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White Bear (formerly White Gummy)

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A refreshing flavor of chewy, white, pineapple gummy bear candy.

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60mL, 120mL

14 reviews for White Bear (formerly White Gummy)

  1. Fred S.

    Was expecting a pineapple vape, this is a weak grape vape. I do not like grape vapes.

  2. Justin S.

    Flavor is spot on, definitely a gummy bear flavor. Vapes great too. My only critique would be that it is not an all day vape, and gets a little old after using it tank after tank. Use this as an inbetween flavor juice! Thank you YGEJ!

  3. Brandon B.

    The 3mg/60ml bottle of white gummy that I received tastes nothing even remotely close to a white gummy bear. It’s closer in taste to a mixture of orange and grape Pixy Stix. And it is prohibitively harsh on my throat. Think I’ll let this one steep for a long while to see if it gets any better. I hope it does because I’m not much of a fan of it at the moment.

  4. Matt R.

    The flavor of this one is dead on right out of the mail. It’s kindof a white grape gummy flavor. Very refreshing change from the dessert vapes.

  5. Cj W.

    I was expecting a pineapple flavor white gummy but still a great flavor. More of a grape flavor

  6. Bekah

    Straight up love the new bottles! This juice is so mouth-wateringly delicious,taste just like a handful of gummybears.It runs the gauntlet of lifesaver fruits and ends with a chewy gummy.can’t wait to steep this badboy to see what its true potential is.

  7. Adam S.

    It’s good but not white gummy is more of a grape pixie stuck flavor like as if you breathing the dust in its good juat didn’t thi k it was a white gummy flavor

  8. Cindy

    If you are wondering if you should try this one or not…. You definitely should. I can’t imagine anybody would be disappointed.

  9. Rebekah

    It’s not terrible, but I will say for me the flavor wasn’t as powerful as I expected. Still good e juice

  10. Norm

    Was really hoping it was going to have this awesome pineapple flavor, but………. it wasn’t there. Honestly there wasn’t a ton of flavor at all. I let it steep for over a month and still nothing.

  11. Jared

    I’ve bought plenty of juice from you guys. Customer service is outstanding, and shipping times are great. But this juice is NOT good. It tasted nothing like a “white gummy” more like grape koolaid powder and chemicals. I was truly disappointed.

  12. Mitch I.

    This flavor is surprisingly good!!! wasnt sure they would be able to mask the dry after taste that usually comes with a white grape flavor but hence the gummy.. the hint of sweet at the end of the exhale blends PERFECTLY with the white grape flavor… definitely an All Day Vape for me.. I only ordered the 60ml because i wasnt sure I’d like it… but believe my next order will be a 240 as this HAS to stay in my main tank… very good cloud production and taste.. 5 stars from me… THANKS YGEJ!!!!

  13. Winky

    Tastes and smells more like Smarties candy. There’s a reason YGEJ is so cheap.

  14. Lisa W.

    This tastes more grape than anything else to me, buy it’s not bad by any means! It isn’t overwhelmingly grape. It’s got the gummy flavor on the inhale with a nice sweet flavor on the exhale. For the grape lovers out there, this one is for you!

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