this flavor off for nearly a year due to the fact that I’m not a fan of vanilla. Was that a YUGE mistake. The flavor is amazing. This is now one of my all day vapes! The shipping is always fast. I love me some YGEJ and I’m vaping 8 flavors to prove it. If you like coffee flavors you’re gonna love this.

  66. Gustavo

    This juice is really tasty. Tastes like coffee in the inhale and vanilla when you exhale. if you like coffee I would recommend you buy this!!

  67. Vape777

    I’ve had some bad coffee flavors before so I was hesitant to try this but I saw some good reviews so I gave it a shot. Man am I glad I did! This stuff is amazing! Great coffee flavor and just the right amount of vanilla and sweetness. Great juice and it came really quickly too.

  68. Candy

    This is a wonderful blend of coffee and a hint of vanilla. It is true to it’s name and a fantastic everyday vape. I’m REALLY happy I gave this one a try! Keep up the great work you guys, this is just perfect!

  69. Bradley

    Tasty stuff!!

  70. Chris

    In my opinion, the best coffee base e-juice in the market. The juice has a well balanced flavor and cloud production is wonderful. Starbucks has competition, without the calories.

  71. Coty S.

    I didn’t personally like this juice I think it could have been a tad bit sweeter

  72. D. B.

    Order today for a great lazy Sunday morning while drinking coffee after breakfast and getting your NFL fantasy lineup right. Great fall weather vape.
    I vaped this while out in California for the first time 2 years ago. The smell takes me back to Oceanside….ahhhhhh

  73. Jenn

    Just bought a new vape and decided to try this juice out! All I have to say is OMG!!! Amazing!!!! Its by far my favorite from you guys so far!! Just like my favorite drink from Starbucks! You can taste the Vanilla and a slight hint of coffee! This is my new addiction for sure!!

  74. Jonathan

    The taste is incredible and I don’t even drink coffee. Probably thee most spot on flavor I’ve ever had. Easily thee best coffee vape I’ve ever had. A+

  75. West

    best coffee vape I’ve found onlne

  76. Karen

    Great taste with my cup of joe!

  77. Christine

    I used to get my juice from a local shop but they cost twice as much. I use Vanilla Latte and love it, even more since they now offer 12mg. They ship out quickly too. I would recommend this company to everyone.

  78. Rocky A.

    Nice and smooth, I can vape this all the time. Will buy this again and again. I would recommend this Juice to all you Vaper’s out there.

  79. Mariah

    This is hands down the best ejuice I’ve ever had! I can’t put it down. Sooo good. Thank you for having an ejuice that finally satisfies my picky palate. Will be ordering more and in a bigger bottle soon.

  80. Christine K.

    I love strong coffee and coffee vapes but this was actually too strong for me, super light on the vanilla or cream as most latte are creamy this i found is not I may try to add some vanilla ejuices that I have to it but its not for me.

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